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Paul, still in Corinth, is conspired against by the unbelieving Jews. He is accused of starting a new religion and is brought before the proconsul, Gallio. Gallo sees Christianity as just another sect of Judaism, thus validating Christianity. 
Jan. 14, 2018
Paul heads to Corinth - the Sin City of Bible times. He is comforted by the Lord to continue evangelizing even though his message is not always well received. 
Jan. 7, 2018
Last year, our theme was new beginnings. And we saw a lot of them. But after every new beginning, you must take your next steps. What do these "Next Steps" look like for our church?
Jan. 5, 2018
As we enter into the new year, we must look forward and quit focusing behind us.
Dec. 31, 2017
Are we living life looking in the rearview mirror? Or are we pressing on and living in the call of Christ Jesus?
Dec. 30, 2017
Have we truly welcomed Jesus into our lives?
Dec. 24, 2017
Merry CHRISTmas! Today we celebrate God giving the gift of his son to the World. God has given you other gifts as well: spiritual gifts. Have you unwrapped them and used them? Or are they still under the tree?
Dec. 17, 2017
Where do Christmas traditions come from? Are they simply that? Traditions? Or are there deeper meanings tied to Christ?
Dec. 10, 2017
Throughout the Bible, we see strong examples ofleader submitting to the authority of God. From Moses to King Josiah, what made these men Godly leaders?
Dec. 3, 2017
In the book of Lamentations, Jeremiah sees much to grieve over. But in the midst of all the mess of the world, he is reminded of the faithfulness of the Lord.