Lifemark: A Made For TV Podcast

Lifemark: A Made For TV Podcast
By Stephanie Stone-Robb
About this podcast
Two friends (plus occasional guest) watch the best and worst that Lifetime Network and Hallmark Channel have to offer.
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Dec. 8, 2017
No, not THAT Home for the Holidays.  You mean you haven't heard of the 1972 ABC Made For TV Movie starring Jessica Walter, Sally Field and Walter Brennan?  Well now you have.  Its kinda like that other Home For The Holidays but like real 70's and real murdery.  We might have found our new favorite Christmas movie.
Nov. 25, 2017
Michelle and Stephanie take a moment to talk about some things they are thankful for.  Mostly its food and British Comedy.  So relax, put on your eatin' pants, curl up with some leftovers and find out some of Stephanie and Michelle's favorite things.
Nov. 10, 2017
We know its November.  We know Christmas is 6 weeks away.  Do we care? No.  Christmas is officially on here at Lifemark studios.  This week, we watched Window Wonderland.  It has Naomi Judd who is absolute perfection.  And department store windows which are decidedly less perfect.
Oct. 27, 2017
Happy Halloween, Lifemarkers! Michelle totally pulled a trick when making Stephanie watch this movie.  Its like the necco wafers of Halloween movies.   We watched the Disney Original Movie Don't Look Under The Bed. Also, Steph and Michelle try to figure out the physics behind the Boogie Man, Beautiful Mind like.
Oct. 13, 2017
Happy Shocktober, boys and ghouls!  Ready to get scared?  There is a whole lot of murder in this week's movie, Ten: Murder Island.  Sadly, there's not a lot of plot.  But there IS a lot of strobe lights, so we'll call this one even.
Sept. 29, 2017
Stephanie's fear of teenagers is confirmed with this week's movie, Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal  Michelle takes us through all our options when it comes to Cheerleader magazines.  Also we find out that cheerleader magazines are a thing.
Sept. 15, 2017
Michelle and Stephanie are back.  Hallmark Movies are back.  Sorrento Farms is back.  That's right! It's the sequel to Autumn in the Vineyard, Summer in the Vineyard.  We catch up with Frankie and Nate and check in on that llama, Mittens.  Also, Stephanie nearly died at a museum this week and Michelle learns about tacos.
Aug. 31, 2017
This film has 200% more Phoenixes than any other movie we've watched.  Plus 100% more servings of cottage cheese.  This is Backwards: The Riddle of Dyslexia starting River and Joaquin Phoenix
Aug. 17, 2017
It's a movie where Sharon from Grease 2 becomes a kleptomaniac.  Thats most of what you need to know before watching Portrait of a Teenage Shoplifter.  Michelle and Stephanie also come clean about the things they stole as teens.
Aug. 11, 2017
What happens when a bunch of teens become Nazi's for like 4 days?  Things get real intense in The Wave from 1981.