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EP 86 Sam Kwak

We are SO close to our single day seminar with SIX Social Media experts.   Sam Kwak will be speaking at this event and I have him on the show.    The event is being held in the lively River North neighborhood of Chicago, at SPACE by Doejo, just one block from the Grand Red Line station!   Don’t miss out on this chance to Get Your Social Media Act Together! You’ll learn about branding your businesses story, automating your marketing, navigating the digital buyer’s journey, using live streaming video to maximize your exposure, what to share and what not to share, and how the power of hustle can get you in front of celebrities!   On November 14th, you will learn: how to tell your brand’s story online,  how to automate your marketing,  how to navigate the digital buyer’s journey,  how to make effective use of live streaming video,  how to find that delicate balance of what to share and  what to keep private and how the power of hustle can get you a back rub from Ashton Kutcher!   More info at Sam Kwak is a millenial entrepreneur, investor, and an author of the book, "Fire Your Boss". He has successfully launched 3 businesses with his brother Daniel. One of which has been sold and he is currently operating 2 businesses. Sam is an immigrant to the U.S. when he was 7 years old, keeping the American Dream alive! He has coached and mentored many entrepreneurs in the subject of start-ups, marketing, sales and motivation.   Sam Kwak   Share on Facebook Share on Twitter      



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