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A weekly tech podcast for teens!
July 17, 2006
 Here are the shownotes for episode 2 of the Teen Tech Podcast. Special Guest Host: Willie Shownotes Bring Back The Oldies Blingo! Blingo (dot) Com Electronic Airport Passports? Paris Hilton in a Cell Phone Game 0.o Windows Vista (Quick) Overview Olympics 2008: Competitive Video Games? Do Your Parents Play Video Games With You Too? Whole Movies Downloaded From iTunes for $9.99? Nike + iPod More on YouTube Microsoft Media Player Nintendo Wii Early Release? Online Hunting Program. Shoot a Deer Online. Get 'em Sent To Your House Podcasts That We Listen To: Glen- Happy Tree Friends, NIKE Football Podcast - Joga Bonito, Podtacular, StrongBad Emails, and of course Tech For Teens Paul- Chicken Fried Radio, Diggnation, Podtacular, Mac OS Ken, TWiT, and Tech For Teens Willie- StrongBad Emails, Ask A Ninja, Happy Tree Friends, Tech For Teens. That's all for now, we're out but send us feedback through: Email: [email protected] VoiceMail: 206-339-5184
July 15, 2006
Hey everyone this is our first espisode, so don't expect too much! Email us at [email protected] and call our voicemail line at 206-339-5184... Check back soon for the next eepisode!
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