Disrupt This!

Disrupt This!
By Michael Wolf, Carlos Rodela & Matt Ruby
About this podcast
The world of technology is at once amazing, ridiculous, bizarre and funny. We explore all of these sides in one podcast by looking at the lighter side of the tech and startup world.Or as we might say if our podcast were a startup, it's a disruptive, scalable platform for organic and artisanal laughs about technology.Including Carlos Rodela (VideoGameBreak podcast), Matt Ruby (Vooza), and Michael Wolf (NextMarket).
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Michael Wolf

Carlos Rodela

Matt Ruby

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Latest episodes
July 2, 2014
This is the beta release of the Disrupt This! podcast. Be advised that this release does have some bugs, which we are currently considering making permanent features.Please sign up for future releases of this podcast on iTunes. You can also give us a good review if you are feeling generous. If you do, we will consider naming one of our next podcast releases after you, unless your name includes Freakonomics or This American Life, which would make doing so unadvisable for copyright reasons.You can find us on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/disrupt-this!/id893407446You can also get free updates to this podcast via Twitter from any one of your hosts, who are Carlos Rodela, Matt Ruby and Michael Wolf.You can find Carlos on Twitter at https://twitter.com/onawaYou can find Matt on Twitter at https://twitter.com/mattrubyYou can find Mike on Twitter at https://twitter.com/michaelwolf
June 25, 2014
We're releasing our first podcast episode into alpha.  If you want to be an alpha tester for this new disruptive podcast episode, please download it.  We warn you, this episode may contain both code and jokes that break your computer.  You can find the show online at http://shoutengine.com/DisruptThis/Your hosts for this episode are Carlos Rodela, Michael Wolf and Matt Ruby.