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Missed that link or information while listening to Data Doctors Tech Tips on the radio? Catch up with us now! Data Doctors Tech Tips are one minute daily tips broadcast on radio stations in several markets - you can get the list at They are also available on demand or through a PodCast. The tips discusses various technical topics with NO GEEK SPEAK! Tech tips for non-tech people.
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Jan. 18, 2018
Search engines such as Google and Bing are helpful for getting to what we may be searching for, but in exchange, they gather lots of valuable marketing info as we use them.With all of today's privacy concerns, many of you may be looking for a more private way to search for things is a search tool that knows that people have a need for privacy at times and promotes what they call "the world's most private search engine".Most search engines will capture your IP address along with what you were searching for, any sites you may have come from and the links you clicked in the does not capture any of these items, but still gives you the results from the powerful Google search system.It's kind of like the Harry Potter 'invisibility cloak', because it provides a barrier to your details when you use it to generate search results.Check it out for yourself at
Jan. 17, 2018
If cyber-criminals can gain access to the e-mail app on your smartphone, it allows them to get password reset links sent from any of your online accounts back to your phone.Your smartphone is chock full of sensitive personal info that can make acquiring your sign-in credentials a snap, so anyone that hasn't setup the access passcode on their smartphones should do it immediately.Equally, if you plan on trading-in, selling or simply discarding any smartphone, it's critically important that you ensure that a factory reset is performed to wipe your personal info.Resetting your smartphone to its factory settings is simple to do through the 'Settings' menu.Android users that have an expansion micro SD card should be sure to remove or reformat it before the device leaves your possession.You should also remove the SIM card as well because it won't be of any value to the next user.If you need instructions on how to reset any smartphone, just search Google with the word 'reset' and the name of your device.For more instructions, go to:
Jan. 16, 2018
Making sure that you use long, complex password that is different on every online account is a crucial step to protecting yourself online.Trying to remember dozens of these complex passwords is going to be impossible, so it's important to use a password management program to help you stay safe these days.If you still haven't found management software program that works for you, here's another one to look at: http://RoboForm.comThe RoboForm system not only provides a solid password manager option but it also helps you fill forms online with your personal information, which is a big time saver for hardcore online shoppers.Another useful feature is the ability to use batch logins which will automatically open tabs and log you in to your commonly used sites, all with one click.Just like other password managers, after you get everything setup, you simply need to remember just the one main password for the Roboform account to safely access all your online accounts.The basic version is free and they also offer mobile apps at
Jan. 15, 2018
Tax preparation season is often referred to as 'Xmas for Crooks' because of all of the tax refund fraud scams that pop up during tax season.A common scam that's been increasing is filing fraudulent refunds because more than 70% of US tax returns are eligible for an average of almost $3,000 according the IRS.The growing scam is a form of tax related identity theft because criminals are making use of stolen social security numbers to file a tax return before the actual tax payer does.When it happens, not only will it result in spending a ton of time clearing up the fraud, it will also delay any refund checks due until after the mess has been cleaned up.The 2 actions everyone should take to minimize the chances of it happening to them is protect your SSN as best you can and when you know you are due a refund, be sure to file your taxes as quickly as you can every single year.
Jan. 14, 2018
In on a never ending quest for technology that enhances our lives and one of my favorites is a website called If This Then That or IFTTT for short.This amazing resource can help you put the Internet to work by creating something referred to as 'recipes' that will leverage various parts of your online accounts in a powerful way.For instance, you can leverage the recipe that automatically creates reminders on your phone when you star a message on Gmail or text your significant other when you are leaving your workplace.IFTTT can integrate with over 160 online services with an amazing library of recipes that were created by others members of the community.IFTTT also has apps for your mobile devices that allow you to use or create their recipes on the road.Anyone that's never heard about should add it to their to-do list of useful sites to help them be more productive!
Jan. 11, 2018
If you're like most people, you're watching a lot more video on the Internet these days.YouTube has over 6 billion hours of video being watched every month and is far and away to leader in the space.These days both businesses and individuals have found that having their own YouTube channel is a good thing to do.Businesses use video content to attract new customers every day and families can can use their channel both publicly and privately to share videos of those special moments captured in daily life.Unless you're tech savvy, getting started is often a bit intimidating, but in reality, it's pretty easy to get started.Google has put compiled a great resource that they're calling the YouTube Creator Academyto educate novices and viral video stars alike.You can be taught everything from getting started to '10 fundamentals' for creating a strategy for your business just by spending a few minutes a day when you can.The direct link is: https"//
Jan. 10, 2018
Many people have a built in alarm clock that can wake them up every morning with no trouble while many others struggle waking up no matter what they do.Anyone struggling should consider an alternative to the old-school snooze button to get you up in the morning.Several apps for your smartphone are available that allow you to turn off the alarm only after you have solved a puzzle or answered a mathematics question.The concept is to wake your cognitive skills to get involved in the process instead of simple motor skills that allow you to tap the snooze button.These puzzle alarm apps include the standard options of any alarm app which allows you to wake up to music or set multiple alarms or turn on the option of having to solve a puzzle in order to get the alarm to stop.iPhone users can try a free app called 'Morning Worm' which make that claim that 'you'll wake up the first time, every time'.Android users can try an app called Puzzle Alarm Clock, also free in the Google Play Store.If you're struggling to start your day on time, the links are:iPhone: http://www.morningworm.comAndroid:
Jan. 9, 2018
If you regularly travel for business or pleasure, you know about the hundreds of websites and apps that are attempting to guide you to your decisions.Virtually all of them are price driven sites with reviews from the general public, so they often may no reflect your preferred way to travel.One of my favorite goofy travel reviews was from a lady that complained about all the stairs to climb in a seaside European hill town! Clearly this lady wasn't very detail oriented with her travel planning.If you'd prefer travel tips and recommendations from people that think like you, visit course it contains all of the standard info on hotels, BnB rentals, restaurants along with things to do, but what makes it different is their use of Tribes.Tribes are groups of people with similar travel styles, so business travelers, thrill seekers, foodies or those on a budget will get feedback, suggestions and reviews from like-minded travelers.It's like hanging out with thousands of other avid travelers for their best tips and also has mobile apps to provide location-based tips when you're on the road.
Jan. 8, 2018
If you're a fan of the Android operating system on smartphones or tablets, you're probably the type of user that's interested in the tweaks and utilities that Android offers.If you're a tech savvy hands-on type of technical user that's familiar with the Windows file manager, there's a great app for you.The ES File Explorer app is one of the most popular Android utilities with millions of users that have downloaded it.ES File Explorer provides much of the functionality you're probably used to in Windows, including folders that can be cut, copied, pasted, moved, deleted, renamed and even 'multiple select' for much faster management.As with any tool on any operating system, when you don't know what something is, you should never delete it!ES File Explorer also integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive Sugarsync and some other well known online storage services, so transferring your files to the cloud is much simpler.The app also lets you manage applications, kill background tasks and delete junk files and also manages files on SD expansion cards.If you love tinkering with your Android smartphone, this app's for you.
Jan. 7, 2018
In my last tip, I explained why it's critical not to use the same password all over the Internet, but this invariably leads to a common question: How do I remember so many complicated passwords?The answer is simply 'you can't', which is why you should use some form of password manager so you can create long, secure passwords for each of your accounts.Password managers are all designed to create and manage your passwords for all your websites and devices in a very secure manner so all you have to remember is one password.They include password generators, auto form filling, encrypted storage, two-factor authentication and they easily integrate with your browsers & mobile devices.Password managers can be a bit complicated to get setup for non-techies, but once it is configured, they are easy to use.One of my favorites called LastPass which has a powerful free version.This security step is way too important to ignore, so if this is more than you can handle, get some help!