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Podcasts from Decibel Insight's Phil Haslehurst & guests on topics as diverse as digital technology, advertising, the creative industries and web analytics.
Join us on a voyage of discovery through the wonderful world of the web.
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Is A/B Testing Overhyped? A Conversation with Andrea Warner

A/B testing is a fundamental part of the conversion optimization process. It involves splitting traffic between two (or more) versions of a webpage to see which one leads to more instances of desired user behavior. But, in the spirit of continually challenging what we do and optimizing the optimization process, we ask the following of testing: is it overhyped? Is it always the best option for businesses looking to improve their websites? Does it slow down innovation? Does it facilitate an online tyranny of the majority? Or, is its place at the heart of conversion optimization fully justified? We spoke to Andrea Warner about why she believes in testing.


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