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Oct. 23, 2017
While it might seem a bit odd to have a discussion about healthcare featured on a Sales Leadership podcast, there IS a legitimate and powerful connection. Strong content that provides value to the individual executives and professionals within your customer and prospect organizations is an outstanding way to demonstrate the fact that you provide value. (…and if I do say so myself, this interview is indeed, strong content that provides value to you and a whole bunch of other folks.) Think through the multiple levels of value here… Level 1:  There’s value to you, a member of the Sales Management Development community: The insights in this interview can help anyone make better decisions about health care and health insurance – That’s valuable to you personally, and That’s valuable to your family, and That’s valuable to all the members of your team and their families Level 2:  There is value provided to himagine Solutions, the sponsor of this interview: This content is valuable to himagine employees and their families The himagine customers and prospects that mobbed around the radio booth will not soon forget chatting with and shaking hands with a former Speaker of the House of Representatives. (…and they’ll remember it was the himagine booth where they did so!) (How powerful is THAT in establishing/developing relationships???) Level 3:  There is value provided to yours truly: You better believe it was way cool not only interviewing Newt Gingrich, the conversations before and after were even cooler! This is outstanding SEO bait for The YPS Group AND for the Intentionally Vicarious Podcast. (You need to check that out!) So without further ado… Listen to Newt, learn a bit and make better healthcare decisions! The post The Healthcare Debate (…and a great example of selling with content) appeared first on YPS Group.
June 2, 2017
Geoff Ables is Managing Partner of C5 Insight and author of the new book The LUCK Principle – Business Results at the Intersection of People & Profit. He’s  a guy who has focused his career on creating great customer experiences and employee engagement. AND, he undertook the daunting task of writing it all down in an engaging, easy-to-grasp style. Geoff uses a context of Five Timeless Principles: Listen Understand Connect Know …and a bonus to the LUCK acronym – Good LUCK I found his discussion of “Rigid Core … Flexible Edges” to particularly insightful. The book – which is aimed primarily at Sales Leaders – is, in fact, applicable to anyone whose responsibilities include nurturing business relationships and creating great, effective teams. Do yourself a favor… Listen carefully, then get your own copy of the book! <br /> The post Geoff Ables – Entrepreneur and Author appeared first on YPS Group.
Aug. 1, 2016
From “index cards in a box” through today’s most sophisticated CRM systems, Brian Garnder has seen – and lived – it all. He s the Founder and Lead Evangelist at SalesProcess360, and in a past life, he also founded Selltis, a CRM system designed for the industrial sales market. Recently, he did us all a favor and made the effort of distilling his 25 plus years focused on improvement of the sales process into a book. We talked about ROI from CRM in this discussion, including things like: Why is process so important? We can all actually get ROI from CRM??? Auditing the sales process Using “Leading Indicators” to ensure great results …and since, Brian’s a denizen of New Orleans, we finish with Lagniappe… Great stuff in this discussion. Listen, then go get a copy of the book! <br /> The post Brian Gardner of Sales Process 360 appeared first on YPS Group.
July 11, 2016
Jay McDonald knows a thing or two about leadership. He’s started, managed and sold companies, mentored slews of employees, advises CEOs, writes, speaks and freely shares his insights. In this first of a series on Leadership, Jay “dunks us into the unfiltered pool of reality.” Practical stuff like: Understanding your “Why” The Four Pillars of Leadership (Trust, Excellence, Prosperity & Enjoyment) How those four pillars inter-relate A laundry list of hints & tips learned the hard way – out in the trenches He also recommended some reading: <br />   Along with a TED Talk video <br /> <br /> The post Jay McDonald appeared first on YPS Group.
May 3, 2016
Need more quality leads? How about access to decision makers? Or more influence in your marketplace? Allison Graham of Elevate Biz has a few – actually more than just a few – thoughts on all of those topics. Not to mention a level of energy to take the concepts and make them real, working tools. Tune in for a rollicking conversation loaded with meaty content you can deploy now! The post Allison Graham of ElevateBiz appeared first on YPS Group.
Feb. 29, 2016
Who better to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of CRM systems, than a guy leading a team selling a CRM system! Dave Litzenberg, Vice President, Sales and Marketing with Tour de Force brings his unique perspective, along with 30 years in the field to the conversation. We addressed things like: The necessity of CRM Hints & tips regarding the CRM implementation process User adoption – Focus on it! Getting the reluctant high-performer to become a raving fan of the CRM Integrating all the pieces – CRM, Business Intelligence, ERP, Sales Analysis… The sets of skills needed for successful CRM implementation – the key roles How long till a sales leader sees a real impact on performance? A look into what’s coming in the future For me, Dave’s thoughts on leading a sales team and getting the most out of a CRM system were most interesting. Can you say, “Better Coaching?” Great stuff to think about and incorporate into your sales management process. The post Dave Litzenberg of Tour de Force appeared first on YPS Group.
Oct. 29, 2015
Cornell Wright, founder and principal of The Parker Wright Group, knows a thing or two about Customer Service. Having built a career with a passion for assisting clients who want to enhance their relationships with their clients through improved customer service, he’s worth listening to! Cornell provides a refreshing perspective that reflects deep thought placed into a pragmatic, day-to-day context. Some of the topics we discussed: The 4 Ps of the Rho Organization – Planning, Project Management, Program, Process Do skip any of the Rho steps! A remarkable LinedIn group – I Am A Receptionist The “Arc of Customer Service” Rethinking roles and responsibilities It’s probably well past time to re-think your approach to Customer Service! The post Customer Service at the “C-Level” appeared first on YPS Group.
Oct. 8, 2015
Frank Hurtte, Founder of River Heights Consulting has spent – literally – his entire life in distribution. He’s got a unique style and perspective on the industry. Be it Sales Process, Re-engineering, Selling Services, Strategic Planning or Customer Targeting, Frank’s got an opinion well worth hearing and thinking about. SHOW NOTES: Why selling services is actually easier than giving it away 20% of customers produce 200% of the gross margin (think about that…) Why sales professionals are so anxious to give away free stuff How to think about “Value Add” Strategic Planning – account by account – and why it’s vital Great, thought-provoking stuff! Get Frank’s book below, and look for his soon-to-be-released “Strategic Planning Account by Account.” <br /> The post Selling the value of added services appeared first on YPS Group.
Oct. 8, 2015
Michael Webb is one of a very few sales consultants with a broad, deep background in Lean and Six Sigma that also – as he often puts it – keeps a focus on making the B2B sales funnel flow faster. Mike is the Owner of Sales Performance Consultants and the author of two books; Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way and the recently released Sales Process Excellence. A few of the many topics we discussed:  Why is B2B revenue growth so hard? Why Systems Thinking is so critical How to get the whole company involved in the sales process Value vs. Waste Bad assumptions that sales managers make Lots and lots of food for thought and great suggestions for pragmatic follow-up actions. <br /> The post Sales Process Excellence appeared first on YPS Group.
Sept. 24, 2015
If you think the trade show is dead or dying, consider this… The economic impact of trade shows in the U.S. alone is $80 Billion annually. And that’s just what organizations are spending to conduct, exhibit at and attend trade shows. It does not count any of the sales that are made and/or advanced at the shows. Hear it straight from the President & CEO of the International Association of Exhibitions & Events, David DuBois. Among other things, we discuss: There have been 20 consecutive quarters of growth in the trade show industry no matter how you measure it What to do before, during and after a trade show to maximize your ROI 30% (30%!!!) of leads from trades shows never get followed-up What millennials think of trade shows This discussion will change the way you think about trade shows! To get the real inside scoop, consider a trip to Baltimore this December to attend Expo Expo. An Excellent Trade Show Display <br /> The post The Trade Show Selling Strategy appeared first on YPS Group.
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