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The artistic side of Amateur Radio is featured in this podcast. Expect to see videocasts along with audio programs covering many aspects of Amateur Radio.
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July 26, 2008
Determination of minimum discernable signal (MDS) and effective radiated power (ERP) for stations brought in for testing for the 2008 contest season.These stations are all 10GHz and up. 
March 19, 2007
No audio available for this episode
QSL Card Design Competition For the Hale Telescope Special Event Station June 2-3, 2007 The Palomar Amateur Radio Club invites you to participate in an Art Competition, organized on behalf of the amateur radio special event station celebrating the 59th anniversary of the dedication of the 200 inch Hale Telescope at Palomar Mountain. Entries will be judged for their artistic appeal as well as which one is best suited for use as a QSL card. A QSL card is confirmation of a communication between two amateur radio stations. A QSL card is the same size and made from the same material as a postcard (3.5 × 5.5 inches). Artists may submit up to 5 works of art in the following mediums: Paintings and drawings (oil, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, etc.), fine art prints (lithographs, etching, intaglio, wood cuts, etc.), giclées (Iris prints), photography, graphics, digitally generated art, sculpture, ceramics, glass, mosaics, textiles, crafts, functional art and other mixed media. Winning three-dimensional entries will be photographed for the QSL card. Winning two-dimensional entries that are not of the correct proportions will be reproduced and then cropped for the QSL card. The 200-inch (5.1 m) Hale Telescope (f/3.3) was one of the world's largest telescopes for 45 years (1948 - 1993). It is still an important scientific instrument and is used almost every night of the year in a wide variety of astronomical studies. The entries that best capture the artist's feeling toward, or relationship with, the Hale Telescope, or best portray the history of or an aspect of the history of the Hale Telescope, will be enthusiastically accepted for judging as well as displayed on the weekend of the special event station operation. Submitted artwork may be featured on the Palomar Amateur Radio Club website and on Palomar Mountain at various venues open to the public. The Board of Directors of the Palomar Amateur Radio Club will judge the entries. Prizes will be awarded to the winner and two runners-up. Submission address: W6P QSL ART 2007 5379 Carmel Knolls Drive San Diego, CA 92130
Nov. 8, 2006
Presentation at Palomar Amateur Radio Club by Mark Raptis, KF6WTN, on 1 November 2006 of a summary of TAPR's Digital Communications Conference.
April 14, 2006
No audio available for this episode
The ARRL Amateur Radio Creed.Our music today is Celebration, by Mark Heimonen.
April 4, 2006
This is the second segment from the "I've Got My License... Now What?" Series from Palomar Amateur Radio Club.Tuck Miller NZ6T talks about San Diego Section Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES).
March 23, 2006
This is the first segment from the "I've Got My License... Now What?" Series from Palomar Amateur Radio Club.Pat Bunsold WA6MHZ talks about the benefits of membership in the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).
March 22, 2006
This videocast is of an amateur radio repeater site in San Diego County, CA, USA. Photos of the site (by W5NYV) were taken in March 2006. The site was under two feet of snow with moderate-to-heavy snow load on the tower and antennas. The photos are set to a musical piece called "Snowfall" by the artist Rada.
March 22, 2006
This videocast presents photos of SuitSat-1, set to a beautiful space-themed song by Alexye Nov called "The Space Runaway (part 1)". SuitSat-1 audio recorded by Amateur Radio operator VE6BLD. Photos are from and NASA. Graphics are from Darkmatter's SuitSat-1 Blog.
March 22, 2006
A whirlwind tour of Amateur Radio and where to find out more information.
March 22, 2006
This PDF gives a whirlwind tour of what Amateur Radio is about and where to find more information about this wonderful hobby.

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