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July 26, 2012 · transcript
In this spotlight interview excerpt, Patrick Schwerdtfeger, an expert in modern entrepreneurship, online branding, and the social media revolution, discusses his winning formula for social media success and his newest book Marketing Secrets for the Self-Employed. Learn more about Patrick here.
June 25, 2012
Jackie Lapin is the founder of Conscious Media Relations and the acclaimed Conscious Media Relations Radio Media Tour, which offers authors, speakers and coaches to an exclusive proprietary list of 2000+ personal development radio shows seeking compelling guests.
March 27, 2012
Is organizational culture just a New Age obsession that distracts us from the real work of business? What role do values play in organizational success? David discusses his new book Fundamentally Different.
March 4, 2012
She has written several articles for various online magazines, and two novels--Day of Revenge and To be Maria. Day of Revenge was released by Inkwater Press in September 2010. Her own publicist for Day of Revenge, she shares what she learnt about Book promotion, and gives listeners examples of what worked for her: radio interviews and guest blogging.
Feb. 9, 2012
Sue Porter- Sue has gone from being a homemaker and home-school mom to a Corporate Trainer and Executive Coach. Her career has been full of divinely inspired adventures. In fact, with ONE finely honed skill she found herself launched into unbelievable opportunities, giving her the title The “Accidental Leader”.
Feb. 2, 2012
author of the new e-book entitled "The Best Way to Overcome the Number 1 Cause of Overwhelm among Women Solopreneurs" and will give a free copy to anyone who schedules a free, 20-minute consultation with me to discuss how they can create a plan to get rid of their overwhelm. Offer good for up to a week after the interview airs.
Jan. 20, 2012
CPA, Carol Topp shares tips and considerations for every solopreneur. Learn what you should be doing and what you shouldn't to prepare for 2012.
Oct. 31, 2011
How do we identify the lies in business?
Oct. 31, 2011
Discover the difference in being in business for yourself but not by yourself
Oct. 31, 2011
The JZ Method to find affiliates
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