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The Facebook AnswerMan will answer all of your Facebook related questions! Please submit questions to the show to get them answered. Ask your questions at www.FacebookAnswerman.com
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Oct. 30, 2015
My yearly tribute to my dear friend Kyle Lake who was tragically killed in a freak accident while baptizing a member of his church. Please listen and share.
Oct. 30, 2014
Today I remember my friend Kyle Lake. Kyle died suddenly on October 30, 2005. He was a father, husband, son, pastor, friend and great guy.. Please listen and share.
Oct. 23, 2014
Recently the huge site Copyblogger decided to delete their Facebook page. While this is their decision for sure I think it's a huge mistake and I hope others don't follow their lead. This is more about poor management than a problem with Facebook.
May 22, 2014
I was following along with a post that Robert Scoble made about a musician friend bitching about the Facebook news feed and how no one saw his posts. Robert gives some amazing free advise on the post and I want to talk about it today. www.facebookanswerman.com
May 9, 2014
Today, May 9th is my birthday! 39..uggg.. In celebration I'm giving away a signed copy of Facebook All-In-One for Dummies! Listen to find out how.
May 1, 2014
Facebook's announcement about FB Newswire seems like a direct contraction from a previous statement they made about the newsfeed. .And I'm kinda pissed off!
April 23, 2014
Facebook made some recent changes to the news feed algorithm that might kill the newly popular "Timeline Contests".
April 3, 2014
Lots of people are complaining that Facebook is screwing businesses with all the changes to the news feed algorithm. Are they correct? Facebook, Facebook ads, Facebook news feed, Facebook posts
March 20, 2014
http://facebookanswerman.com/38 Page owners often complain that Facebook is dead, when the reach of their posts plummets. Fewer fans are seeing content from some businesses, and those companies are crying foul. They claim Facebook is out to get page owners by charging them money to show posts to more fans. For those complaining, I have this advice: Stop whining & do something about it! Complaints won’t get you anywhere. It’s time we all take control of our pages — and here are 9 ways to get your Facebook posts in front of more fans.
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