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By Tony Crider, Megan Conklin

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Faculty Tech Studio is a new project from a few faculty technology enthusiasts at Elon University. We host very (!) casual interviews with other faculty members about their challenges and successes using new technology in the classroom.
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Sept. 9, 2006
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The second Faculty Tech Studio is at 3pm Friday, September 8th in McMichael 115. There will be a reception following at the Holland House. (Directly across the street - could this BE any more convenient?!?) The recording portion tends to be 20-30 minutes, with a nice session afterwards at the Ho House for chat and discussion. This week's topic is blogging (w00t!), and our guests are:Ashley Holmes, Lecturer, EnglishPrudence Layne, Assistant Professor, EnglishWayne Conley, Multimedia Developer, IDDMany faculty members are using blogs in their teaching activities. There are two main ways that we have seen blogs being used in concert with other classroom technologies up until now:By faculty themselvesas a "faculty member home page"as a class home page, with comments to students, daily assignments, etcBy students, for regular in-class or out-of-class writing assignmentsOur questions this week focus on these and other uses of blogs for the college classroom. What about comments - when are they appropriate? Do students have concerns about their privacy? What sorts of writing work best with blogs? Is there a difference between high-stakes and low-stakes blogging assignments? What should a faculty member who is a veteran blogger know about the newest blogging tools? (And hey, should I be annoyed or thrilled about the new blogger beta?!?) On the flip side, what should a faculty member know if s/he is just getting started with blogging?Listen to the recording of this session, or subscribe to the podcast and be ultra-hip. Subscribe to Faculty Tech Studio or Listen Now
Aug. 15, 2006
Just kidding about that "menace" bit. That was just a shout-out to our 3 Star Wars fans out there. Ok, so this week we're discussing the PRS boom. PRS stands for "personal response system", also known as "audience response system" or simply, "the clickers".We'll be asking in-depth questions to 2 Elon faculty members about using these devices in classrooms:Kyle Altmann, Assistant Professor in the department of physics, and the A.L. Hook Emerging Professor of Science and Mathematics.Joel Karty, Assistant Professor in the department of chemistry, and author of The Nuts and Bolts of Organic Chemistry: A Student's Guide to Success.Listen to the recording of this session, or subscribe to the podcast and be ultra-hip. Subscribe to Faculty Tech Studio or Listen Now
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