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RMcS: It is more than a voice in your ear; there is power in listening; more than a phrase in your eye; insight there is in reading. Welcome! - to RADIO RICHARD IRELAND coming to you from within the soundproofless studio of life itself. On the air globally for about 12-15 minutes: Monday to Friday. Full scripts of all broadcasts are available from Which comes first? The scripts. The broadcasts are readings of the scripts, and not the other way round: they are not transcriptions of the broadcasts. NOTE: 2 July 2018 - end Aug 2018 broadcasts will be intermittent.
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eTiding121 – 19July2018

Announcement: From now until the end of August 2018 broadcasts will be intermittent. An original bite-sized closet drama in 5 acts by Richard Mc Sweeney aka Richard of Éire – a self-designated lyrical Planet Earth philosopher of the natural kind. Act 1. Anecdote & the Sage in the Digital Age. Act 2. A reading from William Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Act 3. A reading from Lao-tzu’s Tao Te Ching. Act 4. An interpretation after my own fashioning of some lines from the philosophical Taoist work: The Book of Chuang-tzu. Act 5. Foretelling. Google Podcasts seamlessly syncs “eTiding121 – 19July2018” across a variety of Google products, including the Google Assistant, thus making Radio Richard Ireland easier than ever to be known and enjoyed on Earth and in the Cosmos.
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