Italian Home Cooking by Mark Juliano

Italian Home Cooking by Mark Juliano
By Mark Juliano
About this podcast
Italian home-style cooking by Mark Juliano. The foods featured are simple to cook, and great to eat. We'll also talk about Italy. Mark grew up in a restaurant family and has been cooking all his life.
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Dec. 7, 2006
My personal recipe for pork chops which I've invented myself over time.
Nov. 23, 2006
Some Italian recipes for turkey breast and cooked turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov. 16, 2006
In honor of Thanksgiving, a stuffing recipe from my mother.
Nov. 9, 2006
A great tomato-based sauce with shrimp, clams, and muscles
Nov. 4, 2006
This is a Tuscan tomato, cucumber, celery and bread salad
Oct. 27, 2006
A quick and easy egg-based breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Oct. 19, 2006
Making Steak Pizzaiola style with tomatoes, onions, garlic and spices
Oct. 12, 2006
Recipes for Penne with Vodka sauce and a very quick Bow Tie pasta dish.
Oct. 6, 2006
Meatloaf means different things to different people, depending how your mother made it. My mother made it great. One of my very favorite meals.
Sept. 28, 2006
A great pasta dish with fresh vegetables.