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756: Nick Saponaro, The Divi Project

Remember when Bitcoin surged to over $10,000 per coin? I’ve always been a bit skeptical of the hype. I don’t own any cryptocurrency and when people ask me for advice on the matter I usually will say that I consider it to be like any other alternative investment: Invest hat you can afford to lose. But I’m still open mined about the possibilities of a more crypto-focused financial system and our guest today is trying to make it more accessible to everyday people like you and me.Today, I’m speaking with Nick Saponaro, who is the co-founder of a company that’s bringing cryptocurrency education, as well as a new cryptocurrency and blockchain to the market. Their company called The Divi Project. Nick and his team created a unique digital wallet to hold their Divi coin that’s easy to use and as convenient as PayPal. If you ever wanted to own digital currency or earn an income by using your computer as part of a blockchain, today’s episode is for you.Nick is a fascinating individual. Outside of his work in crypto, he is an internationally sought-after DJ...I obviously had a lot of questions about this!
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