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Podcast consultant Dave Jackson points you to the best podcasts on the Internet and picks apart the podcasts to avoid. If you're in need of some new podcasts to check out, this is a good place for suggestions
March 26, 2018
Today Dave and Erik review the podcast “A Modelerslife.” All modelers have a life but what do we know of it. This podcast is as much about the people in model railroading has it is about the hobby itself. I've met so many interesting people in the hobby over the years I decided it would be fun to share their back stories with everyone else. So come along with me, Lionel Strang my trusty sidekick, Jim Rindt and Bruce the mail boy as we discover just how many fascinating folks there are in this great hobby. Checkout their website at https://www.amodelerslife.com/ Things We Liked Good chemistry with the crew The audio quality was good for having such a large crew Good follow up questions A lot of in-depth analysis and tips on being a model railroader Erik loved the story of how the father got his son into trains at an early age (because that's how most people get into trains) Things that Could Be Better As new listeners, there was no introduction to the show (Welcome to the ___ where we ____). This doesn't have to be long, but tell people what the show is about and tell them what is coming up on the show, if you're not sure, this can always be added in post. Dave is afraid having the name modelerslife all one word will make it harder to find in directories like Apple iTunes While there is a nice “guys just hanging out working on their stuff” vibe, Dave felt there were time when you could edit some of the “Where should we go now?” discussion out of the show (and just leave you moving on to the next topic) On your website, you have a link to explain what Patreon is, but on that page, there are no links to actually join and become a patron. The music at the end could be used underneath the “goodbyes” and then shortened. Toward the end when you were flipping through the facebook, it seemed like you were running out of ideas. This would be a good strategy for topics, but maybe do it in show prep, and then frame it better. There are no links to subscribe to the show for Android people.   Check out A Modelerslife Checkout their website at https://www.amodelerslife.com/ iTunes/Apple Podcasts Get Your Show Reviewed The post A Modelerslife appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.
Dec. 22, 2017
Garbled Twistory is a retelling of common history in the most unconventional style. What The Show is Doing Right Lots of creativity making the show very unique Audio quality is not bad (mixing issues) What The Show Might Consider Doing Moving Forward Some of the produced parts need to be remixed as we can't hear the words over the background noises. There is no website for the show, and you're using Feedburner for your feed (see This video ) You could at least buy a domain and point that at whatever you wanted to use. // <![CDATA[ <span data-mce-type="bookmark" style="display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;" class="mce_SELRES_start"></span></scri</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Subscribe to the show in iTunes</p> <p> </p> <p> // ]]> Subscribe to the show in iTunes The post Garbled Twistery appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.
Dec. 8, 2017
Description: Join host Sean Perrin as he discusses “all that’s new and neat with clarinet, with the neatest people in the industry” on the world’s most popular clarinet podcast. Past guests include distinguished artists such as Martin Fröst, Michael Lowenstern, and Lori Freedman, and product manufacturers such as Legere Reeds, Backun Musical Services, and Royal Musical Instruments. Check out the website at www.clarineat.com and be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter for a chance to win giveaways. What is Working I love the beginning of the show. There was a great tease and the housekeeping was quick The advertisement was quick and to the point and the music behind it was fine. I like that you gave a shout out to the latest patron Good follow questions Nice about page on your website The shopping cart was smooth and looks nice. It sounded more like a conversation than an interrogation.   What Needs Work The intro music was a little long The biggest issue is your guests audio, and you don' have much control over that. You ask the question, and then you frame it. It's better to frame it and then end with the question The menu area at the top of the website was annoying. Be sure to keep the newbies in the loop Check out Clarineat Website: www.clarineat.com Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe in Android The post Clarineat appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.
Nov. 17, 2017
Description: Podcast Junkies was born out of a genuine interest in and curiosity for this growing league of podcast hosts. It's hosted by Harry Duran. It features wide-ranging, authentic and sometimes candid interviews with this family of voices behind the microphone. The shows themselves cover a variety of topics such as Business, Finance Entrepreneurism, History, Comedy, Storytelling and more. Podcast Junkies explores the motivations behind the podcast's inception and allows the listener to connect on a more personal level with some of their favorite hosts Website www.podcastjunkies.com What Harry is Doing Right Great clip at the beginning to make the audience curious You get right into the interview and questions You LISTEN to your guest and ask great follow up questions Get your audience telling stories Nice job teasing the next episode Good job of introducing topics while keeping the story going Easy to use website. What Harry Might Work On The beginning of the show had a weird chit chat about the hassles of scheduling. A long music outro at the end. Join us on FB – If you want people to subscribe, make that your CTA Maybe add a little about you to the about page, and a little about the show Check Out Podcast Junkies Website iTunes Stitcher // <![CDATA[ <span data-mce-type="bookmark" style="display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;" class="mce_SELRES_start"></span></scri</p> <p> // ]]> The post Podcast Review Show appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.
Oct. 27, 2017
Do you need directions to a solid financial future? If so, The Money Answers Show with Jordan Goodman will provide you with a roadmap to making smart money decisions in every area of your personal finances. Join Jordan every Monday at 12 PM/PST 3 PM/EST for The Money Answers Show, on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel. Learn how and where to get the best deals on mortgages, cars, and insurance; find out the best ways to save for college and retirement, get out of debt, improve your credit rating, and save on your taxes. The Money Answers Show with Jordan Goodman will provide you with great tips on investment opportunities in real estate, stocks, annuities, and other investment vehicles. That’s The Money Answers Show with Jordan Goodman on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel, every Monday at 12 PM/PST. Find it at http://www.moneyanswers.com and in iTunes What We Liked About the Show You get right to the guest quickly Very comfortable as an interviewer. Solid journalist. The audio quality was fine. You did a great job of asking questions and letting the guest talk What You Might Consider Tweaking The first segment of the interview seemed a bit like a giant pitch for your guest Your podcast is a bit hard to find on the site, and you have text links, but those could be hard to find on a mobile device. Tell me about your history and how you got here” is like asking the guest to tell you their life story with no real direction. You know what your audience needs to know. Your guest doesn’t. Intro your guest and ask a question. While you do a great job of spotlighting the guest, I didn't get to hear about you at all. I would take the ad spots and use them for your products instead of promoting the competition Your phone system breaks up on a consistent basis. There is a lot of calls to action to call the show (and yet there is nobody calling). You might look into voicemail, and then set up a call. More information on The Money Answers Show Find out more about Jordan at his website http://www.moneyanswers.com as well as iTunes // <![CDATA[ </p> <p> // ]]> The post The Money Answers Show appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.
Oct. 6, 2017
Description from iTunes: Not your ordinary dating advice podcast. Relationships, love, sex, and more included. We all know that when it comes to dating, relationships, and sex things aren't always simple. But No Free Drinks believes that by leaving behind the games and having healthy debate we can all move closer to simple when it comes to matters of the heart and flesh. Our philosophy at the No Free Drinks podcast is simple: no topic is off limits and we never hold back. Brace yourself and be prepared to leave that dating baggage behind Check them out at https://nofreedrinks.com What They Are Doing Good: The introduction warns people about content, and then waste no time letting people know what there is a disclaimer. I LOVED the way you introduced the hosts. Quick, said their name and moved on. You showed that you put in some into your topic and it wasn't just a bunch of people sitting around a table shooting the breeze. The way you used the quiz. It made it educational and fun. They way you reintroduced of each at the end with roles It was informative and entertaining at the same time. Lots of laughs and learned something. eeding a disposable bed, and having sex in the garden so the squirter can help water the plants. All in all good audio quality Thanks for coming. Hope it was good for you” was clever.   Things That Can Be Improved The intro was 1:26 and felt like it. I liked the samples of each host to define their role and character. However, the samples could be much shorter. Wesley also shouldn’t voice the intro. Find a different voice, so each host stands out. At the beginning, it felt like Wesley was cussing just to cuss. Didn’t sound natural. Lots of “business” at the end of the show – Tune in next time, let us know what you think with the contact form on the website, subscribe, rate us and leave us a review, follow us on Instagram, find the connecting link on the website. Potentially consolidate those into a contact page and subscribe page Use your names more during the show to help everyone remember who is who. Music at the end was pointless. Use as a bed and then fade out as you are closing the show. Your website is using a LOT of real estate for images that make the show look alcohol-focused. Put a plyer and subscribe buttons on the front page so people don't need to look for the show. Also, the only form of feedback you have is through the contact form. You might consider turning on comments for the post and/or get a call in voicemail at www.podcastvoicemail.com The recipes were kind of confusing. You could use those as a lead magnet for those who sign up for the newsletter. Your subscribe buttons didn't appear properly when using chrome. Listen to the No Free Drinks Show Subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher Check them out at https://nofreedrinks.com Note: Please note we had some technical issues and Erik's mic was a little distorted at the beginning. The post No Free Drinks appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.
Sept. 13, 2017
Today we are joined by Dave the Producer and Juliette Miranda of the Unwritable Rant podcast. A great podcast featuring bourbon and great stories. Find the show at http://www.theunwritablerant.com/ as well as in iTunes What The Podcast Did Well Juliette did a phenomenal job describing the bourbon, and the stories were great. The nicknames you had for your characters and the way you described them really showed off your writing chops. The theater of the mind was in full effect and had both of us laughing out loud. It was like we were in a scene of a movie as you revealed all the action (especially in the second story). The audio quality is great, and you had a nice pacing of the story. The web design had a very minimalist approach making it easy to find things. What Needed a bit of Tweaking Both Erik and Dave were a bit confused as the intro didn't really explain what the show was about and at first, we thought the show was about bourbon. Julliete slid into her first story so smoothly, and neither one of us picked up on the fact that she was starting her story. The website is a little confusing as you have two websites that bounce back and forth between the two. You might be losing some “Google Juice” by embedding a page with all your shows. Instead, why not write some notes as a blog post and put the podcast player on the post. It might bring more traffic to your site. The call to action mentioned other stations, but if the goal of the podcast is to promote Juliette's books, it didn't do that very well. You might want to step back and consider what is the goal of the podcast and focus your call to action on that. You can do things like have all your subscription buttons on one page, and all the ways to contact you on one page (and then promote the site) Your delivery was a bit like a casual reading of an author at a store. It was still being read but sounded very practiced. You sounded very close to being “off the top of your head.” If you're going to read, then announce it, and if you're not then maybe not practice so much so that it sounds more like a play performance than a friend telling a story. Check out Their Show http://www.theunwritablerant.com/ as well as in iTunes The post The Unwritable Rant appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.
July 24, 2017
Today we have Logan Anderson from the Say the Damn Score Podcast. His description is, “Say the Damn Score: An unprofessional podcast on professional sportscasting.” you can find it at www.saythedamnscore.com Here is what we liked About the Show The intro helped shape the atmosphere and branding of the show (a fun, edgy podcast) You got to the guest in less than 1 minute. The volume levels were good. The website has a clean and easy to navigate. The interview was great Logan did a TON of homework for his interview and it showed He asked great questions, and because he paid attention to his guest, great follow-up questions. What Might Need Some Tweaking His link to iTunes on his website started with “itpc://” which works, but you don't get credit for the subscribers (add your iTunes link in PowerPress under the destinations tab). Erik enjoyed the somewhat sarcastic opening but thought that spirit got a little lost and would advise “putting a little more smile” into his voice at times. At the beginning of the show, you might consider explaining what the show is, “Welcome to the Say the Damn Score show where we _____ for (typical audience).  The average user can figure out it's a sports show but we should identify if we are talking about teams, leagues, etc. Instead of having multiple calls to action (iTunes, email, etc) put those items on a single page so you can give one call to action. Make the about page a little more outward focuses on what the show is about, how you're going to benefit, and who it's for. Check out Say the Damn Score Podcast Website: www.saythedamnscorepodcast.com Subscribe in iTunes Listen Find Erik at www.podcasttalentcoach.com Find Dave at www.schoolofpodcasting.com This podcast is part of the Power of Podcasting Network The post Say the Damn Score appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.
July 12, 2017
The Fish Nerds podcast has a tagline, “Best fishing podcast that is always interesting, usually funny & mostly true.” This week Clay comes on to has us put the Fish Nerds Show under the microscope. Here is What We Liked Great branding. Everything seems well coordinated between the website and the podcast. You instantly know that you take fishing seriously, but not so much yourself (and this show is going to be fun). Hugo's cooking segments were “Super Real” and we loved the quality from a field reporter. The “Take one for the team” mention of mercury in the fish was humorous. Clay does a great job of sending people to his Facebook Group to keep the conversation going. Loved that his guest was someone he didn't agree with and brought him on to have a dialogue. You got to the content quickly. Some Thing That Need Polishing A couple of dead links on the website If Hugo could paint a picture a bit more with his words Clay refers to “We” when it's really only him. He has to be careful to not make sponsors sound like “the bad guys.” You might want to change the word “Blog” to podcast (or make two categories and have both) You might consider getting some swag made at Tee Spring as you have great quotes from your show that could make great swag There were a couple of Facebook pings during the recording. At times the volume was a little unbalanced (check out www.auphonic.com) Don't forget about the new people (or people outside the US) to explain the details. Check out the Fish Nerds Website is www.fishnerds.com Check out them out on iTunes and Sticher Click to Listen The post Fish Nerds appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.
March 22, 2017
Today Dave and Erik take a listen to a Time For Horses hosted by Abby Nemec What She is Doing Correctly You did a good job of explaining what these were and who would like them. Solid intro – great details in the stories Interesting mix of facts and opinions Great NPR style Nice graphics and simple website What We Would've Appreciated Seeing Dave was impatient to getting to the horse Horses in Asia seemed like a murder mystery trying to figure out what kind of horse it was. You did a great job of me understanding the soliders, and then somewhat left the story. 41:55 you finally start talking about what the horse was doing (transport).Great insights into how Horses look before leaving, and bomb proof. Sometimes got lost in the details, start with the end in mind. Check out a Time For Horses Website: http://www.atimeforhorses.com/ iTunes Stitcher The post A Time For Horses appeared first on Podcast Review Show - Get Your Podcast Reviewed.
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