For Such A Time As This, Inc

For Such A Time As This, Inc
By Abner Suarez
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Abners deepest desire is to spend eternity pursuing the knowledge of G-d. From a place of friendship with G-d, the ministry of For Such A Time As This, Inc. was birthed. This ministry assignment has taken Abner throughout the United States and the nations ministering in various settings and streams in the body of Christ. Abner’s ministry is marked with the proclamation of the Kingdom of G-d, resulting in life changing encounters with the Holy Spirit. These life changing encounters bring lasting change to individuals, churches, and regions.
This present move of G-d has brought Abner into an ongoing understanding of the current reformation taking place in the Church. Abner has set his heart to be one of many that G-d is raising up in the earth to herald the message of Church reformation that results in societal reformation. The ultimate goal is to fulfill G-d’s desire to raise up a people that live out the greatest commandment and fill the earth with a knowledge of G-d’s glory. It is for this purpose that For Such A Time As This, Inc. exists. It is a ministry with a multi-faceted vision to bring reformation in the Church and societal transformation in the nations of the world.
Abner Suarez is the founder and President of For Such A Time As This, Inc. He is an ordained minister with the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening under the leadership of Randy Clark. He holds both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degree from Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina.
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