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Shapeways to Hurricane Sandy : You can't Stop the Makers!

As the media bombards us with cringe-worthy images of flooded subways and cranes dangling from skyscrapers from this week’s Hurricane Sandy, the Shapeways Tumblr has been reporting inspiring updates since their site went down due to the power outages. Needless to say…you cannot stop Makers! No Connectivity? No UPCs? No Problem! Hacking in a donated conference room at a local law office Barely even two weeks ago, Shapeways’ Factory of the Future opened up in Long Island City. Mayor Bloomberg was on hand to help cut the ribbon (with 3D printed scissors of course). Fortunately, the Factory of the Future was 100% unscathed by the storm according to first-on-the-scene Shapeways 3D Printing Engineer Gregory Dreisen: “First on the scene in LIC after biking around trees and debris, and am happy to report we are 100% untouched…servers and machines are powered back up, compressors have started pumping and music is blaring.” The full Shapeways Update as of October 31, 2012: We hope that all the other NYC Makers are safe and dry, too! The post Shapeways to Hurricane Sandy : You can't Stop the Makers! appeared first on SolidSmack.


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