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Cut off from outside TV or radio signals since a meteorite hit the lake in 1975, the tiny border village of Icebox, MN creates its own news, music and entertainment on 'Radio Icebox', the mostly-legal, low power radio station housed in the basement of the historic opera house. Of course, 40 years of isolation has made the folks in Icebox a little...different.
United States
48 episodes
since Aug, 2015


Cracks in the Crystal; episode 0313

Evil JJ with his army of Abbys have taken over. Everyone is either trapped in another dimension or locked up in the town jail. And into this, Diana and Nedly innocently drive trying to get the rest of the story. How will any of this ever work out?!? ‘Cracks in the Crystal’ is Radio Icebox season 3, episode 13, The season - and series - finale of Radio Icebox. Our program starred Cody Boyer as Cody, Aela Mackintosh as all the Abbys, Jeffrey Adams as JJ, Beth Lowthian as Diana, Caleb Silvers as Ned Nedly, Scotta Turner as Jennifer, Justin Capla as the Ringmaster, Douglas Skrief as Dr Graves, Jim Yount as Sam, and Tom Bement was Major. Other voices by the talented cast. Script, direction and post production by Jeffrey Adams. Some Sound effects from the Freesound Project at Freesound dot Org. Music by the wonderful Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 The final song or this episode was ‘Losers bar and Grill’ written and performed by Myron Hawrylak. The Icebox Radio Theater will return next fall with a brand new series of audio plays. We look forward to seeing you then. Radio Icebox: Season 3 is made possible in part by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, thanks to appropriations from the Minnesota State Legislature’s general and arts and cultural heritage funds.
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