Cinema Savants

By Rob Steele & Todd Vandenberg

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We watch movies so you don't have to!
Let's cut the crap. Most reviews and previews of movies and television programming are filled with an eye for the boring stuff. Do you want to know if you'll have fun with a particular movie or TV show? We'll let you know. That's what we're here for!
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June 17, 2018
Coming up in this week's show there's so much trouble you'd think we had a pop-o-matic bubble factory.  One of the Chris's is in trouble.  Ben Affleck is in a different trouble.  Even Pixar is in trouble.  But we're going to start off with something that's going to get Rob in trouble.  To find out what... give it a listen! PS - Yes, that Grinch thing is on our website... kinda... blurry... but it is there.

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