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Hosts Fongaboo and Chuck Ritter discuss political and social policy issues regarding privacy and the 4th Amendment in the digital age.
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Jan. 9, 2018
In a special ‘Patriots & Pariahs’, Fong & EJ are joined by Patriot ‘DivideBy0’ of DeepDotWeb who reveals a little known document authored by Pariah James P. Henry of the U.S. Army. Allegedly leaked on 4chan, it ostensibly describes the Army’s successes compromising the anonymity of TOR and VPNs, as well as their attempts to monitor anonymous cryptocurrencies such as Monero. Fong also speaks with Theo Chino of the NYC chapter of Restore the Fourth and NYC Privacy Board Advocates about the POST Act, challenging the NYS Dept of Financial Services attempt to regulate BitCoin, and U.S. v. Costanzo (aka. Morpheus) – among other topics. New Congressional bill (S139) reignites debate over Section 702 of FISA and NSA surveillance reform ‘Spectre’ and ‘Meltdown’ exploit threaten security on systems utilizing chips manufactured by Intel, ARM, and others XKCD’s Explanation Department of Homeland Security expands license plate reader dragnet California Senate to hear EFF’s License Plate Cover Bill Warrantless phone, laptop searches at the US border hit record levels Amazon giving a record amount of data to government Getting driver’s license puts Arizonans into ‘perpetual criminal lineup’ China uses facial recognition, mandated spyware, and QR code etching to deploy a surveillance state in the Xinjiang province   Please DONATE to Restore the Fourth!
Nov. 18, 2017
Fong joins recently rescued cohort EJ for the latest digital privacy news, including analysis of Section 702 reform… and Fong talks police surveillance oversight and SB21 with Tracy Rosenberg of Media Alliance and Oakland Privacy. This episode’s PATRIOT is Alex Wubbels, and this episode’s PARIAH is Rod Rosenstein. Congress considers Section 702 reform with the USA Liberty Act and the USA RIGHTS Act Mystery Surrounds Metal Towers Popping Up In Tunnels & Bridges Tenth Amendment Center activist sued by local government after requesting documents on surveillance tech ACLU joins civil rights lawsuit concerning the surveillance and wrongful arrest of a Chinese-American Physics Professor US Homeland Security Wants Facial Recognition to Identify People in Moving Cars Eight years worth of US Military social media surveillance data discovered on misconfigured Amazon S3 Bucket Open Whisper Systems releases Signal Desktop Standalone Backdoor found in OnePlus smartphones   Please DONATE to Restore the Fourth!
June 17, 2017
Chuck and Fong come to you from the ANYCON InfoSec conference in Albany, NY. We talk to Tyler Wrightson of Leet Systems, Doug White of Secure Digital Life, and hacker Mario DiNatale. We also go over a busy week in privacy legislation. Call the members of the Senate Intelligence Committee and let them know to let Section 702 sunset the end of this year. Carpenter vs. U.S. heads to the Supreme Court to decide if police need a warrant to obtain cell provider location data, and potentially reexamine the Third-Party Doctrine. SB21 heads to the floor in Sacramento, potentially placing transparency and strong oversight on law enforcement surveillance equipment deployed in California. New York City considers the POST Act to enact similar accountability measures city-wide on the NYPD’s surveillance gear. New York State residents: Contact state reps Carl Heastie, John J. Flanagan, and Jeffrey Klein and urge them to push the NY ECPA out of committee before the end of session. This episode’s Patriot is Mario DiNatale and our Pariah is Sen. Tom Cotton (R, AR).
April 27, 2017
Chuck and Fong wrap up our two-part feature with an interviews with an expert in civil asset forfeiture and Robert Johnson from the Institute for Justice. Also, Internet Privacy Repeal, Vault 7 Leaks, Border Cellphone Searches… and more! This episode’s Patriot is Journalist Barrett Brown and our Pariah is Sen. Jim Sensenbrenner (R, Wisconsin).
Feb. 24, 2017
Chuck and Fong go low-tech in the first of a 2-part examination of the process of civil asset forfeiture. Also, limitations on stingray use, privacy intrusions at the border, Rogue Tweets… and more! This episode’s Patriots are Daylin Leach, State Senator, PA and Konni Burton, State Senator, TX. Pariah is Sheriff Harold Eavenson, Rockwall County, Texas.
Jan. 27, 2017
Alex Marthews and Muska Yousuf premiere as new adjunct hosts of the Privacy Patriots podcast. This episode’s PATRIOT is Moxie Marlinspike of OpenWhisper Systems, and this episode’s PARIAH is Mike Pompeo. The Patriots talk about the Muslim Ban… Privacy issues for non-citizens… the EU-US Shield Agreement… The social media surveillance program in Boston… and more!   Please DONATE to Restore the Fourth!
Dec. 5, 2016
Chuck and Fongaboo are joined by Zaki Manian from Restore the Fourth San Francisco… who discusses how they were successful at passing ordinances at the municipal level to restrict surveillance in the Bay Area… as well as lobbying to protect encryption at the state level. He also gives a full breakdown of Rule 41, which effectively will allow the FBI to hack into anyone’s computer. This episode’s PATRIOT is Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, and this episode’s PARIAH is James Comey, Director of the FBI. BOSTON GLOBE: FBI Gains Access to Twitter’s ‘Firehose’ COUNTER CURRENT NEWS: Journalist and Hacktivist Barrett Brown Released from Prison THE INTERCEPT: Internet Archive Successfully Defends Against National Security Letter and Gag Order   Please DONATE to Restore the Fourth!  
Nov. 19, 2016
Chuck and Fongaboo discuss the latest digital privacy news, including Election Results… introduce their new segment ‘Patriots & Pariahs’… and interview Rashida Richardson of the NYCLU about NY ECPA. This episode’s PATRIOT is Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon, and this episode’s PARIAH is Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina. TIME MAGAZINE: President Obama Should Shut Down the NSA’s Mass Spying Before It’s Too Late TechDirt: Senators Burr & Feinstein Look To Bring Back Bill To Outlaw Real Encryption REUTERS: NSA Director James Clapper Resigns IBT: UK passes Investigatory Powers Bill that gives government sweeping powers to spy The Intercept: Obama Refuses to Pardon Edward Snowden ZDnet: NY D.A. vs. Apple Encryption   Please DONATE to Restore the Fourth!
Oct. 29, 2016
Hosts Fongaboo and Chuck Ritter introduce the show and ponder such topics as NSLs, Warrant Canaries, end-to-end encryption and the Fourth Amendment itself.
July 23, 2016
Fongaboo was joined by Alex Marthews and Zaki Manian of Restore the Fourth for a pre-inaugural episode of Privacy Patriots on Radio Statler at the 2016 HOPE Conference.