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Join the cast each episode to discuss news around the industry, life, and pretty much anything in geek-dom is on the table. We have a varied cast which bring to the table interesting discussion topics in each installment ranging from a crazy event in e-sports, to their thoughts who truly shot first Han or Greedo? Be sure to join in the discussion and stay tuned for the feedback section to find out how!
United States
9 episodes
since Feb, 2016


Digital Experience Podcast Chapter 1 Level 5: Crowfell

Digital Experience Podcast Chapter 1 Level 5: Crowfell Adventure Log 4/13/2016 The crew of DXPcast would like to return you to you’re regular scheduled programming…sort of. This week the guys get together to discuss what they’ve been playing, help Makardia re-evaluate life, and Rocket league’s place in his, and Moricu explains why he is hyped or not so hyped about kickstarting Crowfall, a crowd funded MMORPG. Topics Discussed: EVO Moment 37 Crowfall Music Featured this episode: Vindsvept – He Has Escaped DIMINUENDO (Lawless feat. Britt Warner)
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