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Dan Brown from The Digital Marketing Hive reveals successful online business strategies, income sources, and battle-tested marketing tips and tricks so you can be the first to know about what's working now with your online business. If you are looking to create passive income streams that work for you so that you can have the freedom to do more of what you love, Dan Brown delivers weekly to you, the Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner.. Each episode brings you a successful Entrepreneur who shares their journey, failures, pivotal moments, successes, and a treasure trove of uncut business insight. Although Dan confesses he is not a billionaire, he's been supporting his lifestyle with income generated online, easily earning through digital automation. Discover how to leverage outsourcing, search engine optimization, social media, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Podcasting, Books, online courses, affiliate marketing, and everything that's working right now to help you dominate digital business.
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April 28, 2015
How To Get Tons of Clients, Work Less, And Make More Money With Coaching In this week's episode we cover: A mindset "shift" that will instantly force you to comeback from any failure, and the haters trying to bring you down. Real world business lessons Gene learned while doing millions in sales Why finding out who you're here to serve will enable you to build your business faster, stronger and more profitably. How to use the most critical component to success The "secret sauce" that makes getting new clients almost effortless Advice to people who want to quit their jobs and work for themselves... and do it fast. The real reason why people fail miserably with a coaching program And a whole boat load more... Download your latest episode here:
April 14, 2015
How to double your leads and sales with YouTube In today's unique "Digital Business Billionaire Show" we discuss: How to easily position yourself as a leader (and not just another "authority") in your market. (People hear the authorities, but follow leaders, which one you think effortlessly wins more sales...) The "dumbed down" step-by-step 30K/mo video marketing process. (This is the exact same "structure" used to build every 6-figure earning channel - including videos that are still running, winning sales, for the past 6 years.) How to get 5x more traffic with the same amount of content. How to arrange it so even people who don't know about your product will suddely realize they want it...and even get it on the spot. The #1 free resource every entrepreneur needs to use to guide their business What to do that's almost guaranteed to give you confidence because you are great at what you do, and the only one of a kind. How you can command a sub-niche and charge accordingly. (While all your competitors are treated as a commodity.) A little-used way to turn your phone into a source of quality customer leads. And more... Get your DBB Show here:
April 7, 2015
On today's "Digital Business Billionaire Show": Why you should be using email marketing to get more sales ASAP. What the "Integrated Conversion Campaign" is...and how to use them to get far more sales with your emails. 4 steps to "leverage" simple emails so you can build trust, credibility and make more sales in any niche. Why friends, family, and lovers have everything to do with getting amazing results out your email campaigns. How to set up evergreen promotions that run on autopilot. A "counterintuitive" way to make far MORE money over time by making LESS sales up front. How to "condition" your subsribers to look forward to your sales emails (and maybe even feel the tension when they don't get one!) A little-known way to optimize your email campaigns... and how it can make your emails far more persuasive and profitable than your competition's. How to put your email marketing knowledge (even if you're brand new to it) on "steroids." And tons more. Download this bad-boy here:
March 31, 2015
Today's exciting new "Digital Business Billionaire Show" is for people who want to start or enhance their video marketing. We cover: How to use free videos to build giant lists. (Or, at the very least, build a customer base who is open to hearing from you.) 2 "magic" types of videos that can take all the complicated tech out of producing high-quality projects The "ninja" video blogger to reference before trying to put together your studio How to get other video marketers to do all the "heavy lifting" of building great videos for you The dumb mistake almost everyone who gets into video marketing does, that almost guarantees you lose the sale. (It also makes sure nobody gets to know or buy from you.) Why you should make it a goal to be using video now How to make sure you don't look like a complete tool on camera Video marketing best practices And a whole bunch more. Download it here
March 10, 2015
Today's "Digital Business Billionaire" podcast reveals: The single most valuable skill you can develop. (For business, selling, marketing, friendships - every aspect of your life. People who have this tend to be successful really quickly. Here's how you can develop it starting today.) How to use the Facebook "News Feed" to get almost anyone's attention you want. A secret way to get ultra-targeted cheap traffic right out of the gate (This not only gets you more leads, but it psychologically predisposes people to buy right off the bat). How to make weak campaigns more profitable. A mindset tweak that will 10x your business (No more changes are necessary after - just your method of approach.) Probably the single best way to get targeted, eager to purchase opt-ins. (You probably won't collect as many leads from this, but likely you will get a much higher sale conversion rate from the ones you get). How to cultivate a cult-like audience of scorching hot, ready-to-buy clients/customers regardless of what you're selling (please use this for ethical purposes ONLY) How to use the technology of "retargeting" to be more persuasive and win more first-time and repeat business And tons more... Go into traffic "beast-mode" on this episode.
Feb. 24, 2015
On this week's "Digital Business Billionaire" Show we cover: How starting from scratch without a product gives you an advantage when learning direct marketing. (If you're new to online marketing - Good! Your learning curve will be even faster if you follow this advice.) The big problem with people who want to make sales in the shortest time possible right off the bat. Why it's better to learn strategy in and out. A secret way of using sumo wrestling and pool hall junkies to speed up the rate at which you create profitable ad campaigns. How to "leverage" the thirsty deer theory to master your market twice as fast as it would normally take. The #1 biggest thing people focus on and mess up when starting a new business. What tools to use in ALL your marketing if you want to get more conversions and more sales. How to test, tweak, and how to find high converting traffic in your market. How to force your brain to take action on new information faster and more efficiently. What the 2 most important factors to maximum conversions are.... and how it can make your marketing far more persuasive and profitable than your competition's. How to put millions of dollars worth in media buys (even if you've never spent a dime on traffic) to work for you. And a whole lot more ... Download this one here:
Feb. 10, 2015
Today on the show I had Bob Bly deliver the step-by-step plan to bring your product or service to market fast. I don't personally know a single copywriter who has done more B to B and B to C. Bob is a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant with 3 decades of experience in direct response marketing. In this session you'll learn: How to quickly create info products that sell and position you as a leader. A secret way (used by a few smart direct marketing pros) of building a thriving residual income online. The 25/50/25 rule and how to use it to get overrun with new clients. A little used way to make yourself a celebrity in your niche. And more here:
Jan. 20, 2015
In this show we talk about the 3 phases of great ad copy... Including: The #1 most overlooked sales tool that you can use right now. How to profit from the world's shortest attention span in history. Why using online video is like playing digital business on easy mode (and some secret ways to getting more conversions)... The biggest takeaway from the hard work of Domino's and Rolex. What really motivates people to buy and a whole lot more right here:
Jan. 20, 2015
Today's "Digital Business Billionaire Show" we piece together some email marketing wisdom. Including: How to give stuff away for free that double sales. A little-known secret to using the "old school approach" to build your businesses faster, stronger, and more profitably. A "dignified" way to blatantly pitch in email so people not only notice, but BUY what you're selling. A secret way to use your virtual real estate to boost your sales in the next 10 minutes. How to sell in email in a way where people don't get angry and evern cheerfully share your pitch with their friends. The "secret sauce" that makes selling in email as easy as getting wet in water. Advice to people who want to quit their jobs and work for themselves... and do it extremely fast. And more...
Jan. 20, 2015
Yanik  is a fun-loving entrepreneur who believes in more fun, more freedom, and more impact. Yanik has built up multiple products and services to the 7-figure level, having grown these businesses from scratch without funding or taking on debt. You know him as the the author of several best-selling marketing books and tools, but he currently lives in Potomac, Maryland with his wife Missy, and two little future mavericks in the making

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