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An E-cast is a live, single or multiple sponsor event used to educate engineers, programmers, and other industry professionals about a particular product, service, or technology. Each podcast consists of a 45-minute presentation and 15-minute interactive Q&A session.
E-casts are moderated by a member of the OpenSystems Media editorial staff or a industry recognized guest moderator. Our E-casts are moderated to keep the event interesting, informative, and technically relevant.
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Oct. 27, 200
What's coming down the road, what to expect and what is just a myth? This will cover where things will go including 4d printing, conductive materials, bionic applications, accessible metal printing, true mass customization and if there will ever be a 3d printer in every home. You'll walk away with some ideas on what to look out for in technological advancements and how you can put yourself in a position to take advantage of these coming advancements.Presented by: Stratasys<p><i>Speaker(s): Jim Snodgrass (Technical Training Manager, Cimquest)</p>
Oct. 27, 200 · transcript
The business case for IoT is often driven by the value of data being generated by hundreds or thousands of field devices. An extension of business operations into a customer, often located far away, these health of these devices directly impacts the entire system. As device manufacturers and IoT system developers evaluate IoT Platforms, a well-defined device management strategy is a vital aspect of overall program success.Presented by: Wind River<p><i>Speaker(s): TBD (TBD, TBD)</p>
Oct. 27, 200
This Webinar review MontaVista's GENIVI Compliant Automotive Technology Platform and discuss opportunities around Mobile Consumer Applications, create specific look and feel to your solution, add world class security to protect vital telematics functions from potential hacking via the infotainment environment, and much more. Presented by: MontaVista
Oct. 27, 200
Freescale, Curtiss Wright and Wind River have partnered together in the development of high performance and secure platforms that solve the Size, Weight and Power issues facing the Aerospace and Defense industry. Learn how the combined roadmaps of these three companies, now and into the future, deliver cost effective and power efficient off-the-shelf COTS solutions for the demanding military application. Presented by: Curtiss Wright, Freescale, Wind River
Oct. 26, 200
Analytics is one of the most compelling components of an Internet of Things strategy. Where you perform the analytics activities are also vitally important. You might be dealing with terabytes or even petabytes of data streaming from hundreds of sophisticated machines in your IoT ecosystem. Pushing all of that data to a centralized analytics process in a data center or the cloud might be impractical or even impossible.Presented by: PTC, ABI Research<p><i>Speaker(s): Dan Shey (Managing Director and Vice President, ABI Research); Chris MacDonald (PTC)</p>
Oct. 26, 200
Advanced processes and practices that show the value of 3d printing as a process and production aide. We will discuss the more cutting edge applications, who is advancing these methods and why? Also we will explore the less complex but most impactful applications being used in industry. This will help you understand what is possible when you start to really dive into how the technologies can be used.Presented by: Stratasys<p><i>Speaker(s): Jim Snodgrass (Technical Training Manager, Cimquest)</p>
Oct. 26, 200
Military and ISR operations are inundated with vast amounts of data collected from an expanding network of sources, including sensor data from UAS, satellites, and remote monitoring stations. To address the challenge of providing the most advanced technology for military applications, COTS suppliers are redesigning systems from the ground up and extending the capability of commercial components. A new breed of ruggedized servers designed to use COTS motherboards offers a versatile platform that can keep up with complex and ever increasing processing demands. Presented by: Z Microsystems
Oct. 26, 200
The time and cost required to integrate tactical applications like combat, unmanned and ISR systems is traditionally much higher than for conventional enterprise applications. This is because custom integration approaches have been required to satisfy their demanding performance, reliability and resource requirements. As a result, as systems evolve, they become increasingly stovepipe, brittle and expensive to maintain. Presented by: Real-Time Innovations, Inc.<p><i>Speaker(s): Edwin de Jong (Director of Product Management and Strategy, RTI.) </p>
Oct. 26, 200
This seminar compares the benefits of SMP and distributed architectures as implemented for different types of processors. Developers and innovators who require embedded multiprocessing solutions can benefit from this seminar, which will present: (1) The ease of use and code portability of SMP architectures, (2) A comparison of solutions using the Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor to other processors based on X86 and PowerPC instruction set architectures, and (3) A look at future implementations expected to bring embedded server solutions to harsh environments requiring rugged formats.Presented by: Mercury Computer Systems<p><i>Speaker(s): Richard Jaenicke, Technology Integration Director, Mercury Computer Systems </p>
Oct. 25, 200
Developing an in-car architecture is perhaps the greatest technical risk for any company starting an Autonomous Car program. Selection of architecture is a long-term decision that must last for a decade or more and impacts performance, features and cost. With this major investment in the development of new, complex software for a connected and autonomous car, how are automotive companies to choose the right path forward? Presented by: RTI<p><i>Speaker(s): Bob Leigh (Director of New Markets, RTI); Thomas Bloor (Automotive Business Development Manager, QNX Software Systems)</p>

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