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Datanauts 142: Cloud-First Networking With Big Switch Networks (Sponsored)

You ve got your traditional on-premises network. You know how it works. Lots of manual configuration and ticket-y stuff to get the job done when someone needs something. And then you ve got your cloud network. You don t worry about that one as much. The devs provision what they need automatically, hitting APIs as they go, and you keep tabs on things from a watchful distance, helping out as needed. What if you could operate your on-premises network like you do your public cloud network? What if your hybrid cloud was operationally consistent? Today on the Datanauts, sponsor Big Switch Networks makes some pretty big hybrid cloud networking announcements, and we quiz them on the why and how. Our guest is Kyle Forster, founder of Big Switch. We talk about Big Switch’s new products, including the ability to create an on-premises VPC within Big Switch’s data center fabric. The goal is to provide the same operational constructs within your own data center as you’d get in a public cloud like AWS, Azure, or Google. Show Links: Big Switch Networks Big Switch Labs Multi-Cloud Director Tech Demo Big Cloud Fabric-Public Cloud Tech Demo Big Switch Networks on Twitter Big Switch Networks on LinkedIn Kyle Forster on LinkedIn Big Switch is hiring. Check out opportunities here. The post Datanauts 142: Cloud-First Networking With Big Switch Networks (Sponsored) appeared first on Packet Pushers.
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