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An unabashedly nerdy swan dive into networking technology. Weekly episodes feature industry experts, real-life network engineers and vendors sharing useful information to keep your professional knowledge sharp.
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If you were a black hat hacker considering targets of opportunity, a service provider network might seem very interesting. The infrastructure is critical for commerce and governmental operations. The data carried is potentially interesting and valuable. And indeed, we know that carrier networks are highly targeted. In this sponsored show with Cisco, we discuss how to think deeply about security on mission critical networks and protecting routers and other devices not behind a firewall. That means making certain that the network operating system is running exactly the code we think it is. That the devices on the network are devices we know and can trust. And then once we ve secured the network, how we can use it as a platform to deliver additional security services. Our guests are Dan Backman and Kaarthik Sivakumar of Cisco. Dan is a Technical Marketing Engineer on the Service Provider team, and Kaarthik is a Security Architect for IOS XR Engineering. We discuss the general risks service providers face and why trusted network devices are essential. Then we dive into technical details on how Cisco protects IOS XR, including the Trust Anchor Module, how to audit trusted networks, and how to build out a secure network infrastructure. Show Links: XR Docs:  Technical Information and Discussion on IOS XR – GitHub Cisco Service Provider Blog – SP360 – Cisco Systems Cisco Trust Anchor Technologies  – Cisco Systems (PDF) Intro to IOS XR for Enterprises and Service Providers – Cisco Systems (PDF) The post Show 386: Building Trusted Network Infrastructure With IOS XR (Sponsored) appeared first on Packet Pushers.
April 13, 2018
If you d heard of Cisco Tetration when it was first announced, you might have a vague memory of it being this huge rack of hardware at an eye-watering price that did some sort of analytics for massive data centers. Tetration has evolved into a platform that meets needs for organizations of many sizes. Tetration also has a bunch of genuinely interesting use cases, as Cisco has become increasingly clever about what they can do with all of that data Tetration gathers. For example, you can auto-implement a whitelist policy for application workloads. You can detect when your apps are deviating from their normal traffic patterns. You can detect software vulnerabilities. And depending on where you run Tetration, you can still get deep network performance insights, what I think of as the original Tetration value proposition. Today on this sponsored episode, we delve into what Tetration does, explore use cases, and dive into how it fits into compute environments. Our guests from Cisco are Jason Gmitter, Principal Systems Engineer; and Yogesh Kaushik, Senior Director of Product Management for Tetration. Show Links Cisco Tetration – Cisco Systems Cisco Tetration Workload Protection Extended with new Options: SaaS and Virtual Appliance – Cisco Systems Cisco Tetration Platform for Workload Protection Data Sheet – Cisco Systems The post Show 385: Getting Inside Cisco Tetration (Sponsored) appeared first on Packet Pushers.
April 6, 2018
On today’s show Greg and Ethan talk about a few things that have been on their minds, including updates on the forthcoming Packet Pushers subscription site and a post-mortem of the recent Virtual Design Clinic. They also hash out some tech conversations, including Cloudflare’s new DNS resolver, peak open networking, a review of the Aruba Atmosphere wireless conference, and more nerdy topics. Sponsor: ThousandEyes ThousandEyes gives you visibility, insights, and actionable intelligence into user experience from every user to every application over any network, so you transform your WAN, troubleshoot faster and deliver exceptional user experiences in the cloud and on premises. Try ThousandEyes for free at and grab a fun t-shirt! Sponsor: Cumulus Networks The Cumulus Linux network OS is simple, open, untethered Linux that can run on more than 70 hardware platforms and help you transition from your legacy infrastructure. Cumulus Networks is Web-scale networking for the digital age. Go to to find out more. Show Links: Introducing DNS Resolver, (not a joke) – Cloudflare Announcing the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service – Cloudflare jedisct1/dnsblast: A simple and stupid load testing tool for DNS resolvers – GitHub He thought a book would stop a bullet. Now his girlfriend is going to jail for killing him. – The Washington Post Peak DNSSEC? – APNIC Blog The Open Enterprise Foundation Linux Foundation Announces Further Harmonization Efforts, Celebrates New Members and Project Deployments – The Linux Foundation Network Harmonization 2.0: Evolving Linux Foundation Networking – The Linux Foundation The post Show 384: The Packet Pushers Unleashed appeared first on Packet Pushers.
March 30, 2018
BGP is good for keeping the Internet connected. And that s about it. BGP isn t good at optimizing the path between two endpoints, as it s more about optimizing service provider costs than traffic performance. Therefore, there are products on the market that optimize your traffic flows across the Internet despite default BGP behavior. Some of these products actually manipulate BGP, which will be the focus of our sponsored show today. Our sponsor Expereo is here to discuss their XCA and XCA Edge products with us. Joining us from Expereo are Francois Devienne, VP of Networks; and Sander Barens, VP of Commercial Development. Expereo is a managed service provider. We discuss how the company optimizes BGP to get the best out of the Internet, and explore Expereo’s XCA and XCA Edge products. Show Links: Expereo Expereo XCA Edge The post Show 383: Optimizing Internet Traffic With Expereo (Sponsored) appeared first on Packet Pushers.
March 23, 2018
On today’s show we explore whitebox switching in the enterprise with our sponsor Pica8. Pica8 makes a network OS for data centers and enterprises, which customers can run on a variety of third-party switches including Dell, HPE, and Edgecore. Our guests are  James Liao, CEO and co-founder of Pica8; and Sharad Ahlawat, VP of Technology. We get details about Pica8’s switch OS, called PicOS, and find out how Pica8 differentiates itself from other OSs. We also talk about how SDN has to change to be useful, such as targeting specific use cases. We look at the state of the whitebox market, the role of open source, and why Pica8 is shifting its focus to enterprise customers. Show Links: Pica8 on Twitter Pica8 on LinkedIn Pica8 on Facebook The post Show 382: Whitebox In The Enterprise With Pica8 (Sponsored) appeared first on Packet Pushers.
March 16, 2018
802.11ax promises a host of improvements for wireless networks, including greater efficiency, but don't start your upgrade just yet. Here's what you need to know about the forthcoming WLAN standard. The post Show 381: Inside The Pros & Cons Of 802.11ax appeared first on Packet Pushers.
March 9, 2018
Today's Weekly Show gathers a group of network engineers to talk about what's on their minds. Our roundtable covers automation, vendor relationships, not knowing things (and how to change that) & more. The post Show 380: Network Engineer Roundtable: What’s On Your Mind? appeared first on Packet Pushers.
March 2, 2018
Mark Burgess, who developed the principles of Promise Theory as a way to model distributed systems, joins the Packet Pushers to explore how his ideas connect to networking and information systems. The post Show 379: Grappling With Promise Theory appeared first on Packet Pushers.
Feb. 23, 2018
Today's Weekly Show explores Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) with sponsor Cisco. We'll look at doing ZTP at scale, plus drill into iPXE and ONIE, golden ISOs, and integration with tools such as Chef, Puppet, and Ansible. The post Show 378: Cisco Zero Touch Provisioning (Sponsored) appeared first on Packet Pushers.
Feb. 16, 2018
We explore real-world SD-WAN use cases, including service chaining and SaaS performance improvement, with sponsor Silver Peak in our latest Weekly Show podcast. The post Show 377: SD-WAN Use Cases With Silver Peak (Sponsored) appeared first on Packet Pushers.

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