This Idea Is Already Taken

By Keith Edwards & Christian Coulson

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Keith and Christian talk about tech and who knows what else.
April 14, 2015
In this podcast, Keith and Christian discuss their experience trying on the Apple Watch and discuss their thoughts about Apple's future challenges trying a fashion accessory.
March 28, 2015
In this podcast, Keith and Christian basically try to do a podcast while also using periscope. Show Notes: Four Horsemen of Tech
March 20, 2015
In this podcast, Keith and Christian discuss far out theories about our existence, some cool apps, and the future of tv. Show Notes:Are We Living in a Simulation?Research KitAlways Listening BarbieFirst Came AlphieApple TV Cable Service
March 13, 2015
In this podcast, Keith and Christian discuss the Apple Watch, one of their first tech experiences, the new MacBook, and their favorite apps of the week. Show Notes:MeerkatApple WatchGoogle Calendar for iPhoneThe New MacBookGold Plate Your Apple Watch
March 5, 2015
In this podcast, Christian and Keith discuss the imminent Apple Watch announcement, HBO Go's plans to stream, iPhone issues, Tinder Plus, and snow. Red More?Show Notes:Follow Our Twitter Account!Tinder's New AdHooks AppOneshot AppAmazon Headphones
Feb. 27, 2015
In this episode, Keith and Christian respond to your tweets, answer if that dress floating around the internet is black and blue or white and gold, and talk net neutrality. Here's that dress we were talking about, in case you somehow missed its image on the internet.
Feb. 20, 2015
In this podcast Keith and Christian discuss turning 30, what the podcast should be about, and the Apple's that NY Times article Keith mentions - Auto Team is Forming at Apple
Feb. 13, 2015
In this podcast Christian and Keith discuss the rumored Apple Car, Uber, and their thoughts on starting a podcast.
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