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Join the cast each episode to discuss news around the industry, life, and pretty much anything in geek-dom is on the table. We have a varied cast which bring to the table interesting discussion topics in each installment ranging from a crazy event in e-sports, to their thoughts who truly shot first Han or Greedo? Be sure to join in the discussion and stay tuned for the feedback section to find out how!
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April 14, 2016
Digital Experience Podcast Chapter 1 Level 5: Crowfell Adventure Log 4/13/2016 The crew of DXPcast would like to return you to you’re regular scheduled programming…sort of. This week the guys get together to discuss what they’ve been playing, help Makardia re-evaluate life, and Rocket league’s place in his, and Moricu explains why he is hyped or not so hyped about kickstarting Crowfall, a crowd funded MMORPG. Topics Discussed: EVO Moment 37 Crowfall Music Featured this episode: Vindsvept – He Has Escaped DIMINUENDO (Lawless feat. Britt Warner)
April 4, 2016
Digital Experience Podcast: Tavern Show Adventure Journal 4/4/2016 After a short detour the cast finally sorts out their schedules, inventory, and skills long enough to record another episode. Moricu leads the cast through a discussion about what everyone has been up to with their gaming hobby, and life since we last recorded. For the record like always we blame Tony for any and all short comings. Topics Discussed: Life, Liberty, Property Music Featured this episode: Vindsvept – He Has Escaped Email the show [email protected] Follow us on Twitter @DXPCast DXPCast is produced by NSGProductions
March 15, 2016
Digital Experience Podcast Chapter 1 Level 4: A Game Of Lionsheads Adventure Journal 3/14/2016 This week join the cast as they discuss the recent announcement of Fable Developers Lionhead Studio’s closure, Paragon, Overwatch, and  other titles pay to enter Beta marketing campaigns, the Game Of Thrones season 6 teaser, and  the Question of the Week,  and listen for your chance to win access to the Overwatch PC Beta. Topics Discussed this episode: Microsoft cancels Fable Legends, plans to close Lionhead Studios Overwatch Beta Early Access Game Of Thrones Season 6 Teaser Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator Music Featured this episode: Vindsvept – He Has Escaped Game Of Thrones Opening Seinabo Sey – Pistols At Dawn James Vincent McMorrow – Wicked Game The Black Mages – One Winged Angel Email the show [email protected] Follow us on Twitter @DXPCast DXPCast is produced by NSGProductions
March 8, 2016
Digital Experience Podcast: Chapter 1 Level 3 Casting To Catch Them All Adventure Journal 3/8/2016 This week…well we’re sorry. Also on another completely unrelated note the guys join up once again to continue on their tireless journey through the gaming industry. They way in on the role of casters, and their professionalism, in the E-sports scene following the recent hullabaloo regarding the Dota 2 Shanghai Majors. Also Pokemon turns 20! Enjoy Mak, Moricu, and Supa nerding out while Tony and Sovrun look on in disdain. Plus your emails, the questions of the week, and again we’re sorry…kinda…not really…enjoy. Topics Discussed this episode: Valve Has Fired Its ‘Dota 2’ Shanghai major tournament host Epic Comeback at EVO 2015 Sleep (Kan-ra) vs Mygod (Sabrewulf) – Killer Instinct 20 Years of Pokemon Music Featured this episode: Vindsvept – He Has Escaped Pokémon – instrumental theme Madilyn Bailey -Chandelier  Portal 2 – Want You Gone Xylo – Afterlife Email the show [email protected] Follow us on Twitter @DXPCast Catch us LIVE! DXPCast is produced by NSGProductions
Feb. 29, 2016
Digital Experience Podcast: Chapter 1 Level 2 The Path To The Golden Dragon Adventure Journal 2/29/2016 This week the cast tries to save Makardia from a incurable addiction, his never ending need to chase the dragon… We have a discussion about some of our favorite memories gaming in our past. We try and figure out if we’ll ever get some of those experiences back, or if we even really want to. Also what it would look like if we were paid to make a game. Your feedback, emails (or lack there of), and more! Music featured this episode: Vindsvept – He Has Escaped Fire (Prod. by J. Pennyworth) Tritonal – Anchor (Unlike Pluto Remix)
Feb. 22, 2016
The Digital Experience Podcast: Chapter 1 Level 1 The Journey Begins… Our heroes boldly…doing nothing..   Adventure Log 2/21/2016 This week join the cast of the Digital Experience Podcast for their second installment on their epic journey! This time Tony is able to guide us through some interesting discussion about gaming and learning curves, our individual “geekly-ness” (maybe?), what we’ve been playing, your feed back and much more! Topics Discussed: ‘Street Fighter V’-Launch Issues And Reviews Point To An Incomplete Package Backupify’s Gaming Quiz Mojang Announces Monthly Mincraft Gear Delivery Service Mak Finally Bought A Damn Desk Moricu actually has talent Music Featured: Vindsvept – He Has Escaped The Price of Freedom  Pegboard Nerds – Hero Victims Of Science – The Device Has Been Modified
Feb. 17, 2016
Digital Experience Podcast Host Journal: Introducing Tony… Not Tony, but more or less Tony Dear Journal… This week we bring you a totally planned little divergent from our usual scheduled podcast. This is our first Host Journal, occasionally the cast may want to take over the feed and get on a soap box. Or completely screw up the last episode and not have the schedule to get the guys together. Either way what a great opportunity for the listeners to get a little one on one with the first chair of the show Tony. Learn of his gaming past, his future, and why he is even here or why we should not fire him…and beg for your emails to [email protected] Enjoy! Please… Music featured in this episode: Vindsvept – He Has Escaped Email the show [email protected], Follow us on twitter @Dxpcast
Feb. 8, 2016
Digital Experience Podcast Chapter 1, Level 1,  The Tutorial… Patch Notes  2/7/2016 ver.1.1 Join the cast for…The Tutorial. This week we present our first full length production of our general gaming podcast. At the helm Tony, attempts (and fails) to guide Makardia, Moricu, Sovrun, and Supa through discussion topics concerning the future of e-sports, Early Access or crowdfunding and its effect on the gaming industry, and a drastic change for Hearthstone.  Mix in some discussion on Star Citizen, Smite, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, your feedback, our question of the week and so much more! You’re welcome Akatosh damnit! Topics Discussed: Crowdfunding and Early Access – good or bad for the gaming industry? Hearthstone – A New Way To Play E-sports and its current status. Music Featured in this episode: Labrinth – Let It Be (Torn Remix) Vindsvept – New Hope Email the show [email protected], Follow us on twitter @Dxpcast
Feb. 1, 2016
Welcome to Episode 0 This is just a brief teaser to give you an idea of the kind of show we’ll be giving you each week. We want to share our experiences in the various gaming worlds we play in. We will discuss news that excites us, or news that upsets us. We think you’ll enjoy. Also be sure to follow us on twitter! DXPcast Or send us any feedback, suggestions or discussion topics! [email protected]
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