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Same For You, a show hosted by your hosts @paddydonnelly and @takete, jam packed with pun based features and drivel, all with hilarious consequences. Sponsored by animated gifs.
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Dec. 24, 2011
It wouldn't be Christmas without Same For You? Well it would. Actually, Christmas would probably be better without the favourite podcast of webmasters everywhere. Join us on a technically challenged journey around the world's vegetables with Nicolas Cage, with hilarious consequences.
Dec. 10, 2010
Episode C of Same For You takes you right back to the cassette era for your geolocation needs. Porpoises, hand-dryers and the ever amazing are all touched upon while we place a call to The Hoff™ on a Ninja Colony, all with hilarious consequences.
Oct. 4, 2010
Episode B of Same For You features long, deep conversations about turbines and turbans, naming your devices after Russian space dogs, The Golden Girls, and a phone call to Bill Cosby, all with hilarious consequences.
Aug. 15, 2010
Episode A of Same For You features entertaining chatter about dirty sounding song titles from the 80s, around Iceland on a Segway, a phone call to Mark Zuckerberg and the mysterious mystery of 26%, all with hilarious consequences.
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