Redecentralize interviews

By Francis Irving

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Quietly, some geeks are decentralizing the net. Again. Who are they? Why are they doing it? What new technologies are they using? How will this change the world? Each month, we interview one for 15 minutes.
23 episodes · since Jul, 2013
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Feb. 18, 2017
Pablo Ojanguren talks about SwellRT, a real-time framework for making decentralized apps. It is based on the Apache Wave protocol.
Oct. 16, 2016
Juan Benet, founder of Protocol Labs, describes the InterPlanetary File System, a decentralized content distribution protocol. What ways are there to fund protocol development?
Oct. 10, 2016
Sam Patterson describes decentralized marketplace OpenBazaar. He's cofounder of OB1, a company made on top of OpenBazaar. How to have competitive middlemen, peer-to-peer dispute resolution and build using IPFS.
Sept. 20, 2016
Luis Molina, founder of Fermat, a platform for making 'Internet of People' apps. When should we have geographically localised networks? How do we share reputation between applications?
Nov. 17, 2014
Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn, co-founder of Tahoe-LAFS, a distributed cloud storage system. Zooko discusses the long view of a 7 year old project, including changing business models.
Sept. 23, 2014
Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum, a distributed social contract platform. What kind of apps can be built on a block chain? How can this enable financial scrutiny?
Aug. 20, 2014
Kenton Varda, creator of Protocol Buffers, on his new personal cloud platform Sandstorm. How can we get more open source web apps?
July 10, 2014
Sally Carson talks about Pinoccio, an Internet of Things platform which uses mesh networking. How can it be made easy to use? Can we build a decentralized global sensor network?
May 20, 2014
David Irvine, founder of MaidSafe, which lets you pay for decentralizing storage, computation and bandwidth using a cryptocurrency. Why do this, and how will the economics work?
April 21, 2014
Aral Balkan, founder of Indie Phone, talks both about what motivates him to build a decentralized smartphone, and how starting with a great user experience is key to mass adoption.
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