Serpens - an extension for 'The Kepler Project'

By Michal Konrad Owsiak

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Did you ever thought about bringing GRID and HPC into Kepler workflow management system? With Serpens module it's quite easy. In this podcast you will be able to learn how to install Serpens module, how to use it, and how to benefit from GRID and HPC infrastructures within 'The Kepler Project'. In following episodes you will be guided how to build complex workflows within Kepler, how to use GRID and HPC infrastructures via Serpens module and how to extend Kepler functionality by developing your own actors. If you find this podcast interesting, follow as at
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Sept. 5, 1
This is a simple VI tutorial movie that presents basic features of VI. Soundtract is attributed to Scott Joplin - The Entertainer (1902, piano roll) under license: You can download example text file from following location: You are free to share this work, and mix this work. You should attribute this work in case you use it. You can't use it for commercial purposes. It is released under: license
March 9, 1
This movie shows an example of embedding Python script within Kepler. By doing so you can create actors ad hoc, without being forced to implement functionality in Java. Another benefite is that you don't have to even restart Kepler to get actor working. And you can still access Kepler related components thanks to Jython
Jan. 23, 1
This movie shows an example of loop building within Kepler 2.0. This is one of the most common structures you can find within Kepler 2.0 related workflows
Jan. 21, 1
This movie shows how you can show messages from different composite actors within the same display window. This is an advantage priori to Display actor. Display actor is not able to combine outputs from various composite actors.
Jan. 13, 1
This movie shows how to use Multiple Tab Display within Kepler
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