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Eurotrash Security Podcast is a European focused information security podcast designed as a counterpoint to the myriad of North American infoSec podcasts present in the industry.

Eurotrash is a technical podcast with a casual atmosphere (and often a tint of the NSFW).

** Several episodes are missing from the listing here due to copyright reasons. These can be access using the "Old Skool Eurotrash Episodes" link
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Dec. 17, 2014
Eurotrash Episode 50: The happy ending
Sept. 11, 2014
We talk to Marisa Fagan from Bugcrowd about the upcoming "Bug Bash" events at OWASP AppSec USA and BruCON More information about the AppSec USA 2014 "Bug Bash" can be found here --> More information about the BruCON "Bug Bash" can be found here -->
Sept. 9, 2014
Eurotrash Episode 49: Browser Hackers Handbook Section 1: Intro/Announcements 1) BruCON is coming up! 2) BSides Vienna CFP → Section 2: Interview This time around we talk to Michele Orrù (a.k.a antisnatchor) about the Browser Hackers Handbook and BeEF Section 3: News 1) Microsoft say give up on complex passwords.. ok, they not saying don’t use complex passwords but there are more things to worry about to secure the passwords. 2) Virgin did block swear words in their password list.. why should they block swear words.. does this mean they aren’t hashing them and they could offend sysadmin guys. The words seem to be gone now.. but you can see them here: 3) UK police say they can’t cope with online fraud. 4) Microsoft defies court order. Will not give emails to US Government 5) Popping Shell on Oculus Developer Portal 6) VirusTotal mess means YOU TOO can track Comment Crew! Section 4: TOOL of the week 1) BeEF → I likes me some meat! 2) CNN expert reports 4chan as a person.. and recommends using complex password.. like pa$$word!! Section 5: Feedback Please leave feedback and support the show… Ways to show support: Email us feedback/questions/deaththreats [email protected] Leave comments on the Soundcloud page for this episode Rate us on iTunes (5 stars is appreciated, but 4.9 stars will do) Tweet us @eurotrashsecurity or hashtag #eurotrashsec If you have suggestions for future episodes/guests or have topics you want covered please email us else the feedback section of the show is gonna be really boring ;)
Sept. 5, 2014
Microtrash 37 ::: A talk with Renè from DeepSec

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