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Packet Pushers - Fat Pipe
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Feb. 16, 2018
We explore real-world SD-WAN use cases, including service chaining and SaaS performance improvement, with sponsor Silver Peak in our latest Weekly Show podcast. The post Show 377: SD-WAN Use Cases With Silver Peak (Sponsored) appeared first on Packet Pushers.
Feb. 15, 2018
On today's Priority Queue we talk with AT&T about its dNOS project: an open source network OS the company hopes will become a standard platform for white boxes and spur new applications and tools. The post PQ 139: Why AT&T Is Building An Open Source Network OS appeared first on Packet Pushers.
Feb. 14, 2018
The term 'Machine Learning' is being sprinkled over IT marketing materials like magic dust. The Datanauts get to what s real in ML with guest Vivian Zhang. The post Datanauts 121: A Professor Takes Us To Machine Learning School appeared first on Packet Pushers.
Feb. 12, 2018
Today's Network Break dives into Cisco security patches and discusses new products from Talari, ExtraHop & Apstra, plus more tech news. The post Network Break 171: Cisco Issues Critical Patches; Vendors Launch New Products appeared first on Packet Pushers.
Feb. 9, 2018
How did MPLS get its start, and why was it created the way it was? Today on the Packet Pushers we dive into the creation of MPLS with some of the engineers who were there. The post Show 376: How Did MPLS Get Its Start? appeared first on Packet Pushers.
Feb. 8, 2018
Today's Priority Queue delves into Open vSwitch with guest Ben Pfaff, an Open vSwitch contributor for the past ten years. The post PQ 138: Inside Open vSwitch appeared first on Packet Pushers.
Feb. 7, 2018
Today the Datanauts explore the worlds of consulting and VARs, and their customer focus areas, including data center transformation and certifications. Our guests are Jason Nash and Josh Coen. The post Datanauts 120: Data Center Transformation, Certifications & Consulting appeared first on Packet Pushers.
Feb. 5, 2018
The Network Break analyzes Broadcom open-sourcing its SDK, Cisco announces a container platform & other new products, Dell considers an IPO & more. Eyvonne Sharp is our guest. The post Network Break 170: Broadcom Opens SDK; Cisco Launches Container Platform appeared first on Packet Pushers.
Feb. 2, 2018
Today's entry the Packet Pushers' Design & Build series focuses on DDoS mitigation strategies. Our guests are Rich Groves and Eric Chou. The post Show 375: Design & Build 14: DDoS Mitigation appeared first on Packet Pushers.
Jan. 31, 2018
The Datanauts dive into the notion of the full stack engineer--an IT pro who can work across every layer of the infrastructure. Our guest is Tom Vachon. The post Datanauts 119: Is The Full Stack Engineer A Myth? appeared first on Packet Pushers.