Runescape on iPad, iPhone-AlwaysOnPC App Tips and tricks for mobile Runescape users

By AlwaysOnPC App Demos

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AlwaysOnPC is an app that lets you play Runescape on iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. AlwaysOnPC includes Chrome and Firefox browsers with Java-applet support that lets you run Runescape. This How-to series shows the key touch interface gestures, commands, and buttons you need to play your best on AlwaysOnPC on iOS devices!
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April 9, 2012
This video gives a quick demo how you can run Runescape on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using Firefox or Chrome Browser in your Cloud Desktop from the AlwaysOnPC app. It includes a basic overview of how to use the touchpad to click to move your character, two-finger tap to display right-click menu, open the arrow keys tool and more.
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