Sound Sausage

Sound Sausage
By Canadian Sound & Story Workshop
About this podcast
Sound Sausage is a show about the art of audio storytelling. Each episode features a piece by an independent producer, followed by a discussion of how it all came together.

A project of the Canadian Sound & Story Workshop, Sound Sausage is hosted by JP Davidson, Kelly Hardcastle Jones, and Sean Rasmussen. To have your piece featured on the show, drop us a line: [email protected]
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Sound Sausage

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Latest episodes
Nov. 14, 2014
Radio and podcasting aren’t the only venues for creative audio storytelling. Veronica Simmonds tells us how she successfully combined a... [Visit for show notes]
April 11, 2014
Chris Brookes got into radio to make a little grocery money, something his theater background wasn’t really providing at the time. In the decades... [Visit for show notes]
March 5, 2014
After years producing shows for CBC Radio and TVO, Jesse Brown has turned his unique voice, sense of humour, and journalism chops to independent... [Visit for show notes]
Jan. 13, 2014
This episode of Sound Sausage features a piece about a male nude model named Buck. Hosts Kelly Jones and Sean Rasmussen speak with guest producer... [Visit for show notes]
Dec. 10, 2013
In this episode of Sound Sausage we speak with Jeff Emtman about his piece Puke Quits Trainriding. Jeff brought his recorder along with him on an... [Visit for show notes]
Oct. 28, 2013
Episode 4 features a discussion with guest producer Brian Cauley, on the subject of designing the perfect intro for a podcast or radio show. Brian... [Visit for show notes]
Sept. 25, 2013
Episode three features a story by Sean Rasmussen. We talk about music choices, interviewing your friends, recording two people telling the same... [Visit for show notes]
Sept. 4, 2013
Episode 2 features producer JP Davidson’s radio doc Vape on the Lake,  about a Toronto lounge that lets customers smoke marijuana semi-legally.... [Visit for show notes]
Aug. 14, 2013
This week we hear and discuss a piece by Sound Sausage host Kelly Hardcastle Jones. Kelly’s great-uncle Hardy devoted his life to the space program,... [Visit for show notes]