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Save Point Sunday is an amazing podcast run by three rad dudes who realized that literally anyone is allowed to make a podcast. Once that realization was made it was only a matter of time before these fools were recording their conversations weekly to share with a public who reacted with a resounding "what?!"

It's silly, it's stupid, and it'll probably offend you at some point. Join us for Sunday Brunch, via Save Point Sunday!
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Latest episodes
Feb. 18, 2018
Have you ever felt like a speck of Cheeto dust in an unforgiving rum cake universe? We've all been there. Luckily Save Point Sunday is here with you now to help you put those feelings into words! Join us on an adventure of rebirth and energizing conversation about rum cake, what it means to stand on the ground, anime, and tales of masturbation mishaps. It's everything you wanted as well as mostly stuff you didn't. It's a very grounded episode of Save Point Sunday!
Feb. 7, 2018
Spin Cycle breaks form once again, this time to welcome returning guest Marc With A C for an extensive interview! We'll discuss his new album, Obscurity, and get into what it means to live in this crazy future world we've built for ourselves. Download it to your favorite rectangle and enjoy!
Feb. 1, 2018
Modern Marvel enters its second year of observing the MCU in chronological order! Kicking off both the year as well as the third (and current) phase of the MCU we have Captain America: Civil War! AKA The Avengers 3, we finally get to see what happens when the MCU goes balls-to-the-walls with plotlines and completely throws caution to the wind. Haven't seen the rest of the movies? Get out, they're not about to explain anything to you or hold your hand! You're invested now, so get ready to see what happens when the Avengers start to rip each other apart from the inside. Will our hosts of Modern Marvel fare any better? Tune in to find out!
Feb. 1, 2018
STARF'S PICK: Tub Ring - A Choice Of Catastrophes DOLAN'S PICK: Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties - We Don't Have Each Other
Jan. 29, 2018
Here at Save Point Sunday we're all about opportunity. Hope. Optimism. And expansion. That's why we're all about bringing new people into the fray, no matter how qualified they may be. Welcome our new late night host Toby, who started as a simple caller and ended up hired on the spot... for some reason. Forgetting Toby though, we do have an _actual_ special guest, Haley, featured on this episode of Save Point Sunday! Join the extra large crew as they discuss painting with knives, weird sandwiches, and of course everyone's favorite segment: unsettling words for vagina! What in the world is happening to Save Point Sunday!?
Jan. 21, 2018
Are you a top or a bottom? Wait, don't answer that. This week Save Point Sunday has loosened up and is ready to get silly. So come along on a quest to the bank as we all declare ruptcy, cook soup with scorpions, and get nostalgic about attempted podcasts past. We also get to the heart of what it means to truly be an inventor, and - at long last - finish the story of the possum who simply did not. What a jam-packed episode, what a time to be alive, what a Save Point Sunday!
Jan. 18, 2018
Spin Cycle reconvenes to discuss and give praise to their favorite albums of 2017!
Jan. 7, 2018
Are you sad? Is life not going the way you want it to? Sounds like you could use some Arby's! Join us this week as we find out just how depressing fast food can get, and how you can escape your woes by time traveling to an alternate reality that's coated in honey! All of this and still we find time to teach you new experimental ways to jerk off. Wow! What a jam-packed (or perhaps marmalade packed) first episode of 2018 here at Save Point Sunday!