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This is the official podcasts of Thinkerbox Games; a Third Year Games Development Team from The University of Salford located in Greater Manchester, UK.
These podcasts are recorded whenever we have the time during the development of our projects and will discuss mostly anything and totally unedited.
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May 12, 2010
Well this is it and after a few attempts for me to get a piece of audio recording software up and running, it is ready. The Final Episode of the Thinkerbox Games - Podcasts. I hope you enjoy this episode with all Team Members and due to popular demand; it has been extended to over the hour mark so get ready for some drinks. Thanks for listening to the podcasts and I hope you enjoy the various conversations of this finale. ENJOY AND PLEASE LISTEN TILL THE END. You will be rewarded :)
May 5, 2010
Hello People; how are you all today. Well this episode is the penultimate episode of the Thinkerbox Games Podcast and we are all preparing for the end of development. I know people will miss us when we are gone, but you still have this episode and the next to tide you over. There will just be more news in this episode and some info on what is to come next week. Hope you all enjoy :)
April 29, 2010
Hello People; I hope that you are all well and enjoying this fantastic Week of Spring Weather we have been enjoying here in Manchester. This episode of the Podcast is a small update of what is happening with the development of the product as well as what will be happening within the Last Two Weeks of the Project. Keep on watching people; also Episode 16 has appeared to have been taken down for some reason but this will be updated as soon as possible
April 21, 2010
Hello People; once again Thinkerbox Games has created another piece of Audio for your IPod or personal Media Device which for this Episode simply Updates our Progress on the Project as well as a piece of Sad News at the end. Only Three More Episodes and the Thinkerbox Games Podcast will cease recording; so I hope your all ready for that one (I'm going to have to write a script) We Hope you enjoy and see you next week
April 14, 2010
Hello People; welcome to the 14th Episode of the Thinkerbox Games Podcast. Only a few pieces of Infomation this week plus me establishing some rules for something on Facebook. Enjoy
March 31, 2010
Well; this is a long time coming but I can finally reveal the new sounding Thinkerbox Games Podcast. Now please excuse this as it is a work in progress into the Podcasting world and I hope people like it compared to the latter episodes. Also I would like to thank for their DMC Track which I have used for the Podcast theme and I would like to spread the work of their great site in this little message bar. I hope you like this format and look forward to the next episode
March 17, 2010
Hello There. It is Luke Bale; talking to you again before the Easter Break from the University. Well; this episode of the podcast discusses what will be happening with the game over Easter and how the team is doing as well. Also; there is a proposition to all the listeners of the podcast if they would like to do so. WARNING: there are a few moments in the podcast where the audio jumps for some reason; this was where my Crap Microphone was playing up but it will be refined for the next episode. Promise.
March 10, 2010
Hello People; well it's that time of the week again, another episode of the podcast has landed in your ITunes folder ready for a listen. Well this episode I talk about the BETA Preparations of the Team and where we are going to go from the current point of production. This episode is dedicated to all the CVG Students (Past and Present) who download this amateur attempt at creating a podcast. (Few Mentions; MEG, ANDY HOLT, CHRIS and STE RHODES) - Hope you enjoy :)
March 3, 2010
Hey People; tonight's offering of Audio content from Thinkerbox Games is the ALPHA special and will talk about what is happening with the game's ALPHA and what will be happening next. DISCLAIMER: This is the 4th recording of this episode as the new microphone which was given to me has been playing up again; Sorry. Also I do say err a lot in this episode for some reason and I am not sure why as I followed the script :(
Feb. 24, 2010
Episode Nine is once again scripted and has been recorded on my day off using my new microphone (OH YEAH). This episode of the podcast is my personal summery of the project so far which I talk about how I feel the project has progressed and how I think it will end. I also talk about my personal method of Project Management and a few bits of information for next year's third years (if you are listening) and details of the next episode - the ALPHA Special. Cheers and see you in the next episode
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