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Devnology Podcast is a podcast for software engineers. In our episodes we want to explore exciting technologies and methodologies, often by interviewing a well-known subject from the software community. We will generally not focus on a single platform or language, but rather explore the differences between these and look at general concepts of software engineering. Devnology is a foundation that aims to provide software developers in the Netherlands with opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience. Note that this podcast feed provides recordings in English and Dutch, use this feed for English only:
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since Sep, 2009


Devnology Podcast 052 - Pieter Joost van de Sande

In this episode, we interview our very own Pieter Joost van de Sande. Pieter Joost van de Sande is an software developer at Happy Pancake. The largest online dating service of Sweden. He actively contributes to numerous open source projects. He is not bound to a specific language or platform, but rather likes to explore the differences. He regularly present at conferences like Microsoft TechDays, SDC and NDC. Next to that he is one of the founders and board member of Devnology where he helps to organise meetings and runs a populair podcast about software development. His role in the community is recognised by Microsoft who awarded him with the exclusive Microsoft MVP award. Interview by @daan_van_berkel and @_angelos. Links for this podcast Happy Pancake The Go programming language Alan Kay on Messaging Martin Fowler on Microservices
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