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Podcast Fixer

By Christopher Monk- Podcast Coach


The Podcast Fixer podcast: Detailed explanation on how to get your own podcast up and running or improve your existing podcast. Podcast audio de-mystified. Professional tips and tricks about recording, Podcast equipment, service recommendations, and how to get the most out of your time podcasting. Covering a variety of topics such as audio recording, R.S.S. feeds, Editing, Microphones, Mixers, Audio interfaces, And much more. Join us as we explore the best ways to get your very own podcast started!
4 episodes
since Aug, 2016


Podcast Fixer Ep.2- An interview with Reeltalk host Jonathan Casco - Podcast Fixer

Welcome to ep.2 of the Podcast Fixer podcast with your host audio engineer and podcast consultant Chris Monk. Join us this week for an interview with the host of Reeltalk, a podcast about movies, comic books, and other pop culture media. Jonathan and I discuss various methods of podcast production and offer up some suggestions on improving your own podcast.
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