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Oct. 2, 2015
The programme shows how Russian Society is completely different from the West. According to Journalists, Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan, authors of the Red Web, the majority of it's citizens have never really understood the concept of democracy. No committee decisions in Russia:- the Top Man had always decided everything. And in order to maintain power, Social Network users and the Internet are closely monitored. Anything that looks like dissent can lead you to prison for a few years to intimidate others. And forget about the rule of Law. In the absence of any detailed legal framework, disputes which once used to be solved by the Russian Mafia are now taken to the new Godfathers in Russia, The Police and the Security Services. According to Soldatov and Borogan, this had led to widespread corruption in which owners of businesses are jailed so whole enterprises can be taken over. The Red Web is a really interesting insight into Russia today
Sept. 14, 2015
Immigrants who come from a different culture from Europe and who have a religious belief that frowns on the liberal values of Europe are flocking to Europe in their Millions   Will these people ever integrate fully into European Society or will the new Radical Islam encourage them to start a struggle to replace European Values and beliefs with values from their own religion.   Yuri Barrack, a Ukrainian political commentator living in Germany, gives us his overview of why the current influx is unsustainable and how it will lead to conflict and civil war   His message:- Europe has seen no war for 60 years and is too soft to understand the determination of Radical Islam to use Immigration to hide terrorists and put pressure on Europe to abandon it's liberal traditions in favour of Islamic Traditions.   This broadcast asks the questions everyone is currently avoiding for the sake of political correctness
Aug. 14, 2015
Professor Richard Aldrich gives us a personal insight into how GCHQ,in various guises, has been defending Britain's interests for over 100 years.   We hear of the difficulties and the successes of the intelligence services from the Cold War to the present day   How the Strategic Direction of Intelligence policy is controlled. and how the phenomenal growth of the Internet and Globalisation since 1990 has eliminated physical and virtual Borders leaving gaps in the seams for the bad guys to operate   We hear in some detail of the damage caused by Edward Snowden who, in revealing details of classified United States government surveillance programs,also dragged GCHQ's activities into the public eye.   We visit the very near future where there will be an internet of things and where our very infrastructure will be venerable to external cyber attacks and how GCHQ is working behind the scenes to advise, influence and strengthen security protectionon privately owned systems.
Aug. 8, 2015
When the Titanic sank in April 1912, Halifax Nova Scotia became the last resting place for many of the passengers who perished and were hauled out of the freezing Atlantic by the cable ship Mackay-Bennett .Recorded on location in Halifax Nova Scotia, we hear first-hand from members of the Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada on how Titanic has impacted on this naval and shipping port on Canada's Eastern SeaboardWe hear from Warren Ervine, the last surviving 1st generation relative to those lost on that fateful night.We hear how his Uncle was responsible for keeping the lights on as the ship started her final plunge to the bottom of the Atlantic.James Somers tells us of the slowly dawning realisation on the citizens of Halifax that they were responsible creating the last resting place for the frozen bodies now piled high on the waterfront.David LeBlanc relates how the richest man in the world at the time was brought ashore crushed by the plunging of one of the Titanic's funnels and how 20% of the World's wealth changed hands on that fateful nightWe hear too from Deanna (Dee) Ryan-Meister how the grave of the unknown child had to be exhumed 90 years later to prove its true identityDr Henrietta Mann tells us how she discovered the bacteria that is eating away at the hull of the Titanic as she lies on the bottom of the sea and how much longer before nothing remains of this, once proud ship.
June 13, 2015
Dan Pitchford tells listeners his life as a 26 year old bomb disposal officer in Iraq and Afghanistan. We hear about training methods and the types of bombs he has had to defuse ranging from from old Civil War Cannon Balls to Cluster Bombs under war conditions We hear about defusing nuclear devices, to the hazards of dealing with dirty bombs containing radioactive or biological material. Dan tells listeners, exactly what it feels like to dress up in The Bomb Suit to put himself and his men in harms way. This is a rare insight into what it is like to repeatedly stand in the doorway between life and death
May 14, 2015
A Banksy mural has been the source of a considerable amount of drama since it first appeared on a house in Cheltenham the home of GCHQ. The mural shows three government secret agents quietly spying on various phone conversations. It has been subjected to several acts of vandalism, workmen had to be prevented from removing the part of the wall on which it sits and there have been rumours that it was due to be shipped to the USA. It also has been the subject of a vigorous public debate with promises of private and public money to purchase the mural and the building for the town all coming to nothing. Now David Posse, owner of the building on which the Banksy has now been listed, has agreed, for the first time, to give his side of the story. In an exclusive interview with Terry Mechan, he tells how Banksy has turned his life into a nightmare and reveals the intrigue surrounding attempts to list the Banksy over his head.
April 14, 2015
If you think you are in charge of your Life; forget it You are controlled by 3 billion chemical instructions located in every cell of your body, your Master Blueprint, your Genome, your DNA We have no idea how most of these instructions work, alone or in conjunction with other instructions, to build you, maintain you , influence your behaviour, thoughts and actions and eventually dispose of you.1400 scientists at the Sanger Research Institute are scanning and cataloguing individual parts of your DNA instruction set (sequences) into one of the largest computers on the planet.Anybody anywhere in the world can freely access this information and use it for experiments into building new cells, healthy or otherwise.In this programme, we visit the Sanger Institute and question three scientists and ask what they are doing, how and why they are doing it and what it means us as we go about our daily business
Feb. 14, 2015
The UK Atomic Energy Authority have created temperatures hotter than the Sun inside two buildings here on Earth.They are trying to create stars on Earth to reproduce the nuclear forces at work in the sun.They will use these forces to run Power Stations and the fuel will come from mostly from sea-water and will be virtually unlimited.But when and, if it's so good, why haven't we done it yet? Find out in this facinating investigation recorded live at UK Atomic Cenre for Fusion Energy
Jan. 19, 2015
Brand New Insight into the UK Space Agency, Britain's answer to NASA. We hear how the Agency is at the cutting edge of the British Space Industry Management How the British Government has given 60 Million Pounds to help design and build the engines for the new British Space Shuttle known as Skylon Based on the SABRE Rocket/Jet engine invented and built by Alan Bond of Reaction Engines, we hear how Skylon will take payloads into Space daily using conventional take off and landing methods. We hear how the Space Agency is helping British Industry map the stars and land a probe on a moving comet. We ask how the UK will avoid her usual trick of inventing the technology and then losing it to America or other countries.
Jan. 18, 2015
Huntington's disease is a rare inherited condition that damages certain nerve cells in the brain. The brain damage gets progressively worse over time and can affect movement, cognition (perception, awareness, thinking, judgement) and behaviour. Early features can include personality changes, mood swings, fidgety movements, irritability and altered behaviour   In this programme, Carol Dutton, a Charity Worker for the Huntington's Disease Association tells us about the illness and how she goes about supporting people with the disease.   We hear how it affects families and we ask why support is not funded by the NHS instead of them relying on charity workers.   We find out why she became a charity worker looking after families with Huntington's disease and how families cope with her help with the disease which eventually leads to death of the patient   We hear first hand how the Government welfare cuts have impacted on sufferers of Huntington's disease.    She tells of sufferers with terminal illness having to visit food banks and how people who shake and can’t speak are expected to go before an assessment panel in order to get a Personal Independence Payment (the successor to Disability living allowance) as their only means of income

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