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This is a podcast about Polymer, the javascript library that
provides syntactic sugar on top of web components.
Nov. 21, 2015
Live from the Chrome Dev Summit, our special guests Taylor Savage and Jeff Posnick talk to us about service workers and the Polymer State of the Union.
Nov. 12, 2015
Components, components, components! We join Charles Grugan and discuss our favorite components and their uses.
Oct. 5, 2015
Now that the Polymer Summit is over but not forgotten, we review our favorite moments from the conference.
July 28, 2015
After one month of some intense rewrites and migration, we sit down and discuss the road to Polymer 1.0
June 23, 2015
We talk to Ian MacLeod, core architect behind web-component-tester about testing with Polymer. We also delve into WCT's rich history and tackle some of the harder aspects of testing.
May 29, 2015
In this episode, we talk with Taylor Savage, product manager for the Polymer Project, about the announcements at Google I/O and Polymer 1.0. We also learn about the Polymer starter kit, the new web component catalogs, and how the polymer team gets things done!
May 28, 2015
In this episode, we talk with Rob Dodson, developer evangelist for the Polymer Project, about the history of Polymer. We also get to to hear Rob's thoughts on the future of the web and the role Polymer will play in it.

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