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Sept. 18, 2014
Pablo returns with brand new podcast discussing the historic vote on Scottish Independence
March 24, 2014
Pablo gives his take on BBC talent show in his usual manner
Jan. 9, 2014
Round-up of festive seasonal activity and other silliness
Oct. 9, 2013
Pablo reminisces about Wishaw pub where serious drinking took place...among other things
Sept. 24, 2013
A real audio treat as Pablo performs the Glen Campbell hit in Glasgow Karaoke style
Aug. 26, 2013
Pablo describes the rotten patter of chap on train from Glasgow...
July 22, 2013
Pablo has some cautionary tales of theft in his usual manner #Tattifilarious as ever
June 23, 2013
Pablo talks Fish and Chips and disappointment
May 6, 2013
Pablo gives a cock-eyed appraisal of Sir Elton John today
April 17, 2013
Co-starring Gideon Osborne as 'The Chancellor'
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