Dirty Boxers (Video Edition)

Dirty Boxers (Video Edition)
By Leigh Brown
About this podcast
A show all about a students' personal journey while going to university in Cambridge, UK. Talking about gadgets, gizmos, technology, scouting, and well as dealing with depression. (Hmm... What a mix!)

The Dirty Boxers Podcast is a daily show that covers everything and nothing important from the mad world around us in an entertaining, tongue-in-cheek type-manner. With random rants about silly little things, weird news, pointless reviews and made-up historical facts; you’ll be scratching your head wondering why this vast quantity of awesomeness isn’t available on a TV / Radio station near you…

Presented by Leigh Brown (who is the Saviour of Podcasting) with the occasional ‘special’ guests; the Dirty Boxers Podcast is a beautiful, shiny and generally happy show which is available as a handy and helpful MP3 [And NOW video] for your pleasure and download.

Why not be manly and check out one of the shows below… And if you like it, check out how you can subscribe to the show here to ensure you do not miss out an episode of this truly award-winning* show.

*If we could be bothered to find an award that we’d want to win!
(For now, Leigh has earned a Gold Swimming Award Certificate enabling him to be able to tread water in pyjamas for up to 20 minutes… Which to be honest, is the real award that EVERYONE wants to have!)
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Latest episodes
Aug. 22, 2011
It be Monday… Oh what a RUBBISH weekend… Rant about work, two-faced people and general freaks of the world. We also talk about: Fat Ho Burgers owner defends controversial name, Susanne Eman wants to be the world’s fattest woman, PLUS of course your top 5 geeky news!
Aug. 19, 2011
It be Friday… And on today’s show we flap about: Britons drink 5,800 pints in a lifetime, Cut carbon emissions or aliens may attack Earth scientists warn, Robber wearing pants on his head on the run from police in Dallas Texas [image 1 | video 1], Man-Candy from Laz, PLUS of course your top 5 […]
Aug. 18, 2011
It be Thursday… On today’s slightly mental show, we talk about Hitler as a girl [from book “Secret Weapons: Technology, Science And The Race To Win World War II by Professor Brian Ford“], Justin Bieber Way, World’s weirdest driving laws guide published, Restaurant serves lobster salad without any lobster, Man drives 1400 miles to buy $1000 of […]
Aug. 16, 2011
It be Tuesday… On today’s show, we talk about: Former inmate arrested for breaking into jail, Construction worker survives four-inch nail being fired into his brain, Mayor places 20-tonne ‘birthday rock’ on ex-wife’s driveway, Brazil prison hires geese for extra security and Man takes out adverts against advertising… PLUS of course your top 5 geeky […]
Aug. 15, 2011
It be Monday… On today’s so we catch up with Uncle Pete from the Emma and Pete Show about his 2 week challenge. We also discuss how Leigh is doing with giving up smoking, Feedback from Mr R Russdale, Internet Famous, YouTube ‘Creators Playbook’, a moist and naked World record attempt, Gnomes with guns take […]
Aug. 12, 2011
It be Friday… On today’s saucy BUMPER show we talk about: Armed robber tried to steal sandwich, Doughnut cashier caught offering sexual services, Porn shoot spotted by New York executive, Channel 4 apologises for David Cameron ‘w**ks’ typo, Boy’s stolen wallet returned after writing letter, One ‘L’ of a manoeuvre, Pensioner’s amazing morning work-out, Gran splashes out on boob […]
Aug. 10, 2011
It be Wednesday… Leigh is NOT in a great mood, as he is trying to give up smoking. A rant about the Nicorette Patches as well as trying out the NiQuitin “Mint” Lozenges. Feedback from TXTbone, The Dirty Boxers Store is now open, Wacky racer taken off road, Trucker gets that sinking feeling, Russia’s raunchy […]
Aug. 9, 2011
It be Tuesday… After trying to ignore it for the past few days, we talk about the riots happening across the UK including London, Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol. We would like to hear your thoughts about the UK Riots – please contact us! We also talk about Paul getting married, Wedding Proposals with dancing carrots […]
Aug. 8, 2011
It be Monday… Welcome to ‘Season 2’ of Dirty Boxers – did you miss us? After the week at CamJam Scout Jamboree, Leigh is back with a ‘proper’ show (slightly high on caffeine). On today’s spanky show: Scarborough B&B Perving, Funny story about West Suffolk Hospital, Feedback from JT from ‘Geek Squared Podcast‘, Starhyke now on […]
July 29, 2011
It be Friday… Welcome to the last episode of ‘Season 1’. Leigh is taking a week off to go to Scout Camp, but he will be still updating you with ‘mini’ shows via Audioboo’s from camp (about 3 a day, which have been nicknamed ‘Dirty Boxers Lites‘). He’ll be using his iPhone 3G and an […]