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Feb. 15, 2018
Download Episode 164Subscribe To Our Video on YouTube, iTunes, RSS!------Huawei Mate10 Pro Review Skip the fake reviews on BestBuy, we've got a real review of Huawei's $800 Mate10 Pro, from the performance of its twin cameras (a 20MP monochrome and 12 MP RGB camera), massive 4000 mAh battery, screen quality, and how it compares to Google's Pixel 2 and other flagship Android smart phones! Western Digital’s MyPassport Wireless SSD Review Back at CES we saw WD's new SSD version of the MyPassport Wireless Pro. It’s got built in 802.11AC, so you can move files over it wirelessly, you can serve media from it over Twonky, or Plex, it’s got USB 3.0 so you can move files fast, it’s got the second USB port to charge your phone… but does it save the pictures off your SDCards any faster than the old version??? Watch the video to find out! Enchanted Keyfinder: Sometimes Open Source is Dangerous! Ryo emailed [email protected], "The other day y'all mentioned Magic Jellybean and I wanted to bring up an open-source alternative, Enchanted Keyfinder. I tend to fall for the "open source is always better" fallacy, and have not truly dug into finding differences between the two to find out which is actually better." It deffo works on older versions of Windows, but it couldn't find the key for our Win10 box like Magic Jellybean and Belarc Advisor can. Worse yet, if you download Enchanted from SourceForge instead of GitHub, you might be installing malware. More info in the video! Thermal Paste Drops CPU Temp 50°C! @DerekMoyes caught our conversation about changing thermal paste, thermal grease (also called CPU grease, heat paste, heat sink compound, heat sink paste, thermal compound, thermal gel, thermal interface material ... and tweeted about dropping temps on a problem CPU 50°C by changing it! Thanks for the photos, Derek! Do Something Analog Like rescue a bee from a cold dark corner of concrete!!!------Thank You Patrons! Without your support via patreon.com/tekthing, we wouldn't be able to make the show for you every week! ------THANKS to Hak5! & The HakShop!!!SOCIAL IT UP! Twitter, Facebook.Email [email protected]!!!-----
Feb. 8, 2018
Download Episode 163Subscribe To Our Video on YouTube, iTunes, RSS!------Apple HomePod Reviews The first reviews of Apple's HomePod are hitting... it sounds incredible, an amazing feat of engineering, but Siri is limitted, and it's -all- about Apple Music. Great reviews by The Verge and TechCrunch! Dr Who Convention! There's a new Doctor on the way, Shannon's stoked, and, hey, if you're heading to LA for Gallifrey One, "the world’s largest and longest-running annual Doctor Who fan convention," February 16-18, keep an eye out for Shannon!Petcube Bites Fling treats to your pets from anywhere you've got Internet? Meet Petcube Bites, a petcam with a 1080p camera, speaker, and a built in treat flinger for your critters... Shannon's got a review (and some thoughts about the subscription cost) in the video!!! Apartment Building Internet Security Rich writes, "Hey TekThing:  we will be moving to a 55+ apartment community shortly.  The community provides complete WiFi, not Ethernet connections, to its residents." Rich is curious about the security issues, using Ethernet, and how the ISP, Dual Path, provides a secure, personal network over WiFi, and if DSL is an option... tons of info about secure vs. insecure WiFi in the video! Should You Regulary Replace The Thermal Compound on Your CPU??? Forrest emailed, "I upgraded an Old XPS 7100 Dell Studio with a new SSD, Balistix memory, a USB 3.0 PCIE card, and a beefier power supply to handle all of the new stuff. Do I need to reapply the main processor heat sink compound since it is seven years old? It's an AMD 6-core Phenom 2 processor. Thanks, and keep up the good work." We talk thermal compound (or grease), when -we- replace it, how to use HWMonitor to figure out how hot your CPU is running (and how to find out the max temp, or TJunction for your AMD or Intel CPU), why you might just use mustard instead of heatsink paste, how long it lasts, and more in the video! Do I Need A Headphone Amp? @CliffHinNJ tweets, "Hey Patrick, Just got a pair of HiFiMan 400I headphones. While they sound good I am not blown away when playing content from my phone or PC. Would the sound be improved and gain volume with the firefly Red or Black." We explain what to do -before- buying more hardware in the video, and give some affordable headphone DAC reccos (like Audioquest's Dragonfly, and Schiit's Fulla 2, too!)Do Something Analog Like go to the Museum of Ice Cream and throw yourself into a giant tub of sprinkles like Shannon did! ------Thank You Patrons! Without your support via patreon.com/tekthing, we wouldn't be able to make the show for you every week! ------THANKS to Hak5! & The HakShop!!!SOCIAL IT UP! Twitter, Facebook.Email [email protected]!!!-----
Feb. 1, 2018
Download Episode 162Subscribe To Our Video on YouTube, iTunes, RSS!------Dell Visor Windows Mixed Reality ReviewVR. Is. Fun. And kinda expensive. But just months after launch almost ALL of the Windows Mixed Reality headset are discounted. Dell’s Visor with Controllers is $289, down form $449, and has been as low as $239! Shannnon strapped on a Dell Visor to answer this question: Is a Windows Mixed Reality headset as good as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive??? (And what kind of GPU will you need to run it???) Watch the video to find out!DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials!!! [email protected] is the place to ask us questions... or share a tip with us... which brings us to RP, who emailed "DuckDuckGo spreads their wings. "Privacy, simplified."  Well, I guess users will have to see about that." We review the features in DuckDuckGo’s new Privacy Essentials extension in the video! Cryptomining Ad Blockers @JBf00LZ tweets, "should we be worried about a trend that will replace ads with web-based cryptocurrency miners? Are chrome ext like minerBlock worth using?" Since cryptomining ads started showing up on sites as big as YouTube, it sounds like running MinerBlock or NoCoin on Chrome, Firefox, or Opera is an excellent idea! Thanks for the heads upl, @JBfooLZ! (Make sure you don't download a fake!)Firefox Quantum While we're talking browsers, Firefox Quantum is an EPIC update to Mozilla’s Firefox. If you gave up on Firefox 'cause performance sucked.... they fixed if. Give it a shot. You might switch from Chrome even! What to do before you wipe, sell, or return that PC! Patrick says, "I still get panicked when I’m wiping an old machine to return or sell," so lets go over the list of what to back up, remove, or check before you wipe or reset your old machine! Tools we mentioned in the video include Windows Back up using File History,  Macrium Reflect Free, how to Reset Windows 10, Belarc Advisor, Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder, DBAN and Blanco Drive Eraser!GPU Pricing Update Woo-hoo, my 1070 is down to $899??? Also, last week, we looked on Dell for Nvidia GTX powered machines and found one $3000 machine. It turns out if you go through Alienware.com... there are more options with Nvidia GTX 1060/1070/1080 cards.Do Something Analog Like John, who emailed [email protected], "As much as I love my video gaming (been doing it since the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 were new) sometimes I need to do something more creative. Our dog was really awful at trying to get to the cats' food. I had had enough and designed a new "kitty city". My wife and I, with a lot of help from our 10-year-old, took about two weeks to get it done, but the fur babies now have a penthouse restaurant, an apartment, and lots of space to relax. The dog will have to settle for her own food from now on."  Photos of this epic kittie castle in the video!------Thank You Patrons! Without your support via patreon.com/tekthing, we wouldn't be able to make the show for you every week! ------THANKS to Hak5! & The HakShop!!!SOCIAL IT UP! Twitter, Facebook.Email [email protected]!!!-----
Jan. 25, 2018
Download Episode 161Subscribe To Our Video on YouTube, iTunes, RSS!------Has Bitcoin Killed Gaming PCs??? TheSirGoreax commented on our last episode, "Doesn't matter the prices of CPUs anymore.  GPUs and RAM are so absurdly expensive that building a PC now is not a good idea." In the video we fire up CamelCamelCamel.com and took a close look at the cost of CPUs, memory and GPUs.... find out what a gaming (or video editing) PC we build back in April 2017 would cost today, and why NowInmStock.net is your friend!  CES Video Gear!!! Marshall writes, "Your CES coverage looked great. What was your rig (Camera, Lens, Light, Audio Interface)? Would love to shave a few lbs off and save my back/feet w/o compromising quality." Shannon walks you through the whole mobile video rig, from Razer Blade laptop, to Sony A7Rii with a 16-35mm lens, Audio Technica AT899 Mics, Zoom H4N audio recorder, the Peak Design backpack she carries it all in (and quite a bit more) in the video! Fingbox Review Back in August, we told you about Fing, a slicksmartphone app that finds and tracks -everything- on your network, wired or wireless. The new Fingbox can monitor your network 24/7... but does it really make your home network more secure??? External GPU Enclosures Nick's, "looking to get a 13” or 15” Notebook," and wants to  "pair it with an External GPU so I can also replace my Outdated Desktop and have the best of both worlds with Mobility and Power to play games again." We talk external GPU enclosures, like the Gigabyte's Gaming Box, Razer's the Core V2 Thunderbolt 3 enclosure, or the Akitio Node Thunderbolt3 eGPU... and why we'd suggest getting a laptop with mobile Nvidia GTX 1060, 1070, or 1080 graphics built in instead!Do Something Analog! Like Tyler, a Computer Information Systems BSc. student attending The Northern Caribbean University, who wrote us a lovely letter, and sent a photo practicing Muay Thai. Thanks Tyler!!! ------Thank You Patrons! Without your support via patreon.com/tekthing, we wouldn't be able to make the show for you every week! ------THANKS to Hak5! & The HakShop!!!SOCIAL IT UP! Twitter, Facebook.Email [email protected]!!!-----
Jan. 18, 2018
Download Episode 160Subscribe To Our Video on YouTube, iTunes, RSS!------CES TRENDS What drove CES 2018??? AI that's not so I, Voice Assistance and Commands (Google Assistant was everywhere.) Wireless charging is back in a serious way, thanks to Apple iPhones and wireless charging compatibility. (Shannon was admiring chargers from Belkin, iOttie, and Satechi). IoT security? Not so much. Robots? VR??? Watch the video to find out! Anker ROAV VIVA Alexa Enabled Car Charger Roav, Anker's mobile division, announced the VIVA Alexa Enabled Car Charger at CES 2018. Patrick tested it out on hisi drive back home from CES. How did running Alexa voice commands off a car charger go in a twenty-two year old mechanical diesel??? Watch the video to find out! More CES 2018 Products! Last week we dropped a bunch of segments from the CES 2018 show floor, from the best new TVs, to Razer's project Linda, giant thumbdrives, and quite a bit more... but Patricks got more picks, from AMD's second gen 12nm "Zen+" Ryzen CPUs, Pioneer's Tacoma demoing their new Z series and refreshed D series speakers, AstroReality's 3D printed moon and AR app for exploring it... and another 18 or so in the video!Gaming Laptop Recco Sue writes, "I am interested in purchasing a gaming laptop that must be compatible with Acer's Mixed Reality Headset. My budget is $1,000, but tell me if that is too low for a great gaming laptop." $1000 is fine for most gaming, but for VR (or that Mixed Reality headset) it'll be a stretch. Shannon suggests spending $1400, discusses minimum CPU and GPU picks (GTX 1060!!!) in the video, and options such as Alienware's gaming laptops in the video!Sentio Superbook vs. Razer Dock Benny emailed [email protected], "Why is the Razer dock getting all this attention?? I know the phone serves as a touchpad, but the Sentio SuperBook is just as close to market." We talk about the $3 million SuperBook (formerly Andromium) Kickstarter Project (and the Skarp Lazer Razer), and why Razer's Linda is getting all the press! Do Something Analog Like the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 441, who, Jack writes, made pillowcases for the Children's Hospital of Colorado so they could learn to sew the bumpers for their competition robot. Jack adds, "Many kids have chronic diseases and spend lots of time in the hospital. A handmade pillowcase is one of the few ways that they can liven up and personalize their room!!! Way to go Team 441!!!------Thank You Patrons! Without your support via patreon.com/tekthing, we wouldn't be able to make the show for you every week! ------THANKS to Hak5! & The HakShop!!!SOCIAL IT UP! Twitter, Facebook.Email [email protected]!!!-----
Jan. 18, 2018
Download Episode 159Subscribe To Our Video on YouTube, iTunes, RSS!------A week at CES? We left hacking from a nasty flu, eyeballs scorched from All The Shiny. Here's a collection of all the segments we shot from the show floor, from luggage that follows you, the best TVs of CES 2018 (We talk LG, Samsung, TCL, HiSense, and Sony with Robert Heron), and quite a bit more!Luggage That Follows You + Smart Water Leak Sensors? We saw a lot on curious things at CES Unveiled, including the HIP'AIR by Helite air bag for seniors, the Guardian Leak Prevention System, LifeFuels water bottle (and system), and the ForwardX CX1 Self Driving Luggage Case. Razer's Project Linda Phone Laptop Dock Actually Looks Cool! This 13.3" docking station for your Razer Phone was just announced at CES 2018. We get a first look and hands on with the prototype!The Best TVs of CES 2018 - LG, Samsung, TCL, Hisense, Sony: Robert Heron joins us to discuss LG's OLED upgrades, how Samsung can catch up to OLED color quality, TCL's new bargain lineup, some sweet new TVs from HiSense, and Sony's 10,000 nit true HDR TV! Coolest Hacker Gadget? This PDA Dual Boots Linux and Android! The Gemini by Planet Computers is a TINY Linux and Android PC marketed for folks who want an updated PDA, but Shannon's got some more hackery uses for it!CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB Keys FIRST LOOK Can CHERRY make a key 35% thinner and keep the great MX Red feel?Testing the Panasonic Lumix GH5S During CES 2018 Blackout When CES gives you a blackout, it's a great time to test the low light performance of a new camera! AMD Radeon GPU Inside an Intel Mobile CPU!!! Kaby Lake-G Launches at CES 2018. Announced back in November, the new 8th Gen Intel Core with Radeon RX Vega M processors are going to be making for fast gaming and workstation laptops from HP and Dell, along with Intel NUCs soon! How fast are the RX Vega M Graphics? Watch the video! 3D Printers at CES 2018 - LulzBot, Raise3D, MarkForged, Polymaker, More! What's new in 3D printing? David Randolph from printedsolid.com joins us with an insider's take on the new products on the show floor! New Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga and X1 Carbon Get Dolby Vision! Patrick got hands on with the new Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga at CES 2018! Both get enhanced Dolby Vision for excellent video quality.VR Hands On - The HTC Vive Pro With Glasses - How Good Does It Really Look? Shannon got to play Raw Data on the HTC Vive Pro... the resolution is up 78% from the original. Is it worth upgrading? Watch the video to find out!Sandisk & Western Digital: We got hands on with the Tiny SanDisk Ultra Fit 256GB Flash Drive, 1TB USB-C Flash Drive, and Extreme Portable 2TB SSD, and Western Digital's new SSD version of the My Passport, the Wireless SSD announced at CES 2018! Plug and Stay? Deets in the video! LG Booth Tour at CES 2018!!! New TVs, LG CLOi, Nano Cell Display, and ThinQ AI: Shannon walks you through LG's crazy CES booth, from giant walls of displays, to the new A9 OLED processor, CLOi (and her AI), voice assisted refrigerators (Why?), and more! Nvidia's Big Format Gaming Displays Are The PC Gamer's Dream Monitor: Nvidia's 65"gaming displays are -not- TVs, tho movies look great on 'em. They're the best gaming monitors that Shannon's ever seen!------Thank You Patrons! Without your support via patreon.com/tekthing, we wouldn't be able to make the show for you every week! ------THANKS to Hak5! & The HakShop!!!SOCIAL IT UP! Twitter, Facebook.Email [email protected]!!!-----
Jan. 4, 2018
Download Episode 158Subscribe To Our Video on YouTube, iTunes, RSS!------TekThing Meetup Las Vegas Happy New Year!!! If you’re in Las Vegas for CES, live in Las Vegas, or feel like getting yourself to Vegas on Tuesday, January 9th… come join Patrick, Shannon, Daily Tech News Show’s Tom Merrit, Sarah Lane, and Roger Chang at our CES meetup mashup! Level Up Arcade & Bar - MGM Grand, Tuesday Jan. 9, 8:00 PM! See ya there!CES Previews from Dell & HP! One of the weird things about the Consumer Electronics Show is getting briefed about new products weeeeeeks before they’re announced... which we can't talk about.  We can talk about Dell's latest XPS 13 (It's way more than white and rose gold!), and HP's new Chromebooks, the HP Chromebook 11 G6 Education Edition, and the HP Chromebook 14 G5. Details in the video! WHAT TO EXPECT FROM CES Word is LG will show off the first ever 88 inch 8K OLED display at CES 2018... but we're more excited about this year's 4K HDR TVs, announcements from Intel and AMD, getting to see the latest from Nvidia, and Razer, and, of course, the latest headphones, home theater gear, new IoT gadgets, and, yes, if the automatic laundry folding machine -finally- work! Keep an eye on TekThing next week, we'll posting a ton of video from the show.... Email ask @TekThing dot com and let us know what you want to see! Echo Spot Privacy Idea Seerpea posted on Patreon, "About the Echo Spot: wouldn't 2 pieces of 'scotch tape' over the camera block imaging but allow for light conditioning?” Shannon tested it out at home, find out what happened in the video! Security Cam vs. Window Glass Oscar's wondering, will Amazon's CloudCam "be compatible with the scenario of putting the camera inside hooked up, on a window sill with the camera facing outward to the backyard or facing the street. Wondering if it will work as expected with notifications." Answer in the video! More Reasons Your Computer Gets Fried @garfnodie aka CallMeDavid tweeted @TekThing "Few years ago, my Dad's houses outlets were showing ~135v. Called power company and they were there and replaced poll transformer before end of day." Doug emailed in to explain what a floating Neutral is, and why, you hsould "Call a licensed Electrician and get this checked-out promptly." Now! More deets in the video, and if you've got some help for a fellow viewer??? email [email protected] or tweet @tekthing!Kill-A-Watt Want a safe way to monitor the voltage and Hz coming from your wall, and to find out how much electricity your 120V gear is sucking down? Try a Kill-A-Watt! More info in the video!Do Something Analog Like Jason, who says Here was my analog project, a 1947 Ford  Tudor sedan carb rebuild, and you can't fix it without a proper tool kit… and fur babies Gabriel and Angel! Photos of the carbs, car and critters in the video!------Thank You Patrons! Without your support via patreon.com/tekthing, we wouldn't be able to make the show for you every week! ------THANKS to Hak5! & The HakShop!!!SOCIAL IT UP! Twitter, Facebook.Email [email protected]!!!-----
Dec. 28, 2017
Download Episode 157Subscribe To Our Video on YouTube, iTunes, RSS!------BEST OF 2017!!! What were the products that really stood out in 2017??? AMD's Ryzen CPUs and Nvidia's Switch are definitely on our list! We've got a couple of TVs, smart phones, and quite a bit more in the video!!!  Amazon Echo Spot Review It's another Echo with a screen, but this time it's a tiny ball with a round screen... is Amazon's Echo Spot the ultimate alarm clock? Watch the video for the full review, and if you should buy one now or wait! Speed Up Your VPN Ed writes, "I use IPVanish as my VPN installed on my phone. Just recently I have read bad reviews such as bad connection etc.. What is the best paid VPN software that is out there in the market?" We talk about VPN speed, why it varies so much, how you can speed up your VPN, and show the performance we got from PIA and PureVPN on our local network, and how one poor choice in your settings can hose your performance! PCMag has a great roundup of "The Fastest VPNs" that's worth reading! This Outlet Cooks Electronics!!! Lyle tweets, "@TekThing is there a way to check if the wall sockets in my home or office is supplying too much power? For reasons known to Thor, my electronics get cooked when connected to certain outlets." We talk surges/voltage spikes, why Lyle's refrigerator or AC might be the problem, wiring problems, calling an electrician, and why you really need to get a surge protector on these outlets in the video! Do Something Analog!  Like Greg, who "spent this last weekend in October being very analog teaching 8 great students snowshoe making at the 19th annual Winter Camping Symposium at YMCA Camp Miller near Sturgeon Lake MN." People came from hundreds of miles away. How cool is that? (Seriously cold, actually, Greg says "we awoke to 6" of fresh snow on Friday morning!")  ------Thank You Patrons! Without your support via patreon.com/tekthing, we wouldn't be able to make the show for you every week! ------THANKS to Hak5! & The HakShop!!!SOCIAL IT UP! Twitter, Facebook.Email [email protected]!!!-----
Dec. 21, 2017
Download Episode 156Subscribe To Our Video on YouTube, iTunes, RSS!------Porgs. There are Porgs On Our Set... Google's brought AR stickers to the Pixel 2, and Shannon's Porg obssesion is showing! Recover/Crack Windows Passwords!!! In the past couple month's we've had some Win 10 and 7 boxes with missing passwords... it's an fairly fast fix if you have a Windows password reset disk, or the box is tied ot a Microsoft Account. We talk Ophcrack Windows Password Cracker, Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, and Daosoft Password Rescuer in the video. Hint: one is much easier than the others!Plantronics RIG 800LX Wireless Gaming Headset We review Plantronics' RIG 800LX wireless gaming headset, Dolby Atmos games on Win10 and Xbox, and why you don't need a special headset to get Atmos in Windows 10 or Xbox... you will Dolby Access, tho! Best Wire Stripper @NatureBit, aka Bob, tweeted out, "@patricknorton What’s your recommendation for a wire stripper? I need to run new wire for a smart thermostat." Patrick's friend Tim showed him the best tool to use about 30 years ago, self adjusting wire strippers. A good current version that's easy to find is IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP 2078300 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper. MicroSD Cards For Switch/Best Place To Buy MicroSD Cards @GreenArrow374 tweets, "Best place to buy MicroSD cards? Looking for Nintendo switch storage." MicroSD cards make GREAT stocking stuffers... who doesn't want more storage for their phone, camera, Raspberry Pi or Switch??? We discuss the requirements for using a MicroSD card with the Nintendo Switch, how big a card you'll want, speed, the card Shannon wants for her Switch, and where we buy MicroSD cards in the video! Do Something Analog! Like Brandon, who writes, "Take a look at some pictures of a friend (which you will recognize) and myself doing the 14th Annual Tampa Bay AIDS Walk and 5K! Walking for a great cause. And it came with cool badges!" Pictures in the videos, and great job!!!------Thank You Patrons! Without your support via patreon.com/tekthing, we wouldn't be able to make the show for you every week! ------THANKS to Hak5! & The HakShop!!!SOCIAL IT UP! Twitter, Facebook.Email [email protected]!!!-----
Dec. 14, 2017
Download Episode 155Subscribe To Our Video on YouTube, iTunes, RSS!------Amazon Cloud Cam When Canary Security Cameras dropped several of the features that came in the free plan, and paywalled the built in mic for two way talk, Shannon started the search for an alternative security cam. How does Amazon's Cloud Cam stack up vs. Canary, Arlo, and Nest? Watch the video for the review! (If you want to know what dauth attacks are, read this.)Network Performance Testing How fast is your router? How slow is the WiFI in that corner of the house? John tweeted out, "in episode 146 you talked about network speed tests (not internet).  What software do you use for this?" We talk about iPerf, which has clients for just about everything, and an easy to run Windows version, Network Performance Test, in the video! Patreon Not Changing Fees "We messed up. We’re sorry, and we’re not rolling out the fees change." Good to hear, but we've got a hack so you can create a monthly payment, ideas for alternatives, and our thanks for your support during this mess in the show. Tech Gifts For Frequent Travelers!!! After her last trip to Japan, Shannon's got a fresh group of tech gifts for world travlelers (and US travelers for that matter! What's going on the list alongside the HooToo Wireless Router and Anker's 5 port USB wall charger??? A 20100 mAh battery pack (there's a USB C pick, too, and here's the FAA Regulations on Batteries), noise cancelling headphones (Bose and 1More have great options.), a mini-digital scale from TipTiper, a VPN (we use PIA), Peak Design's Everyday Backpack, and more, in the video! Surge Protectors Saved Mark's Tech The TV in the bedroom was literally smoking... all the other TVs and the computers in Mark's house were safe. Find out what happened, and why you really should be running surge protectors on your gear in the video! Do Something Analog Like Ken, who sent us a great photo from his tech break at Myrtle Beach! ------Thank You Patrons! Without your support via patreon.com/tekthing, we wouldn't be able to make the show for you every week! ------THANKS to Hak5! & The HakShop!!!SOCIAL IT UP! Twitter, Facebook.Email [email protected]!!!-----