Loose Lips Sync Ships

Loose Lips Sync Ships
By Raquel Hinson and Krystal Pearson
About this podcast
Raquel and Krystal discusses relationships from teen shows in their varying levels of complexity and obsession.
Latest episodes
May 19, 2017
In a one-off episode between ships, Raquel and Krystal are joined by Krystal's other podcast partner from the Two of a Kind podcast, Stacy. The ladies discuss the incest and twincest relationships from popular TV shows and movies over the last few decades. Also, Krystal is at peak laid back status but swears she didn't take any prescriptions prior to recording. 
April 18, 2017
In our 25th episode, we're covering the series finale of The O.C. as we end the longest ship known to mankind, Seth and Summer. Raquel and Krystal spend most of this episode fawning over their new favorite Berkley gays, Todd and Patrick. Also, we both have rules for butt sex. Or do we?
April 18, 2017
In our 24th episode, we discuss how it was ever possible that we shipped anyone with Seth Cohen and why we should all worship at the altar of Ryan Atwood as a boyfriend. Also, Sandy's pointless lies, Julie and Spencer are Newport's best Madams, Bullit is not getting laid but is a very good dad-figure to Kaitlin in the absence of Jimmy Cooper, and T to the T has a drunken meltdown that is awesome. Raquel and Krystal lay down the rules for butt sex, Krystal has a new podcast to promote, and we're ALMOST DONE WITH THIS RELATIONSHIP. 
Feb. 16, 2017
In our 23rd episode, it's time for Summer to jump on the coffee cart while Seth acts like an idiot. Ryan has a New Mexico hookup while trying to solve his problems with his mom. Kiki is a very sweet mom to Ryan and Sandy is wrapped up in lots of boring things with Matt and Griffin that we're not interested in talking about. 
Jan. 28, 2017
In our 22nd episode, we're talking more about Seth and Summer from The O.C. as they get back together and kiss upside down in the rain. Also, Raquel is high on cold medicine and deeply apologizes for all the sniffling, Krystal can never be wrong, Sandy and Kirsten are terrible and boring but we get to say goodbye to Lindsey and Rebecca! 
Dec. 28, 2016
In our 21st episode, back from the holiday hiatus, we're jumping on that coffee cart with Cohen as he pledges his undying love for Summer. Theresa returns and continues to be the worst, we meet her maybe-fiance Eddie, and Marissa is still the saddest girl on Planet Earth. It's the last time we'll see Anna for a while and we're a little sad because she was not awful in this episode. Sandy and Kirsten fall into Caleb's shenanigans and we don't care. 
Dec. 6, 2016
In our 20th episode, Raquel and Krystal spend the first hour on Seth and Summer as they embark on their very rapid first journey through their first sexual experiences together and really officially begin the relationship that we love so much. After that, the recap of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Netflix revival began and there's about 30 times the normal cursing out of Krystal. Raquel goes down the rabbit hole of why she sort of relates to Lorelai but not really and Krystal complains of a headache more than one. We laughed, we cried, we aren't sure this was really necessary. But hey, this episode is under 3 hours!
Nov. 24, 2016
In our 19th episode, Krystal and Raquel try to distract ourselves from the fact that the world is literally descending into chaos after the 2016 Presidential Election. Luckily we have hot, almost-grandmas whose age is mystifying to both of us, Ryan being molested by said grandma, Seth and Summer's first kiss, and Marissa and Luke's first time having sex. Also, Sandy temporarily loses his sainthood and is a total jackass. Keeks and Caleb have their weird father/daughter relationship and we see the beginnings of Cal + Julie as Julie and Jimmy fall apart even more. And Raquel only mentions blow jobs one time.  
Nov. 8, 2016
Our Hunger Games episode proves that there's so little substance to these relationships, particularly Gale and Katniss, that we could discuss all four films in one podcast. Raquel and Krystal are Team Haymitch in the absence of a hot dad figure, although we're pro-Peeta for the most part as well. Gale is the worst, joining Dan and Dawson on our list of worst men to ever exist. And the thought of a dystopian future causes Krystal to implore people to vote so it's only fitting that this is being released in the early hours of Election Day. 
Oct. 30, 2016
We're kicking off our Seth and Summer coverage with the pilot episode of The O.C. Krystal defends her home turf and informs us that Chino isn't as bad as we all think it is (aka "it's not like it's Compton") and Raquel goes through her first episode without mentioning sex or blow jobs. We discuss why the Ryan and Seth hybrid is actually the best kind of man to be in a relationship with if we have to choose but honestly, both of us openly prefer Sandy Cohen. Oh and please weigh in on whether or not Krystal should come to Memphis for us to get matching podcast tattoos, everyone.