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20 - How To Be An Outsourcing All Star

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In this episode James Mackay gives insights into becoming an Outsourcing All Star.  Check out to sign up for The Free Outsourcing 101 Course that includes 15 video tutorials and much more!  Welcome and congratulations!  I am James Mackay and I have been your host through the past 20 episodes of this, the Outsourcing 101 Course Podcast.  I am glad you have been able to join me for the journey.  We’ve discussed a lot of different topics and I hope by now you have the confidence to move forward. Today we’re going to have some fun. I am going to open the curtains to Outsourcing All Stars and we’ll go for a tour.  I’m going to give you a personal, inside look at the world’s number outsourcing community in the world.  This is the place for outsourcers who want to start, grow and live the life of their dreams by buying time in an incredibly powerful way. And we have an incredible video walkthrough of Outsourcing All Stars on the outsourcing101course.  So if you haven’t already, sign up for that free course and take your video walkthrough of All Stars to see everything we have to offer – all the ways it can help and improve your outsourcing journey in so many ways. But you know, we are going to make the most of this audio tour because audio is powerful and audio is revealing.  I’m excited to share with you the components of Outsourcing All Stars. Component number one is the in-depth, everything-you-need-to-know “college for outsourcing”.  I have gone through and created six special modules that you can follow step-by-step to really master the art of outsourcing.  This is more than a course. There are dozens of video tutorials in the 6 different modules.  You can follow them through one by one and then go back and refer to them whenever you need to or whenever you want to. We have tutorials for beginners who are looking to start and launch their outsourcing journey. We have tutorials for intermediates who are looking to develop their outsourcing experience – these are the people who are serious about being more effective and efficient with getting things done. And we have video tutorials for experts who are looking to really take outsourcing to the next level by creating income streams through outsourced projects. The good news is you can enter as a beginner and progress your way through.  And experts can refine their skills and learn intricate details. I have made all the mistakes in the book.  You don’t have to.  Watch the video tutorials and skip my mistakes – you could take months if not years off getting your projects completed. If you think you need some kind of tutorial, then we have it.  There are dozens of videos and we add more and more. Component number 2 will blow you away.  In our resources section you will get access to my templates.  My samples.  My working docs.  Literally thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours have gone into developing these resource docs.  These are my own documents that I have developed over the years, including: Non disclosure agreements Assignment of rights agreement Job advertisements for all different types of freelancers Interview questions Letters – oh man, all sorts of letters! Cash flow forecast Roles and responsibilities matrix The list, my friends, goes on and on and on. There’s even a list of all the different software and services I use and have used so you don’t have to go hunting around blindly on the internet.  Everything you could or will need is listed in this section This resources section is packed full of every kind of document you could want – all available for use, whenever you need them. Also included is a Frequently Asked Questions section where you can read through different questions raised by outsourcers just like you.  And, of course, you can post your own questions there and I will try to respond ASAP.  The goal, of course, is to sort out your difficulties so you can make the most of outsourcing and get out of it what you need – easily, and profitably.  This is an incredibly powerful section with some answers to some phenomenal questions And so, in summation, Outsourcing All Stars is the number one community for outsourcers in-the-world for a very specific reason: It’s the best.  It has so much content, everything you need, a step by step layout so you can join at whatever stage you’re at in your outsourcing journey. I take so much pride in Outsourcing All Stars and you will see the absolutely awesome onboarding process where we will hold your hand as you get started all the way through to the end. Now if you think that this sounds like a community that you want to be a part of, now is the time my friends because we are always increasing the price to reflect the value within and we are always increasing the value within.  So the price of Outsourcing All Stars will never be lower than it is today – that is a pledge. When you join Outsourcing All Stars you will be joining for the lowest price possible and you will be gaining long-term access because plans are afoot to transition in the future to a monthly recurring model.  But right now you can join All Stars with one simple click of the button. So go to – this is our secret page only for people who have subscribed to the podcast or signed up for the Outsourcing 101 Course. you can see all the information I just chat about and then join Outsourcing All Stars.  And I’m here with open arms, excited to welcome you to the All Star family.  And now, I can tell you are absolutely ready to take your outsourcing to the highest possible level so you can buy time by paying other people to do work you can’t do, don’t want to do or shouldn’t be doing.  Once you fine tune your outsourcing processes you’ll be able to shape the lifestyle you want:  You’ll have extra time on your hands so you can use those extra hours to further develop your project.  Or, you could shape your life so you have freelancers running your business, generating passive income for you while you sit on a beach drinking coconut water. Whatever your choice, you just have to get started.
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