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A new podcast powered by Experian Partner Solutions. Join hosts Cody Gredler and Morgan Grevey as they speak with leading security experts and share their unique experiences and insights to keep listeners—and their identities—safe from cybersecurity threats.
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Firewall Chats

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March 6, 2017
In this special bonus episode, we look at some of the sessions we're most excited about at this year's South by Southwest conference in Austin, TX. We'll dive into hot cybersecurity topics such as the new generation of hackers, biotechnology, and digital identities. If you're interested in attending any of the sessions we chat about, you can find more information on them at
March 15, 2016
In 2015, the healthcare industry was the second largest industry affected by data breaches, and the average medical ID theft victim was held liable for more than $18,600. In this episode, we’ll explore medical ID theft with Eva Velasquez from the Identity Theft Resource Center. Learn how to protect your health information, and actions to take if your information has been compromised.
March 15, 2016
In this episode, learn the best the practices all businesses should implement when it comes to cybersecurity in the workplace. We’ll discuss BYOD policies, password management, crisis response plans, employee training, and monitoring internal threats with Michael Kaiser, Executive Director at the National Cyber Security Alliance.
March 15, 2016
Tax-refund fraud is expected to reach $21 billion this year, according to the IRS. Each year when millions of people go to file their taxes, they realize someone has fraudulently abused them. Victims spend hours trying to rectify the situation. In this special episode, learn how to remedy tax ID theft and protect your information in the future.
March 2, 2016
In this episode, learn how to successfully navigate what to do if your company has been breached. Cybersecurity crisis counselor Corey Ealons and privacy/security attorney Sterling L. Miller will discuss how businesses can minimize a breach’s impact, and actionable approaches to regain control.
Feb. 22, 2016
Our fingerprints, gait, iris patterns, and DNA are all identifying factors that are deeply unique to us. Our world is increasingly using these unique traits and attributes within tools, thanks to technological advancements like facial recognition. How does our privacy hinge on these new advancements? Will our physical traits help keep our information secure or could it be used against us? Learn how technology is advancing and how to protect yourself.
Feb. 22, 2016
It is understood that a large aspect of our lives is no longer tangible. We work, operate, and share our lives online, so our virtual activities are an extension of us. During SXSW 2016, Nuala O’Connor, president and CEO of the Center for Democracy and Technology, will discuss the roles governments, corporations, and individuals play in shaping our digital futures. In this special SXSW preview, we’ll discuss the legal and personal boundaries needed to protect your life online.
Oct. 23, 2015
Closing our pilot season is Encap Security’s Vice President of Business Development Adam Dolby, who takes time to chat with us about scams, malware, and phishing attempts. Did you know that there are roughly 156 million phishing emails sent globally every day? What are the warning signs of a scam? What is two-factor authentication and how do we implement in on our most important accounts? Listen to learn.
Oct. 23, 2015
Our fourth episode spotlights CSID’s own Adam Tyler. Our passionate colleague speaks frequently on our increasingly connected world, and the privacy and security challenges we can anticipate as we reach 50 billion connected devices in 2020. In this podcast, we explore the devices we welcome into our home and our garages. What data is being collected? What are the dangers?
Oct. 23, 2015
Katie Stephens, the education program manager at The University of Texas’ Center for Identity, stops by in our third episode to give us all the facts on taking control of our privacy. Stephens addresses how consumers can adopt small, simple habits to help keep their most precious information safeguarded from cyber criminals.

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