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A comedic show that discusses and explores technology, world affairs, business, relationships and various other general topics that suffocate humanity! Fahad is a serial entrepreneur and writer who is always busy exploring new genres and tapping into new knowledge.
You can find me on www.fmahmad.com, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and other social media channels. You can tweet me @fmahmad88
37 episodes
since Dec, 2014


37. Why People Offend Or Get Offended

You may have been told that you are easily offended or easily offend others. It can be in the form of scapegoating, ad hominum attacks or defense mechanisms that may be provoking an emotional response. However, there are a lot of social dynamics at play when such a response takes place. In this podcast episode of Epic Tea Times, I dwell and ponder about various reasons why you may be offending others or getting offended by others. This could be abusive childhood, denial, strong connections, lack of self-ownership and various personality traits that may fly under your radar. Interestingly enough, there may be quite a personality overlap between the offended and the offender.  This podcast was live streamed on YouTube with new equipment and you'll notice a huge improvement in how it sounds! 
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