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By Derick Bailey, Charles Max Wood, John Sonmez, Josh Earl

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Get a fly-on-the-wall perspective from 4 developers turned entrepreneurs, as they struggle with the business and learn lessons the hard way. This is the weekly mastermind group of the entreprogrammers - a no holds barred, unedited look at what it really takes to be an entrepreneur.
0:15 We’re are live! Josh is talking about micro conf. Chuck talks about the Mac updated blues.  Chuck talks about how his podcast network is getting crazy recording podcast almost every day. Chuck talks about rearranging record time to fit them all in with his schedule.  Chuck talks about helping start an Elixir podcast.  4:00 Josh suggests recording bi-weekly or appearing on the shows bi-weekly. Josh thinks this will help him scales the network. Chuck talks about switching over to Zoom to record the shows, switch helps when he is not there to initiate the call recording. Chuck mentions that Digital Ocean an older sponsor is will to come back as a sponsor.  7:00 Chuck talks about prewriting some follow-up information for future sponsorship submissions. Chuck talks about getting a list of conferences lined up to attend. Chuck talks about how he was surprised about how one of his sponsors called to renew sponsorship. This means he needs a reminder or automation for renewals.  12:00 Chuck mentions all the tasks he was to line up for Michelle. Also, some reaching out to Ruby Kaigi for some collaboration. Also, Chuck mentions how some of the conferences are again renewing sponsorships. Chuck says this will help generate traffic for the podcasts.  18:00 Chuck talks about possibly renting out conference space in San Jose for upcoming conferences. If this does not work, he mentions he could always speak with the speakers. Josh again suggest reaching out to current sponsors about renewals 2 months before the sponsorship ends. Josh says the easiest money to get is from the current customers. Josh quickly mentions how Facebook is cracking down on their sponsorships.  24:00 Josh suggests newsletters as another avenue to sell sponsorship.  So more talk about email marketing and traffic generated. Josh mentions using Pretty links, to track clicks.  30:00 Josh mentions Peter Cooper and how he uses new letters to generate sponsorships. Chuck asked when Josh send out newsletters. Josh says this is a way to cross promote for Dev Chat Network. More talk about affiliate offers and promotions.  35:00 Mani mention going live with his Mediation product next week. Mani will be laughing at his list and YouTube audience.  Josh talks about damaging an upscale market. Mani and Josh discuss discounts on high priced products and closing the doors on a product. Josh suggests testing a discount with a small portion of the list.  40:00 Josh talks about price testing and bonuses. Mani talks about trying to figure out something to create urgency for the Mediation product. Chuck says he wants to get the affiliates to get back into hearing from him. Basically warming them back up to sponsor ideas and such.  50:00 Mani ask to look at the Alexa ranking website and figure what their (Fitness Company) revenue numbers are at? Josh gives his best ideas based on the numbers. Josh says the fitness market is super competitive. Josh talks about Facebook and paid traffic.  55:00 Mani talks about how this strategy is tailored for cold traffic, not the warmed up type of traffic. Josh talks about is mix up with John on created a memorial day sale.  Thoughts for the Week!  Josh -  Don’t take anything for granted, verify everything.  Mani - Talking it out and give clarity Chuck - Find a friend  
April 11, 2018
0:15 We’re live!   Josh talks about opening on EntreProgarmmers: Team Wolf Pack. One or two opening for  [email protected] . Great opportunity to join the mastermind podcasts. John talks about getting sick right before starting up his routine again. But he is back. Mani joke s that Chuck may have partied too hard in Vegas, that is why he is absent.  3:00 Josh asks for help on some marketing and advice on the current revenue slump. Josh provides some analytics from last year and this year comparisons. Josh and John talk about the short February month. Mani asks about the new WooCommerce shopping cart. Josh talks about the past shopping cart views and such.   9:00 Josh talks about the particular products that they are selling, but no sales on “How To Market Yourself” course. Josh talks about the many changes since January, like shopping carts, John stepping away, and other factors. Josh mentions the decline of sales with fewer emails sent out.   15:00 John mentions doing a flash sales of the How to Market Yourself course to test the waters. Josh talks about the clicks in September and currently in March, some 60-70 per day of click on the product page. John mentions the possibility of people trying to find a coupon code, but come across a pirated copy.  20:00 Josh says that they are not getting any emails of people trying to buy. So he is puzzled for where the issue may be. John suggests a browser change issues. Mani asks about more recent changes made to the shopping cart and websites for pinpointing the issue. Again, John suggests a sale for a fair price, to make sure there is nothing wrong with the sales funnel.   25:00 Josh thinks another slump might because this is tax season, and people are sitting on their wallets. Josh goes back to see the possible issues with the sales pages. John thinks the content is not stale, so there might be another unforeseen issue.   28:00 Josh asks John about the stepping down video if that had any impact on sales. John does not think so, or at least not this early. Josh talks about his outside promotions that may help with finding technical errors.  32:00 John and Josh agree on doing crowdsource sale, to figure out the issues. Josh and Mani discuss card abandonment. Chuck joins the call! Mani says if the sales page is the same, then the traffic is the problem. Mani asks about the email sequence and the email marketing strategy. Josh says he is going to research the traffic source and check the google ranking.  38:00 Josh talks about trying to do a sales to catch up on revenue and looking into the sales funnel. Mani looks and the WooCommerce cart and finds that total price of the course, rather than the monthly pricing. Mani asks questions about the 90-day guarantee and one year guarantee. Kind of confusing?   45:00 Mani suggests the split test with a guarantee. Josh thinks he is just going to put it back to a year. John suggests going back to Thrive Cart. Josh talks about changing out PayPal on the sales cart. Chuck suggest making a list of the things he is going to do, to keep track of changes.  50:00 Josh says re-adding PayPal is a pain, but he is going to do it. Mani suggests a money back guarantee button next to the add to cart. John talks about the bitcoin impact and losing money in the currency.   55:00 John says to book revenue is still good. Josh says the revenue is still the same but the slice of pie in the revenue graphs have changed. John mentions the refund request for the course because of the content in the book. Chuck says you can only take care of what is in your control with current sales situation. Mani talks about the cannibalizing sales from the book. Chuck suggests raising pricing on the book if sales are being cannibalized by the book.  1:00:00 Mani suggests doing a productivity product as a joke because of all the work Josh has to do for SEO and the changes to the sales page and shopping cart. Josh says he took up all the time on the show. 1:05:00 Chuck says to keep truck’n. Mani offers his Mental toughness course to Josh for support on the slump. Chuck suggest trying something different as well.    Thoughts of the week!  Josh -  Life if hard! 
April 4, 2018
0:15 Is Mani still having breakfast? Mani was asking about this past weeks promotion for Profitable Programmer. Predictions in progress. Josh reveals the clicks and conversions, and total revenue for the promotion around 30k. Josh talks about the ideal scenario for 50k profitability. 5:00 Josh talks about the clicks (3500) compared to Mani’s recent promotion. Josh says he is sticking to 2-day promotions.  Josh says 65% of the revenue comes in closer to the deadline. Mani talks about the clicks from a 2day compared to a 3day promotion. EntreProgrammers continue to discuss the marketing strategy and warming up the audience to buy. 10:00 Josh talks about testing, daily emails, and the working strategy that brings in sales. Josh talks about open rate on emails and reach. Josh refers back to the promotion on the Self Confidence course. Entreprogrammers discuss more marketing strategies with raising prices and up sales. John talks about impulse buys. 22:00 Josh talks about their failure on their Career Guide product. Josh talk about the 5 learning mistake lead magnet and doing more testing to see if they can still pull revenue from these less successful lead magnets. Josh and John talk about the misunderstanding about the free PDF or ebook. 29:00 Josh talks about the issues with a disabled sales button on WooCommerce. Mani asks for advice on the Focus at Will collaboration or promotion. John asks if Mani interviewed Steven Pressfield, about being a lazy fucker. Charles suggests life hacks as an up sale, most likely a boring ritual hack. 38:00 Josh suggests a bundle of other people products and splitting the revenue. Mani asks about Josh’s learning course. Mani rethinks the splitting of revenue with Simple Programmer. Josh suggests offering more products or up sales on Productivity. 45:00 Josh suggests a 1k product. Mani thinks a coaching call would help, but people don’t know him well enough yet. Mani talks about Russel Branson talking about selling similar products, so productivity might be to repetitive as a sale point. John suggests an entrepreneurial product, but Mani is not sure. Mani asks about Chuck’s email list. 50:00 Chuck talks about his recent React Dev Summit, and more talks about JavaScript Dev Summit. Chuck talks about the recent turnout and growing his list. Chuck mentions that he submitted the new podcasts wrong so they were not showing up on iTunes or the website. Chuck shares his screen and shows the podcast sponsorship planning page. Josh figures that Chucks is at a 30 percent production rate. Chuck mentions is back on the 12 week year and doing more reaching out to fill the sponsorship slots. 55:00 Chuck talks about ways to increase traffic to the podcasts. Mani suggests collaborations or getting out someone else’s podcasts. Mani thinks this will increase the podcast traffic by 20 percent. John suggests talking about getting on a podcast to talk about how he is running a podcast empire on tech podcasts. The Entreprogrammers discuss the different ways Chuck can increase traffic by getting out other podcasts as a guess to talks about how he runs the shows. 1:00:00 John suggests discounting the prices to fill the open slots as a way to fill the slots fast.  Josh suggests a use it or lose it space on the sponsor slots. Josh thinks with will recapture revenue. John says Chuck’s fill rates need to be a 75%. EntreProgrammers discuss how to fill the unused space for the episodes on Dev Chat TV. 1:07:00 Josh suggest getting in contact with someone about ad placement on filling the spots. Mani asks about companies the Chuck needs to approach that is already on his lists. Mani says this will increase revenue rather then listenership. More talk about getting out other podcasts and slowly growing the listenership and revenue. 1:11:00 John suggests offering to advertise to the biggest podcasts he can find to help one another or swapping advertising for the shows. Chuck talks about getting feedback about a junior developer or podcast, a community for those groups. Chuck talks about starting a junior developer club. 1:15:00 John suggests filling 75% inventory first before creating a new podcast. Mani asks about the number of goals for implementing the 12 week year. Josh suggest keeping in mind that 2/3 of the audience is established. Chuck talks about his plan of attack on all this advice. Thoughts for the Week!   Josh - “The decision to refund is made before the purchase is committed” Mani - People’s minds are not made up Chuck  - Masterminds and focus John - Stick to the plan!
March 28, 2018
0:15 We’re live. John jokes about being lazy and talks about hurting his shoulder. Josh talk about his wrist issue call “Mommy Thumb.” Josh talks about having to wear a cast or band to help rest and heal his thumb. Josh talks about ordering special ergonomic mouse to get through work. 3:00 Mani talks about he past issues he was experiencing with his hand and shoulders. Mani talks about his exercise to help his hands, surprisingly Mani talks about stretching his Hamstrings to help his back and shoulders. John suggests building up the quads. John mentions that he has to lay off lifting in order to recover. 9:00 John talks about 90 percent adherence rather than 100 percent. EntreProgrammers talks about the benefits of exercise but practicing it a safe manner to prevent injury. Mani talks about his new publishing pace with YouTube and collaborating with speakers. Mani talks about the viewer numbers when he does “colabs” rather than not. 14:00 John talks about watch time on Youtube and the value a channel provides to the views. John mention search volume and gaining subscriber-ship. John talks about the benefit of guess blogging or commenting on other people’s blog sites. Mani mentions plans to do a summary for Pat Flynn’s book. Mani and John talk about end cards and analytics. 21:00 More talk about how End Cards work and best practices and use cases. John and Josh joke about inserting their own cat videos as viewer lose interest in the videos. Mani suggests Reddit postings and how they should Reddit post there to get traffic. Mani calls Reddit the school of copywriting. 28:00 EntreProgrammers talks about posting videos about not giving a fuck about the Reddit police. Josh talks about be blacking list posting link on his own site. 30:00 Chuck talks about what he wants to do on YouTube. Chuck talks about what he learned about using YouTube in another coaching call he does. Chuck mention wanting to do 5 minutes videos a day on small developer topics, and a recap of episodes. Chuck talks about new hot ideas about growing the subscribers and incoming from sponsorships.  Most of these ideas are coming from trying out the  Alexa flash briefings. 35:00 Josh mentions that he should give it several months for this Flash Briefing tactic to take off. Chuck thinks that this will help other areas of the podcast to grow. Chuck mentions being elected as a chair of the local Republican party. Chuck talks about not having any time, while he has been taking care of his family. 40:00 Chuck mention Michelle talking over some areas and task that were on Chuck’s plate. John mentions talking to Flippa, and the market in buying online businesses. John talks about Flippa courses, and how to start a business and have Flippa sell it. 46:00 Josh mentions working with David, who he is taking Brian Deans marketing course. Josh talks about working with an SEO team to help him with a project. Josh mentions he needs help making a decision on doing a pilot project with this SEO team. 55:00 Chuck gives a suggestion on waiting till there is a payoff before taking on the team to do the SEO. John says the results and length of time till they see an ROI, but how long do they have to wait. 1:00:00 Josh says he could shape or have some sort of control and time to see if the SEO agency is worth the time to optimize site or project. More talks about how well this agency is known in the industry. Thoughts for the Week! John - 90 adherence! Josh - Being patient Chuck - If are not there, do something productive
March 21, 2018
0:15 We’re Live. Mani’s breakfast is in progress. Chuck mentions seeing politics on the TV behind Mani. Mani talks about going “whole hog” on YouTube and having some issues with production. Josh ask about the lengths of Mani’s videos. Mani describes the production process on his book summary videos. 4:45 Mani talks about the marketing tactics at Focus at Will. Mani mentions that John does on like the process. John says growing the company is better, that making money now. Josh mention two things Mani needs to do if thing works out well. Mani says this could grow his list and potential boost company growth. 10:00 Josh suggests retargeting to Mani and watching for specific growth numbers in order to determine the worthiness of marketing tactic. 15:00 John talks about doing a series of how to build an online business. Mani jokes about John stealing his product idea. John continues his process of creating these videos. Mani suggests that John coming on to his channel to include books in this video project. Josh asks about subscriber numbers for Mani and John’s channels. More talk about how company names help subscribers, rather than the person. Mani shares his subscriber numbers. 20:00 Josh shares that they have over 400 reviews on the new book. John talks about a one-star review that hurt the numbers. EntreProgrammers talks about Amazon review and how they may not be relevant later on as reviews grow. More talk about Amazon reviews and how they might work. 26:00 Josh talks about doing a Kindle 7-day Promotion for 99 cents. Josh talks but the sweet spot pricing for Kindle books. John talks about doing a YouTube video on thing people sent him as a joke. 31:00 Mani talks about how he is still getting Grant Cordone emails. John talks about getting a call from a medical marketing company for Viagra. John talks about his joking ways with this company. John talks about how they need to school Mani on his audio. 34:00 Chuck talks about assigning tasks in Asana for Michelle. Chuck talks more on the website update and people having issues with subscribing. Chuck talks about getting DMs and twitter messages about subscribing. Chuck about still being about to get things done even when he was sick. 39:00 Josh talks about an outreach program and learning new online marketing strategies. Josh continues with his project with backlinks. Josh talks about using PipeDrive. Josh talks about more backlinks and emails.  Josh and John discuss backlinks and emails on their website. John suggests other kinds of ways to do the links and mentioning production in their email. 50:00 Josh talks about reaching out and fixing broken links. Josh continues with looking deeper into these blogs sites and finding ways to add value. Josh goes on to talk about how he could build a list on content with these bloggers. Josh talks about ways these emails could not be spammy to the blogger. 55:00 Josh talks about how he could outsource this project and build a list at the same time. Josh says he is going to do the Clever Programmer affiliate deal. John talks about a potential issue with the people understanding the value of the product. 1:00:00 John talks about the Stack Overflow survey. John says he learned a new word “Genderqueer.” Thoughts for the Week Chuck - Planning and Coordination Josh - Create space for yourself to create John - Sometimes you can’t fight your nature Mani - Structure leads to freedom  
March 13, 2018
0:15 We’re Live! YouTube live discussion in progress.  EntreProgrammers attempt to do a live stream with chat. John talks about a how he an Chuck have a sickness to feel sick and eat junk food. Bad STDs according to Mani. John talks about his recovery strategy of resting a fasting.  6:45 John talks about learning new lessons when you get sick, and how to maintain without throwing your health down the drain. Mani takes John’ suggestion to do more videos per week. Mani talks about committing to doing two videos per week and do updates and announcements.  10:00 John talks about sending an F-U to Moscow. Chuck talks about how people are approaching him about starting new shows, possible new shows starting in the next few months. Mani talks about how he can do more videos, regardless of lighting and equipment.  15:00 Mani’s voices his concern with quality. John talks about how to start out with video recording and keeping up with consistency. Chuck talks about how he knows a friend who records his podcasts from the car, because the content is more important, compared to the quality.  20:00 EntreProgrammers talk about podcast production ahead of time for the month. EntreProgrammer talks about strategies for war or crude behavior on videos. Mani talks about meeting with someone who knew his podcasts. Mani talks about getting invited to speak at Podfest.  25:00 Chuck talks about releasing the new Vue and React podcasts, during an update on the website. So there were some issues with subscribing and listening. Chuck talks about using the Smart Play podcast to listen to shows on the website.  Chuck talks about the new features on the podcast page.  30:00 Chuck continues with details about the podcast page update. Chuck talk about an update for the course and delaying recording because he was sick. Also more on automation on test coding process. Chuck talks about going to an upcoming Meetup Event in Denver.  35:00 Mani mentions to Josh that they need to do another promotion. Chuck mentions that he could probably help sell some of Mani’s products on his network.  40:00 Josh talks about doing one more affiliate offer and working with another programmer who does Python. Josh talks about the many different features of this particular course, and how he wants to do a launch. John talks about further discounting the product.  45:00 Josh talks about testing with internal backlinks and doing outreach with a particular product. Josh mentions doing some cold call for the first time. Josh goes into the time it takes to finish the testing and other kinds of extra detailed tasks to make these backlinks work properly.  50:00 Mani suggests a cold call video tool Bonjour . Mani explains how the tool is connected. More talk about how the tool works.  Josh talks about keywords and marketing tactics for their current products. Also some info on long tail keywords.  1:00:00 Josh talks about moving EntreProgrammers over and talks about teams sets up for invoicing and keeping account separate but easily payable. More talk about traffic and funnels.  1:05:00 Josh mentions generating urgency and doing promotions. Josh gives example with the interview cake promotion.    Thoughts for the Week Chuck - Look back at what you accomplished  Josh - Figure when the extra effort is going to pay-off  John -  Riding the horse is fine, being dragged by the horse is bad  Mani - Free content!
March 6, 2018
0:15 We’re Live. EnterProgarmmers joke about why there was no episode lates week. John talks about the Grant Cardone event last week. John mention it was a motivational rant. John talks about some interesting things they heard. But it was really for the younger generation looking to become entrepreneurial.  5:00 Mani talks about some other events they’ve attended. John talks mention an event for influencers and brands selling their product via YouTubers. Chuck mentions he is not charging enough for sponsorships. Mani mentions CPM numbers. John mentions a strategy that is similar to Chuck’s podcast sponsorship, which confirms that Chuck is headed in the right directions with his podcasting network.  12:00 Chuck shares his screen and talks but how he runs his sponsorship slots. Chuck mentions getting somewhat depressed and did not have motivation. Chuck said he is thankful he did not blow anything up. Chuck talks about having to take care of his father more closely. Chuck says his family thinks he is retired because runs his business from home.  17:00 Chuck is redoing the video for a Job course. Chuck mentions he can’t wait to get to work with Josh about selling/marketing a course on How To Get A Job course. Chuck gives a rundown on the different topics this course will cover for those in the job market.  21:00 Josh talks about being contacted by the person who run the Clever Programmer.  John says he is going a great job growing his network and audience. John talks about being sick. Mani says John needs to wear a jacket. 26:00 Mani talks about people trying to take down he business. Mani mentions being contacted by an attorney about copyright infringement. Mani talks about writing an email about how is was not an infringement. John talks about him an Mani doing some research on the attorney and making some changes on their strategy to make amends and defuse the situation. Chuck joke about a course on flattery.  30:00 Mani mentions things he could do to avoid more situations like this. John talks about making a case and praising the person will make light of the situation. John says, the bigger the ego, the more they can be flattered. 40:00 Josh talks but some issues with Thrive Cart. Mani asks about the pitch on a recent product. Josh talks about an example promotion with the book last year. John talks some email course information or analytics. Josh says that their customers don’t buy anything without creating urgency.  45:00 Josh explain some of the analytics of the promotion products or courses. Josh talks about increasing the blog traffic last week. Josh talks about indexing and correcting pretty links to increase these traffic numbers.  53:00 Josh continues with other sources of traffic and pushing other ways to increase. Josh talks about signing up for Brian Deans course. Josh talks about interesting research on this topic of outreach.  1:00:00 More talks about Brian Deans course and backlinks. Josh talks about sharing the course info with their content writer. More talk on outreach and responsiveness of the customers. John says no matter what people say about SEO, it still comes back to backlinks. John talks about his strategy to gain traffic when building Simple Programmer.  1:07:00 Josh talks about wanting to take the top 10 posts. Josh mentions working on some Dev Ops stuff and cleaning up. Chuck ask about the cost of the course and planning his next 12 weeks.  Thoughts for the Week!  John - Be persistent at the wide scale..  Chuck -  You are going to hit a wall.. but you can get through it Josh - Negative values…cut the bottom 20 percent. Mani - Learn to negotiate 
Feb. 21, 2018
0:15 We’re Live! Mani is eating his mic and eating his iPad. Technical issues. Josh mentions to not having luck with bluetooth headphones. John comments on how the EntreProgrammer Sub-Group are above 50 episodes.  Josh mentions that the Seal Team rung the bell and tapped out this past week.  5:00 EntreProgrammers joke of retinal branding as Mani’s logo is bright on the eyes. Chuck mention starting two new podcasts this pass week, podcast on Vue and React. Chuck mentions the frenzy on the new shows. Mani asks if Chuck is going to  hire people to run the show.  Chuck explains the logistics of how the podcasts work. Chuck talks about the Rev Share he does with some of the people  on the shows.  8:00 Chuck explains how he pays people who run the podcasts. Chuck talks about working to get a bigger presents on Youtube. So good camera equipment is important. Chuck talks about working with his Business Coach  and working with first graders and moon landing technology.  15:00 Chuck talks about working with one of his employees who does the reach out for conferences. Also, he is trying to find time to figure out what to do with the CES video soon. Chuck is going to be doing a talk soon. EntreProgrammers talk about BlockChain and BitCoin.  22:00 Josh mentions breaking everything this week. Also Josh has transfer everything to the WooCommerce site. So all the products are in a new store.  SimpleProgrammer.com/store.  Josh talks about transition to the new site, and all frustrations he encountered. 26:00 Josh mention moving all the products in one day, but his is having to fix the “one click” button plugin. Chuck asks, about the t shirts. Chuck mentions that he likes the store and might want to move to something like this. Chuck ask question about the fulfillment or ship station that sells and ships the t-shirts. Josh explains how the plugin works to help fill the t shirt sales.  30:00 Josh talks about the issues he had with digital deliver with Thrive cart. Josh explain that he had to send DropBox links to retrieve the digital products.  37:00 Mani ask Josh about promotions he would like to do next. Mani ask about topics and timelines for the upcoming projects. Josh explain that they need a impulse buy type of product to hook the customer. Josh talks about a few topics that could help build this product.  41:00 John explains the object to the product, that include information on the books Mani could use for this product. EntreProgrammer talks about ideas for marketing for Mani’s product. Mani ask about doing a course type product rather than a book summary. Josh thinks that doing more summaries, the list will get know him better before a bigger promotion.  50:00 John talks about up selling, down selling affiliate programs.  Josh talks about LinkedIn courses and all the question he got.  Mani ask more abut information on the LinkedIn project.  59:00 Josh talks about having to become John or John’s character for these upcoming project in order to sell the products.  John talks about interview Pat Flynn recently on YouTube.  Thoughts for the Week Mani - Keep the momentum with the customer when you have it!  John - Embrace contradictions  Chuck - Having a weekly routine… Josh - How cyclical thing can be… refunds   
Feb. 14, 2018
0:15 We’re live! Chuck having technical difficulties. Discussion n progress with the Mental Toughness project. There is testing, testing, and more testing. EntreProgrammers talk about the marketing strategies for this new project, price testing and checking the number of sales.  5:00 Josh explains marketing tactics. John explains the promotion of the Bulldog mindset course along with the Mental Toughness project. Josh talk about the sells that took place during the promotion.  9:00 John explains more on the marketing analytics, conversion, and the emails sent to the list. John and Mani joke about the 9 dollar product price. Mani talks about creating a subset of the product. Josh talks about the product he can possibly sell, but the cheaper 5-9 dollar products will sell as a promotional tactic.  15:00 Mani, John, and Josh talk about Interview Cake. John mentions reading the Predictably Irrational book because of the interesting price setting topics. Josh mentioned that he is tapped out on writing promotions. Josh talks about strategies he has put out from John’s book.  24:00 Josh talks about a possible new course about how to get a job, and statics on interested and disinterested customers on promotions. Otherwise selling to a very small group which might not be worth the time. John asks about growing product sales after a long flatline.  30:00 Josh mention working with Podia, but needed to get some direction. Josh jokes about John being very knowledgeable about the numbers for someone who is not involved in the business anymore. Josh talks about having issues with permalinks.  37:00 Chuck talks about turning off caching on his podcast website because of a similar issue. Chuck talks about his recent trips to conferences and encountering bad rooms and bad internet.  40:00 Chuck talks about have done 20-30 recording at NG Atlanta for podcast purposes and youtube. Chuck shows the progress in his new PodWrench application and his plans on how this will eventually work with productions and placing sponsors.  47:00 Chuck explain how inviting and placing new sponsor will work. Mani asks about listenership, and download numbers. Mani asks a question about CPM and pricing and how the sponsor slots work. More talk on CPM.  56:00 Josh jokes about Baba, and how this new system is great for his business. Chuck talks about the evolving process with PodWrench and upcoming plans for the system. John and Josh say that PodWrench can be a great SAAS business soon.  1:00:00 Chuck talks about the different stages to move the application along. Chuck says PodWrench is not ready for the public, but it is getting there. Chuck talks about the different areas this sponsorship process can possibly fill for other podcasters. Chuck says this could turn him into a marketing agency for the podcast as this project grows.  1:05:00 Josh says this would be a great platform for marketing.  Thoughts for the Week John - Just hang in there!  Chuck - Take the breather  Josh - Treat you affiliate like gold  Mani - Understanding numbers  
Feb. 6, 2018
0:15 Chuck joke about his glare and Mani is in a detention room. Josh talks about his wireless 8lb headset. The EntreProgrammers talk about the wireless headphones and the troubles with the AirPods. John jokes that Josh electronic trouble because he is like Powder. 5:00 Mani talks about his recent price increase with his product and research on keywords for branding proposes. Mani talks about change or rebranding based on Confidence and Mental Toughness keywords. John gives feedback on a book What Doesn’t Kill Us. 9:00 John talks about doing an AB test on the titles to see what does better. Josh suggest base on YouTube content. Chuck talks about long tail searches base on titles and words. Mani talks about the issues with titling Mental Toughness and Self Confidence. Mani asks John what he would like to use as a title, Mental Toughness. Josh, John, and Mani plan their attack with the upcoming product. 15:00 John talks about doing an interview with the founder of Quest Nutrition, Tom Bilyeu. John talks about Tom’s Youtube channel, Impact Theory. John and Mani talk about the net worth of the company and other details. John talks about trying to get Tye Lopez on the show… 20:00 John talks about the myth of Facebook advertising. John says show him a profitable Facebook ad. The EntreProgarmmer talk about finding someone who has profitable Facebook Ads. Josh talks about selling low price products verse high price product on platforms like Facebook. 25:00 The EntreProgrammer talk about webinars and facebook marketing. Also some talk about paid traffic. John talks about what profitable Facebook ads should look like. 30:00 Josh talks about the blog update in Simple Programmer. Looks like the numbers have increased and ranking boost. Josh talks about the traffic on their blog posts and the guest posting numbers. Mani ask a question about posts from 2016. John talks about guests post and numbers reached last year. 35:00 John talks about pruning some posts to increase the numbers. Chuck talks about his visit at NG Atlanta. Chuck talks about doing an interview on Youtube and podcasts. Chuck talks about how is camera does not have an audio input.  Mani suggests recording the video with a phone and having audio hookups. 40:00 Chuck says his Social Media person quit. Also, some work with Dropbox cleanup and moving files around to get organized. Josh chimes back in with numbers from last years traffic. Josh talks about the editorial team for the blog posts. 45:00 Josh talk about testing out the articles. Josh talks about doing keyword optimization and backlinking. John talks about the strategy with backlinks and getting some coaching on the topic. 53:00 Chuck talks about getting some big name for the first episode of the Vue Podcast Thoughts of the Week! John - Make sure you remind yourself of things that nullify your goals  Josh - Believe there is a solution! Chuck - Building Systems! Mani - Understanding the customer journey!

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