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A comedic news podcast about video games, TV Shows, and life!
April 12, 2015
The Pretend Bread Boys talk about batman and their favorite in game moments, We awnser your questions and discuss whats going on with the future of call of duty. *Sorry for Garretts audio, He was sick with sniffuls* LOL
April 6, 2015
The PBB discuss why Bungie makes unessassary changes to destiny and how it effects the play styles of many players!
March 28, 2015
In this episode of the Pretend Bread Boys Podcast Nick and Garrett talk about small start up game studios, The safe bets that franchises offer big publishers, Are Indies making the big risky jumps others are afraid of? and can Nintendo stay alive with Sony and Microsoft topping sales charts???!! Last but not least, the Bread Boys serve the public with the Weekly News Loaf!
March 19, 2015
Can Game Developers Create New Game Experiences? We discuss how new ideas can grow a following and we have a special guest! Do you think the zombie craze is over yet or will it continue to expand? The weekly News Loaf is back with 7 important stories!
March 14, 2015
Our predictions on what will take place during E3 2015 then the Pretend Bread Boys jump into the news for the week of March 13th, 2015. Garrett, Nick, and Eddy then get into a long and very sidetracked discussion about the effect on the videogame industry the new "Toy Craze" of Amiibo, Skylanders, and Disney Infinity is having with multiple generations of adults and kids.
March 11, 2015
Garrett and Nick discuss the top three reasons game marketing attempts fail and what they should be doing as well as a discussion on the difference between AAA titles and Indie titles.
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