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May 30, 2009
This post demonstrates a conditional formatting trick to change the border color of a FileMaker object. Spoiler alert: there is no border. iPod Download (1.2 MB) Download ConditionalBorders.zip
Nov. 9, 2008
This post demonstrates how to reorder multiple fields and scripts using the following keyboard shortcuts: Command (on a Mac)/Control (on a PC), with the up and down arrows. iPod Download (2.0 MB) Download ReorderFieldsAndScripts.zip
Aug. 10, 2008
iPod Download (2.6 MB)
Aug. 9, 2008
This post demonstrates how to use the Fake Name Generator to generate fake data for your real FileMaker databases. Beginners will also learn how to import Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into FileMaker. iPod Download (8.2 MB) Fake Name Generator website Download FakeNameGenerator.zip
July 30, 2008
This post demonstrates how to integrate Large Type functionality into your FileMaker Pro database using Quicksilver. For those who have never poked around in Apple’s Address Book, clicking on a phone number type (work, home, etc.) pulls up a list of options, one of which is Large Type. Think big numbers across the screen for easy viewing and dialing. Quicksilver’s Large Type functionality is accessed via an AppleScript that has been embedded in a custom function. Filemaker Pro Advanced is required to view the custom function. iPod Download (11.5 MB) Quicksilver website Quicksilver tutorials Download LargeType.zip
July 12, 2008
This post demonstrates how to integrate the Growl notification system for Mac OS X with your FileMaker Pro Database. Growl notifications are called via an AppleScript that has been formatted into a custom function. FileMaker Pro Advanced is required to view the custom function. These notifications can be used whenever you want to alert a user without requiring his or her interaction. iPod Download (18.5 MB) Growl website Download Growl.zip
July 2, 2008
Since the zippScript plugin is no longer available for download, the sample file included in this demo now uses the 360Works ScriptMaster plugin. You however, are free to use any script-triggering plugin you choose. (2009.03.22) This post demonstrates how to create Google-style page results in dynamically-sized FileMaker portals. As you will see, all it takes is a few local variables, a layout object with conditional formatting, and the zippScript ScriptMaster plugin for it to work. The sample file can be found below the video. One thing I did not mention in the video (but you will soon see) is how fast this solution works. As you are watching, keep in mind that this was recorded on an iBook G4. The solution practically pages itself on newer hardware. \o/ iPod download (15.6 MB)  zippScript website ScriptMaster website  Download ResizePagedData.zip