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Erin Blaskie Podcast
By Erin Blaskie
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Erin Blaskie shares her insight on social media, business, Internet marketing, entrepreneurship and more in this 5-minute or less podcast.
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Erin Blaskie Podcast

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Latest episodes
Jan. 26, 2011
In this episode of the podcast, I interview Stacy Karacostas on the subject of creating effective websites. In the interview, Stacy shares a few of her tips on creating a website that actually generates leads and makes sales. These days, while you can start a business without a website, it’s going to be very hard to grow it without one and you can’t just put up a basic brochure site and expect to get tons of business. In this interview, Stacy answers this question: what do you need to do to have a website that grows your business?
Jan. 19, 2011
I often get asked about blogging and how people can become more successful bloggers. Today’s podcast will explore a few blogging success concepts and the first one I want to start with is: Post Often. This episode explores more blogging success concepts.
Jan. 12, 2011
In the past six months, I have been approached by a few different companies who were interested in a barter agreement. You know, trading something for something as opposed to money for services, money for time, etc. I received a request recently that included a barter request. Since I have been receiving more and more of these requests, I wanted to open up the discussion around bartering. This episode explores bartering.
Jan. 5, 2011
Before you jump down my throat on the idea that industry certifications are b.s., I’m talking about these industry certifications that pop up whenever a trending or new industry is created. Ie: the virtual assistant certification program, the social media guru certification, etc. These certifications are complete BS depending on WHY you are doing the certification. This episode explores this concept.
Dec. 29, 2010
In this episode of the podcast, I interview Stacy Karacostas on the subject of choosing the best marketing tactics for your business. In the interview, Stacy shares a few of her tips for choosing the best marketing tactics for your business. These days, especially with the advent of social networking and online marketing, the options for marketing your business are practically endless. It can be really hard to know where you spend your time and money to get the best results. In this interview, Stacy shares a few tips to make marketing easier!
Dec. 22, 2010
One of the things I get asked often is, “Out of the people who follow you on Twitter, how do you determine who to follow back?” Prior to a few weeks ago, that answer was, “Everybody.” I had this notion that I would follow everyone who would follow me and then use lists to suss out who I really wanted to listen to versus those that I wanted to tune into sometimes. Unfortunately, that method turned out to be the incorrect path for me. This episode explores how to analyze people before following them on Twitter.
Dec. 15, 2010
Let’s first define what reactive and proactive mean. Reactive: adjective; 1. tending to react. 2. pertaining to or characterized by reaction. Proactive: adjective; serving to prepare for, intervene in, or control an expected occurrence or situation, esp. a negative or difficult one; anticipatory: proactive measures against crime. This episode explores what reactive and proactive entrepreneurs look like.
Dec. 8, 2010
I actually covered today’s topic in a blog post but it was so often referenced that I wanted to also cover it in the podcast to further explore this concept. The “If You Build It, They Will Come” Idea Most entrepreneurs freeze up at the point of having to sell their product and / or service. They have worked tirelessly on educating themselves about their industry, the skills they’ll need to service clients, product development, etc. but very few people think about what they will do when it comes time to stop working ON the business and turn to working IN the business. Learn more in this episode of our podcast.
Dec. 1, 2010
In this episode of the podcast, I answer the question: “What do you recommend people do to grow their Facebook and Twitter following?”
Nov. 24, 2010
In this episode of the podcast, I interview Stacy Karacostas on the subject of balancing business and life. In the interview, Stacy shares a few of her tips for getting control of your business life, so you can have more success and more fun! In the interview, I ask the question: what are a few of the big mistakes that entrepreneurs make that cause them to work ridiculous hours without really moving their businesses forward and what could they be doing differently? Stacy provides her insight.