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Save Point Sunday is an amazing podcast run by three rad dudes who realized that literally anyone is allowed to make a podcast. Once that realization was made it was only a matter of time before these fools were recording their conversations weekly to share with a public who reacted with a resounding "what?!"
It's silly, it's stupid, and it'll probably offend you at some point. Join us for Sunday Brunch, via Save Point Sunday!
April 16, 2018
Are you ready for yet another season finale?! We made it! Six seasons in the bag, now we get to work on the Save Point Sunday movie. Wow. Join us in this painfully regular episode where we will regale you of the time we traveled north to eat food and play games! We talk about overpriced sandwiches from coffee shops! There's a mention of beans somewhere! Woah! Get ready to get hungry for more, but don't wait up because we'll be on break, it's Save Point Sunday!
April 3, 2018
Guess who's back, back again. It's your favorite MCU podcast crew, as WELL as the Guardians of the Galaxy! This time back to fight, well... I wouldn't dare spoil it in the description to the episode, but if you're cool with spoilers time to jump in and join the fight! Much like the opening of this movie, this is a monster of an episode! Fighting, monologues, jokes, explosions, this movie has got it all! So come along for the ride as we continue to barrel through the MCU!
April 2, 2018
Welcome to Camp SPS! We're so excited to have you with us on this journey! We have plenty of wonderful springtime activities, such as bitching about your phone, or distributing flash drives with naked pictures of yourselves among the campsite! We'll go on hikes, and maybe even forage for forest porn! Wow! Out here in nature you can learn so much, like for instance a certain fact about hedgehogs that will flip your whole world upside down... what could it be? You'll find out at camp Save Point Sunday!
March 26, 2018
Remember playing The Oregon Trail back in elementary school? It was a great time! Turns out that playing it in real life can also be a pretty cool time. Join us this week as StarF recounts his adventure to Oregon. But back in the 90's what was bigger, The Oregon Trail or Pokemon Cards? If you said Pogs, you might be onto something! Who knows! All we can know for sure is that it's Colton's birthday and that's what counts. So come celebrate with us this week on Save Point Sunday!
March 18, 2018
You ever take a long drag out of a butt? If you have it's likely that it took place behind a Dairy Queen! Join Save Point Sunday on yet another unedited adventure through all sorts of topics. Edible underwear, sex in strange places, and of course Shaggy's hit single It Wasn't Me. We get to the bottom of the butt in this exciting episode of Save Point Sunday!
March 14, 2018
Is Spin Cycle an interview show now?! Perhaps! StarF is joined this time around by Ryan Shaw, The Anachronist, to discuss both his music as well as some music that he recommended in this first ever interview/album trade crossover episode! STARF'S PICK: Pegasuses-XL - Psychic Entourage RYAN'S PICK: David Love Not War - Knuckle Walker
March 11, 2018
What's your favorite kind of pie? Well you'd better get ready to go get that pie, because PI DAY is coming up quick! In this flavorful episode we'll be discussing our favorite pies and why it makes us a bunch of citrusy boys, oh joy! We also delve into technological fads (such as 3D and UberHealth) and why Staples "passed out" in a tiny bathroom once upon a time. It's gonna get juicy this week on Save Point Sunday!
March 4, 2018
Are you ready for another UNEDITED episode?! Well if you didn't answer in the affirmative you're really in for it now, because this week Save Point Sunday was far too busy to make sure this would be a quality episode. That being said, it's still fun! We discuss the legend of Moldylocks and the three incredibly gross bears, and probably other stuff too! You've tried podcasts that were TOO funny, you've tried podcasts that were TOO boring, but this episode of Save Point Sunday will be juuust right!
March 4, 2018
Yes! You read that right! Unless you read it as Dr. Strangelove. That's a different movie entirely! This month the Modern Marvel team is here to tackle an entirely new realm of magic in the MCU. How will we cope with more CGI than has ever been thrown at a movie theater screen before?! Will we love it, hate it, teleport to a different dimension just to get away from it!? You'll have to find out by tuning into this magical episode of Modern Marvel!
Feb. 26, 2018
What's your porn name?! Is it JUICE CANNON? Nah, couldn't be, because that's reserved for one of the members of this podcast. Which one? Guess you'll have to listen to find out! But first we get to the bottom of what roadtrip snack mix is best, and how exactly to make it. All of this and we still somehow find the time to discuss how our Valentine's Day went. It's incredible all the things we get done here at Save Point Sunday!

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